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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Porn videos and generic sex games are starting to get dull, right? In that case, I have a game that’ll forever change your life and possibly your perspective on online dating. For starters, the game is an adult MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Still don’t get it? Well, in this game, you’re free to take on a persona of a character you wish to look like in a virtual world while endlessly fucking horny bitches from all over the world. Get your dicks ready because this is a game where you’ll fully experience an immersive 3D sex world.

Fuck yeah, I’m talking about 3DX Chat! 3DXChat is a game made for adults where you can connect with other horny people and do unimaginable shit with your dicks to arouse the hell out of their pussies. For single fucks out there who desire for sex but can’t get one, being the loser you are. 3DXChat will save you from all those problems because you can finally have a hot 3D virtual sex with a real partner. The best part about this game is that you can use your virtual reality gadgets and virtual sex systems.

Wait, virtual sex systems? If you’re dumb enough not to know what those shits are, you better start searching because those shit could take your 3D virtual sex to another level. It’s an advanced fleshlight where it monitors all your penetration and transmits it to your computer to feel like you’re fucking the virtual slut’s pussy in real-time. Based on your lifestyle, I’m sure not many of you can afford any of that shit. So start cleaning your dicks and shave your balls because we’re getting on with the review.

Virtual Fuck of a Lifetime

You don’t have to explain anything to me as to why you’re playing this game, I know for a fact that you only want to bring your erotic, sexual fantasies to reality. Thankfully, you’re not the only horny fuck out there who wants to act out your sexual exploits since there are many horny bitches out there who are always craving for dick. One thing’s for sure is that you’re never going to regret playing this game because it has an immersive effect that’ll give you the virtual fuck of a lifetime.

Before you get excited, you have to pay for the membership before you gain access to the game and the horny community. The monthly subscription has a 20 dollar price tag, the annual subscription has a 92 dollar price tag, and the semi-annual subscription has a 60 dollar price tag. The price for each membership mentioned in the previous sentence is the standard price tag, but due to what’s happening to the world currently, everything is 50% off. With that in mind, you should get to the site and purchase your membership while the subscriptions are reasonably affordable.

Be Whoever and Whatever the Fuck You Want

Once you register to the game’s database and finally enter the game, you get to build your character and be whoever you want. The customization features of 3DXChat are somewhat flexible, where it allows you to choose your gender, face, hair, clothing, body shape, and accessories. The sad part about the customization features is that it doesn’t fully adjust every part of the face and body. Instead, they pre-set features to choose from while they have control sliders to adjust the intensity of some features such as makeup or color.

When it comes to the body, you have a control slider for the head, arms, legs, chest, breast size, waist, pelvis, butt, and nails. If you want to create your dream girl, you have all the means to do so because the body shape section allows you to adjust all the sizes. On the other hand, you have a variety of clothing to choose from, such as top wear, bottom wear, dress, bra, panties, stockings, and shoes. While for the accessories, you have hats, glasses and masks, jewelry, collars, and bracelets.

But, since the possibility of the one reading this shit is male, let’s talk about the male characters’ customization options. For the male avatar, you can adjust the eyes, beard, hats, top wear, bottom wear, undies, shoes, bracelets, and harness. I don’t quite understand the essence of wearing a harness, but for sadistic horny fuckers out there who love all the BDSM shit, well, you can wear a harness. For the body shape section, you have control sliders to adjust the head size, arms, chest, waist, booty, and legs.

If you want to create a handsome persona that looks nowhere near like you in real life, you’re free to do all the shit you want. After all, 3DXChat is a subscription-only game. You can do all the shit you want to do and look the best while you virtually flirt and fuck with horny women from around the world.

Single and Ready to Mingle

3DXChat has a free roam gameplay where you can choose and enter a particular world you want to explore. If you’re going to stand out and showcase your weirdness, you can even dance on the spot and choose 15 different dance styles. Don’t worry. There are worlds in 3DXChat with different dance clubs and various music playlists where people gather to dance, get a date, and socialize. Keep in mind that you’re paying a lot of money to participate in the game. Thus, the people you’ll meet here are serious about what they want.

The only problem you might face in 3DXChat is that you might meet a female character, but underneath all that sexiness and cute outfit, they may have a cock in real life. I’m not saying that it’s a typical case in these types of games. So, always remember that 3DXChat isn’t free to play. With that in mind, don’t be shy and start mingling because you’ll never know who you’ll meet, and they might be the person who craves for your dick. So once you enter a world, start hitting up those women and flex yourself to get on with the virtual sex.

Create Your World

One of the latest features that the developers of 3DXChat added to the game was the world editor. The world editor allows you to create your world, clubs, locations, islands, condo townhouses, or whatever place you like because 3DXChat has endless possibilities. Keep in mind that 3DXChat has been on for years, which means there should be thousands of user-created worlds inside 3DXChat. It also means that you could create a world that’s unlike any other existing worlds in the game, an excellent opportunity for you to shine and get recognition.

After creating new worlds, locations, clubs, islands, and the like, you can share it with the community to start visiting your island. If they like what they see and feel comfortable with the ambiance of the world you created, they will surely come back and bring more people. On the other hand, you should also stay active in the community to keep up with the best locations where people tend to hangout. You have all the means to visit other people’s places because the horny people are all friendly and welcoming.

What I Like About the Game

What’s not to like in a virtual sex game where you’re can roam freely to meet a lot of horny women from around the world and bring your sexual fantasies to reality? Since 3DXChat is a subscription-only game, I think it’s worth it, especially if you’re serious about spicing up your sad sex life. The world editor is also a bonus because it turns the game into an adult version of The Sims. Moreover, the active community that you gain access to once you purchase a membership enables you to find the most popular places to mingle.

The interface is also easy to use because they’re straightforward and blend in well with the game. On the other hand, the incorporation of virtual reality gadgets and the virtual sex system provides an immersive virtual sex experience. Don’t worry if you can’t afford any of that technological shit because the keyboard and mouse keyboard makes it easier for you to move around and communicate.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The only thing that needs improvement in 3DXChat is the character customization because even if you can customize almost all the features, it still falls short on options. If they add more features for customizing and tuning, they could prevent having plenty of players from looking the same. At the moment, it’s funny and at the same time sad because no matter how you make your character look unique, you’ll still find other players looking the same as you.


If you’re looking for a virtual sex game that allows you to immerse yourself in having a unique sex experience, then 3DXChat may be the perfect game. The current price tag for the game is affordable due to the 50% discount on monthly, annual, and semi-annual subscriptions. The community is also one of the game’s excellent features because of the ton amount of content they share for free. So, if you’re serious about virtual sex, I recommend you purchase a membership and meet a lot of horny people who love virtual sex.

BestPornGames Likes 3DXChat
  • Roam freely on various user-created worlds and places
  • Customize your avatar with plenty of features and choices
  • High-definition graphics even with virtual reality
  • Sex animations are unique and pleasurable
  • Active community that's friendly and welcoming
BestPornGames Hates 3DXChat
  • Needs more customizable options and tuning capabilities
  • Controls for the VR gadgets are weird
  • The original price tag is expensive for a game that lacks content