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Updated on 15 January 2020
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3D Sex Villa 2

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3D Sex Villa 2

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Are you feeling lonely? Can’t get a girl? Sexless? I can’t help you with your problems but the game I have for you surely will. Stop searching for other 3D sex games because the game I’ll show you in a minute is unlike any other 3D adult sex simulators you’ll ever see in your life. Of course, even If I can’t help fix your problems, you might as well play porn games to alleviate the frustration and get your mind off those problems for a while. Warm-up your balls and hold on tight to your dicks because this game is legendary.

Yes, I’m talking about 3D Sex Villa 2. 3D Sex Villa 2 is currently one of the hottest cyber sex game around the globe due to the high-quality graphics and the breathtaking real-time immersive virtual sex experience. I know you’ve been craving for a porn game that allows you to put your sexual fantasies to reality. Fortunately, ThriXXX made that possible by including plenty of sexy features in their game, leaving you to think about all the shit you did to deserve all those blessings.

Going back to the game, 3D Sex Villa 2 is an interactive 3D virtual sex simulation, role-playing game where the virtual sex simulation gives you an everlusting simulating effect. The best part about this game that makes it unique from all the other 3D sex games is that it allows you to dive directly into the interactive sex adventures. You also have full control of everything, from the unlimited sex position, sexiest models, and the various virtual worlds. Without further delay, let’s get on with the review.

Hot Virtual Sex

3D Sex Villa 2 is all about virtual sex with almost every possible sex positions in wild high-definition quality. By meeting strangers on the internet and earning their interest to get on with the fucking, there’s nothing else you can ask for in an interactive game. All the times you’ve been watching various porn videos and craving to see something wild and different, you can finally make your dream come true. The best part about 3D Sex Villa 2 is that you can get rid of the stranger danger idea and live a peaceful sex life.

Further, the games test your creativity and try to bring out your wild size by customizing and role-playing the sexiest sluts by creating your porn. Since you don’t usually 3D porn videos or real porn videos do all the fetish you want to see while you masturbate, ThriXXX gave you the honors of creating them yourself. With unlimited sex position and plenty of scenes to choose from, you can create the ultimate 3D porn that’s unlike any other 3D porn you’ll see on the internet.

ThriXXX has been developing high-quality 3D interactive porn games since 2001, and they’re showcasing their skills with 3D Sex Villa 2. Even though the game isn’t free, purchasing the 3D Sex Villa 2 membership includes 3D Slut and 3D GoGo, ThriXXX’s top products. Moreover, all of their games come with plenty of features and options that’ll make you feel like you’re in a 3D porn paradise. Although the game is only available on Windows OS, the minimum system requirements are so low that you won’t need a high-performing desktop or notebook.

To make the hot virtual sex even hotter, ThriXXX included mind-blowing full interactive sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, and even everyday items such as tools and vegetables. Due to the incorporation of mind-blowing full interactive sex toys, you can spice up the sex by having combinations of sex positions, such as double penetration. 3D Sex Villa 2’s gameplay comes close to reality that’ll get your mind off real porn videos and crave to create more of your porn in 3D Sex Villa 2.

Unlimited & Uncensored

3D Sex Villa 2 starts with choosing between ten different, customizable women, each with unique characteristics and heritage. What makes these sexy models interesting is that they have appropriate voice-overs that match their heritage. To pair these 3D hotties, you have six men to choose from and make the sex feel realistic. Keep in mind that these virtual sluts are always horny; they’re thirsty for sex and are willing to cum your balls dry.

If you want to create your dream girl and make here the sexiest 3D virtual slut in the world of 3D porn, 3D Sex Villa 2 has various purchasable SexPacks. In terms of customization, you have to choose among ten different women and adjust their features to your liking. The customization feature of the game allows you to tune almost every aspect of the dream girl you’re creating. Using control sliders, you can tune the breast size, shape, nipples, and pussy shape. You can even adjust the age, race, and gender.

What makes the customization interesting is that each purchasable SexPack comes with various piercing styles and tattoos that you could add to your virtual slut. Further, you can also select various outfits, hairstyles, and make-up that allows you to adjust every little detail. When it comes to facial features, you can fully adjust everything from the eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, jaw, and cheeks. I like how ThriXXX also made every part of the game customizable since they don’t limit our creativity in making the girl of our dreams.

Advanced Scripting & Move Editing

3D Sex Villa 2 is all about creating your porn and living your fetish. With that in mind, ThriXXX included almost all the features you’ll need for creating the most impressive 3D visual novel or porn video. Using their user-friendly “Pose Editor” tool, you can create and extract different poses that you can have your virtual hottie do while you create your porn. The sex pose editor in 3D Sex Villa 2 is unlike any pose editor you’ll see in 3D porn creator tools. Even if you have no experience creating those shit, you’ll become a sex animation specialist in no time.

After creating your unique poses, you can proceed with taking screenshots to create high-quality images of your dream girl for showcasing. Moreover, you can also use the 3D Sex Villa 2’s in-game camera to create real-time movie recordings in first-person or third-person point of view. ThriXXX made it easy for you to save your screenshots and movie recordings with their codecs that automatically save them to your hard drive.

The highlight of 3D Sex Villa 2 is in their sequencer. The sequencer is another user-friendly in-game tool that allows you to direct your porn movie or visual novel. Their sequencer capabilities include audio, special effects, camera controls, text tilting, and interactive branching tree menus. You can find all of these features in their sequencer, which allows you to create the ultimate 3D porn movie. By making the most out of their pose editor, in-game camera, and sequencer, you can make a 3D porn movie entirely based on your fetish.

User-Generated Content Community

The most crucial part of 3D Sex Villa 2 is their user-generated content community they call Gamerotica. You’ll gain access to Gametorica once you purchase and download 3D Sex Villa 2 since the game automatically creates your account. The reason why Gamerotica is the most crucial part of the game is that you gain access to the discussion forums and view the screenshots and video clips of other users. You can even save your favorite content collection online and organize them in your member profile.

What makes Gamerotica unique is that thousands of active users always participates in the vote and rank events. Since you can share content in Gamerotica, you’ll get thousands of comments from other users about how you can improve your 3D porn movie and find out where you did wrong. Of course, sharing your content also earns your rewards and credits after other users acknowledge your sex animating expertise.

What I Like

Have you been sleeping the entire review? What’s not to like in a game that allows you to turn your sexual fantasies into reality? Everything in the game is user-friendly from character customization, clothing tools, piercings, and tattoos to their pose editor, in-game camera, and sequencer. You can create the ultimate 3D porn movie and story that’s unlike any 3D visual novels and videos you see on the internet. All these features that you can use and make the most out of ultimately make this game the perfect sex simulator.

My Recommendations for Improvement

There’s not much to improve in this game other than making an Android or Mac version, given that you can only download and play the game on Windows. If horny fuckers that don’t own any Windows computer, their user-generated content community will boom because of the thousands of horny fuckers around the world.


3D Sex Villa 2 is the perfect sex simulator that could bring out your creativity and potential to be a sex animation specialist. If you want to create a porn video with a unique story that beats almost all the 3D porn videos you see in porn sites, now is a perfect time. Spend as much money as you like because their SexPacks and other user-generated content will help you achieve your dream of seeing your dream girl craving for your dick.

BestPornGames Likes 3D Sex Villa 2
  • You can create your dream girl
  • User-friendly tools for customization and recording
  • You can combine textures to create exciting outfits for your virtual slut
  • Their sequencer allows you to create your very own 3D porn movie
  • Has an active community with thousands of accessible content
BestPornGames Hates 3D Sex Villa 2
  • Playable only on Windows