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Updated on 15 January 2020
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A Wife And Mother

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A Wife And Mother

User Rating: 4/5
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I am so lukewarm about this game, I swear. On the one hand it has the potential of being the hottest porn game ever made. On the other hand, it’s fucking unfinished and there are very few actual sex scenes. The game is ridiculously hot, even without any actual fucking on-screen, but I am tired of being blue-balled. The developer, Lust and Passion, has been collecting money on Patreon for the longest fucking time and he keeps promising the moon and delivering… well, more pussy without actual sex scenes. I know that this guy’s a smut wizard, I get that. I also get that his pussies are the hottest 3D pussies ever crafted in the history of the universe. I’m ok with that. What I’m not ok with is that he keeps making tons of new scenes that blue-ball the player, without ever getting to the actual smut that they’re alluding to. I mean, there’s so much sexy gameplay in this game. It’s gigantic. I think that if you played it at a brisk pace, you’re looking at over two hours of excellent, top-notch gameplay. But what about the sex scenes? Well, there are barely any. On the upside, this is easily the most promising porn game I’ve played in recent years as it’s comprised entirely of 3D renders of top-notch pussy, with a ton of hot babes and a very well written story. I find it kind of funny how who can barely string a proper sentence together on his Patreon also happens to have some of the best writing in porn gaming history, but that’s where we are. Lust and Passion is blue-balling us and he’ll continue to do so, because A Wife and Mother is a fucking gem in the making.

A Lonely Milf

Lust and Passion likes to point out on his Patreon that this game is very unique in many different ways. He’s particularly proud of his main character as she is a MILF. Apparently, playing as a woman is progressive or whatever. I don’t care one way or the other, as long as dick goes in pussy, I don’t care which character I control. It’s not like I have to watch POV shots of her taking the dick. It’s all cinematic, so it works well. Plus, she’s kinky as shit, but very repressed, so you’re kind of playing the devil on her shoulder. You push her into kinky situations as much as possible. And, when she feels a tingle in her panties, you encourage her to pursue her deepest darkest desires. It’ll be a slow, but horny process, since she’s basically bursting to get plowed. She’s also bi-curious as hell and quite incestuous, so there’s that. Personally, I’m not down with the whole in-family setup, but her daughter is hot and young and gay, so that just means a lot more lesbian scenes to look forward to. I don’t know how Lust and Passion managed to slip A Wife and Mother past Patreon’s site-wide incest ban, but there you go – an incest filled game funded entirely on Patreon. Have at it. The main character is really likable, mostly because you get to decide what kind of person she is in the bedroom. She has a husband, obviously, but she can shy away from him very abruptly if you want her to. So, if you’re not into the whole monogamous sex in the missionary position, you can avoid it all-together. Instead, you can have her whore around town, pursuing men and/or women. The game will keep track of how you’ve managed to fuck her up, so you’ll get increasingly raunchy scenes. You can’t just have her dive into the wilder stuff. You have to ease her into the naughty parts.

Thousands of Scenes

This game is kind of constructed like a movie. You don’t get the visual novel styled dialogue with on-screen characters. Instead, you get proper scenes that are constantly moving from one frame to the next. If Lust and Passion had more time on his hands, he could probably animate the game into a full length Pixar movie. This is probably what makes A Wife and Mother such a favorite of mine. You get proper full-screen scenes every second or so. With every dialogue line, there’s a new shot. These things must have taken forever to render, but they were absolutely worth it. Keep in mind that at all times there’s at least one set of fuckable tits on screen, the main character’s. On top of that, there are tons of extra chicks thrown in for good measure and their goodies are on display one way or another. Even if they’re not naked, they’re still bonerific renditions of perfect babes. I could stare at them all day. The level of quality of the renders can’t be understated. I know that Lust and Passion would have probably had more time for more smut were he not this pedantic, but hey, I’ll gladly take high quality sexy scenes over no scenes at all. This guy goes way out of his way to carefully iron out every edge and every detail on every object in every single scene. So, you’re not just staring at high quality titties in a bedroom. Nah, fuck that. Every object in said bedroom has been hand-crafted to perfection, then, the whole scene has been carefully rendered with high quality shadows and lighting that would put modern game developers to shame. This is the future.

Open Ended Gameplay

I mentioned that A Wife and Mother keeps track of your decisions and that’s sort of the point of the core gameplay. You have a husband, a daughter, a son and several male and female acquaintances. The game keeps track of your progress with them, but in a more general sense. There’s a good wife meter as well as a lesbian meter and a depravity meter. So if you want to do something fucked up and slutty, you need to have been acting like a slut. If you want to do something fucked up and gay, you’ll need the lesbian points as well. So, let’s say that you’re at home and you overhear a noise coming from your master bedroom. You have a peek and you discover that the maid is fingering herself on your bed and moaning like there’s no tomorrow. Well, you can leave her alone and fuck right off or you can watch and touch yourself. The game makes it a point to note that this is making you very wet. This is a great start towards making your character a pussy-craving lesbian. You can bet your sweet ass that this is the route I went down. The game has a somewhat linear story, but with several branching scenes that sort of happen in parallel. Are you going to hang out with your son at his school or will you be staying at home and peeping at your daughter having a lesbian pool party? That’s up to you. The scenes will sort of flow exactly the same with each playthrough, but you won’t be able to cash in on key moments unless you’ve been depraved enough. There’s this scene at the beach, for example, when your son wants you to jack him off, because his erection is getting in the way of all the beach fun. Well, this prompt won’t even come up unless you’ve been nurturing that unhealthy relationship. It’s a great game, all in all.

The Future of a Wife and Mother

I have no idea what to expect of A Wife and Mother, if I’m being honest. The developer has said that there are over 30 playable days already planned and written down, so the story is very much ready to go. But, the scenes are the meat of the gameplay and that’s what we’re waiting for. Ideally, he also wants to gather enough money to re-render everything in 1080p, but as of right now, the game is still in 720p. That little detail I’m actually fine with. But, the game not being anywhere near finished, that kind of grinds on me something fierce. Another thing I don’t understand is that the game seems to be in early alpha with around 7000 rendered scenes. But, the developer has stated that he wants there to be over 10,000 of them. That would seem to suggest that the game is nearly finished, in a way, but I haven’t seen a single proper sex scene except for the ones in which you get dicked by the husband. I want to see more of A Wife and Mother. A lot more. This game needs hardcore sexual penetration asap. All the babes in this game are painfully gorgeous and it would be a fucking shame if the game ends before it’s even begun. At the very least it’s free, so coming back to check on the progress won’t cost you a dime.

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  • Needs more sex scenes