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Updated on 15 January 2020
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7 Angels

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7 Angels

User Rating: 4/5
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Don’t you think that any game that comes out of the pores and open crevices of Nutaku will always somehow manage to turn out really fucking fun to play? Despite Nutaku being notorious for having almost(if not all) of their games having some form of microtransaction or gacha system? If you think I’m wrong, then get the fuck out of this review, because we’ll be talking about 7 Angels, fresh from the Nutaku website – the home of the best sex games online.

So, what is 7 Angels all about? It sounds like a Chinese bootleg of Charlie’s Angels where there are only three of them but here’s where you are wrong. Well, to be honest with you, I kind of thought the same thing. Anyways, 7 Angels is all about you talking to bombshells of women through a dating app. A fucking dating app. They don’t have anything to hide whenever they send you pictures. What I mean by this is they will send you a fuckton of nudes if they want to.

Here’s the cool thing about 7 Angels though, it takes on a different approach to the whole dating app-theme of games. They have 3 resources that you can consume to play the levels, reply to the girls’ messages, and spend on whatever the fuck you can spend on unlocking the album sets they send to you. You have to complete puzzles a-la connecting the dots, to progress through any of the stories. You can play the game to pass the waiting time or if the girls have a certain challenge for you to complete. So do your best not to fuck up.

A Dating Simulator?

Well, yes. Technically. 7 Angels is a dating simulator that all takes place within your cell phone through a dating app with no name – at least not that I know of it. Through this dating app, 7 Angels seems to have taken a new unique twist into the whole dating simulator category. I mean, it’s pretty innovative of them to create a game centered around something so popularly used in today’s society. This game wouldn’t have popped up over a decade ago.

To nobody’s surprise, you are one of the lonely users of this app because you cannot form connections while meeting people face to face, so you have to do it vicariously through a game – if only it were that easy, huh? The way you get to learn your way around things is through your first girl, Lilith. Though you’ll have some sort of little fairy giving you tips, Lilith is where you’ll learn and experience things first-hand!

Choice-Centered Gameplay

You’ll quickly find out that whatever choice you make will have an immediate effect through the girls’ replies whenever they ask you for help with something. Well, it is a dating app, one would expect that the replies are that fast. Basically, the way you’ll find all of this out is when Lilith asks you for help to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend that cheated on her. She sneaks into his house and fucks around with his personal belongings, and you guide her through shit.

Though this concept seems pretty basic, it’s actually really fucking fun because all you’ll really be doing is interacting with the women for a little bit. Then you receive incredibly sexy and incredibly fap-worthy selfies from them! I did say a while. After all, for most of the time you’re playing, you’ll be going through the puzzles either because you were challenged or because you don’t want to wait for the time – which I don’t blame you for.

All you really have to do most of the time is just help them get out of sticky situations or help them come up with a decision. Be flirty, be a casanova, and risk pretty much losing the girl’s interest because most of your dialogue choices are quite daring, which you could never hope to pull off. Most of the dialogue that goes on is automated, so you don’t have to worry about formulating a response yourself. Just make sure to choose the right one, the girls will end up in danger, causing you to go back to your previous checkpoint.

Short Stories On Top Of Short Stories

There’s really no linear storyline that you play through, other than traveling from one coast to the other just for some juicy looking pussy – which is Lilith’s. What you do get are small situations like short stories that are quite funny to follow along with. Sure, they seem unrealistic, but that just goes to show that the game doesn’t take itself seriously, so you can just go have fun with it. I haven’t played much of the other girls yet because I’ve only played two of the girls’ stories so far – Lilith’s and Trish’s.

For Lilith’s situation, I already mentioned before that she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. Hence, she decided to fuck around with his shit as revenge, and you just have to help her through it. She sneaks in through one of the openings. You help her decide where to start off with his personal belongings, like putting chili powder into his condoms. If you head to the bathroom, she’ll stick his toothbrush up her ass, which I found oddly… arousing.

You were out on your quest to go to Lilith for Trish’s case, but your car broke down. So Lilith linked you up with Trish so she can pick you up so you can continue on your journey to Lilith’s sweet, juicy pussy. Here’s the thing, both of your cars broke down, but hers is a stolen car of a Mafia goon. You have to help her jump-start the car and evade the people chasing her. You get some “high-action” selfies to go along with the whole fiasco. I mean, tits.

Here’s the thing, though. Both of those happen under one episode only! Yes, episodes, which there are 10 of in just the first season. Meaning you can expect to find way more girls than just the ones displayed in the episode counts. I’m not quite sure of that, though, because I am not going to fall for that microtransaction shit to play more of the game. As I said, I’ve only experienced a little of the first episode because each task drains way too much of your energy.

Actual Gameplay

Apart from the whole dating application shtick and dating simulator feel, there’s one more aspect of the entire game that takes up most of the game. I have also mentioned it earlier if you were paying attention at all. It’s the puzzle game that you play to complete the girl’s challenges or the ones that you play to get out of that waiting zone to continue progressing through the actual story.

So at first, you’re going to think of Candy Crush because probably what’s become the gold standard of what puzzle games should be like – apart from the RNG-based bubble shooters. However, the gameplay isn’t actually anything like what Candy Crush is. 7 Angels’ gameplay is more like a connect-the-dots situation where you just have to draw a line between matching bubbles – the more bubbles you join together, the more points you get, and you might even get a little powerup that can help you clean the board faster.

Here’s where you can see that the game starts to really not take itself seriously. Want to know why? Well, it’s because of the little icons that you have to match up. The small damn circles have ridiculous-looking emojis with titties, penises, and vaginas right below the faces. Googly eyes with unrealistic looking genitalia! If the game doesn’t take itself incredibly, then you shouldn’t as well, right? Just enjoy the damn gameplay already!

Recommendations For Improvement

It’s not really something the game can do on its own since it is under Nutaku – you probably already know what I’m referring to, and its the microtransaction shit that they keep doing with almost every game that they release under their website. Suppose they remove the aspects for all of the microtransactions or the gacha system out of their games. In that case, I’m pretty sure almost everyone would get back on the games that they dropped.

The second is by dropping the values of everything they have when you’re playing. The cost of the gems you have to spend to play a level is way too fucking high. The energy you spent whenever you reply is fucking annoying. As you go on and play longer, you can’t even afford to respond anymore.


Suppose you’re tired of the same basic template that most dating simulators have. In that case, I’m pretty sure you’ll like the refreshing and unique take that 7 Angels did with their attempt at using a dating app to portray the dating sim category. Not to mention how the actual puzzle gameplay is quite addicting, real easy but still possesses some kind of challenge. My final verdict for 7 Angels would be a strong 4.5 out of 5 – would have been perfect without the whole Nutaku schpiel of microtransactions.

BestPornGames Likes 7 Angels
  • Addictive, challenging, but still enjoyable puzzle gameplay.
  • Fappable game rewards.
  • Amusing stories.
BestPornGames Hates 7 Angels
  • The microtransactions.
  • The in-game resource costs.