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Updated on 15 January 2020
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A Zombie's Life

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A Zombie's Life

User Rating: 4/5
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I have always dreamt of seeing a real-life zombie outbreak. You may think that I’m some loser kid who wishes terrible things like this to happen, but it has always been a fascination of mine to experience what it feels like living in a world infested by flesh-eating motherfuckers. This game is all about survival and sex. This is the type of zombie apocalypse I want to experience in the future.

A Zombie’s Life is an adult-themed game where a young boy is trapped in a shelter with his mother and sister fighting ugly looking motherfuckers for survival. It’s so fucking obvious that incest plays a great role in this game, but what you don’t know is how the scenes take place and their sexual position. I know that I’ve caught your attention by now, and just like other perverts, I also know that you’re excited to know more about it.

I know that I shouldn’t be thinking about this kind of catastrophe, but have you ever wondered what it feels like living in a world where you get to do anything you want? You won’t be doing chores anymore. You also get to visit other places without worrying about being grounded by your parents. You’d also meet survivors along the way, which eventually gives you everything you want. This shit right here is the thing I need. Read more about A Zombie’s life for a better understanding of the game.

A Zombie’s Life Gameplay

Survival games such as this one are the best because you’ll feel the game’s pressure and thrill. The gameplay of A Zombie’s Life is quite simple, despite the fact that this game is all about survival and sex. This is a user-friendly game because the gameplay is not that hard to comprehend. For a zombie game, I find this one very interesting. Aside from seeing boobs and pussies, you also get to kill zombies for fun.

What I Like About The Game

The sex scenes of this one are very erotic because the details are very on point. You’ll see the cum of the male protagonist oozing out of the vaginas of the bitches he is fucking. You’ll also see their facial reactions every time they’re fucking each other. I love this game because you have a lot of bitches to choose from. You won’t only be fucking your mom and sister, but you’ll also taste some stranger’s pussy and tits.

There are tons of sexual positions you can do in this game. You get to do some mother and son sex, titjob, Doggystyle, and more. You don’t have to settle in just one position. It would be indeed dull if the characters of this game only do one sexual position. Take note. You can also fuck other characters in public, meaning there’s a high chance that other characters will see you drilling the hole of some innocent survivor.

A Zombie’s Life is a free-to-play game meaning spending money won’t be an option. The only time you’ll be spending cash is when you’re going to buy tons of tissue to wipe out that manly juice of yours you call cum. It’s a good thing that this game doesn’t require a payment because there are many perverted teens out there who also want to play fantastic porn games such as this one.

Your mother in this game is smoking hot. I love how the characters were designed because they look accordingly to their age. This 2D game made me addicted to masturbation. I always make sure to masturbate every time I’m playing this game because the sex scenes would be a waste if I don’t take advantage of them. You can replay some of the sex scenes once you finish the tasks given to you.

A lot of porn games that have been created for the past years often don’t run on Windows computers. The good thing about A Zombie’s Life is that it’s compatible with Windows, and you can just download it right away without worrying about any issues. A lot of Windows users complain about other porn games because they don’t get to see and experience those games due to some technical errors caused by certain games system specifications.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

The game has no engaging background music in it. I mean, no one wants to play with sex games for hours that don’t have a soundtrack on it. It’s plain boring and dull. That’s why there are times where I felt like I was just playing with some games that were made by retarded game developers. Background music is essential, especially to these types of games, but I guess the people who created this one forgot about it.

The sex scenes are very hot, but I still want to see some more. I feel like the game doesn’t have enough adult scenes on it. The game is not all about porn, so complaining about this one is a bit useless, but I still think it needs more of it to make it a great game. Some of the sex scenes are a bit mainstream, as well. I always see the same thing happening in other porn games I’m playing.

It is also not available to some other computers, which is a bum. Not all gamers out there are using Windows computers. Some are using MAC and Linux. This only shows that this game is not for everyone. It’s only applicable to the gamers who are using Windows computers. I know that it’s a bit unfair, but there’s nothing I can do about it. The only thing I can do is to rant about the issue until the game developers notice me.

I mentioned that the bitches in this game are hot and sexy, but some look like a prostitute. Maybe it’s part of the game since a lot of people are trying to survive in a world full of zombies. But if I only had the chance to change something, I would put more characters with a decent look and personality to make the game more friendly and fun. Of course, I’ll turn those innocent girls into sex-crazed bitches, but I still want to see the innocent side of them.

The storyline of the game seems a bit ordinary. I mean, we all know what would happen during this kind of pandemic, but the game developers could have made it interesting if there were zombies who also wants to have sex with the living. Imagine how fun this game is. That kind of scenario would happen. I’m actually laughing right now just by thinking of it, but I’m still curious as to what would be the outcome of the game if those things really happened.

My Recommendations for Improving The Game

Improving the gameplay of this game should be one of the things they need to keep in mind. They can add more fighting scenes in the game to make it more thrilling and exciting. Adding sex-crazed zombies to the game can also make the gameplay fun. Imagine surviving in a place where zombies fuck women before eating them. I would love to live in a world that has this kind of zombies.

Adding more characters to the game can also add fun to it. They should add characters that have similarities with famous celebrities or sports icons. Can you imagine your favorite basketball player being chased by a horde of zombies?..hahaha. It will also be a blast if your Hollywood crush gets gangbanged by zombies with rotten cocks. Anyway, this is just a suggestion, but if they can do it, then I’ll indeed play this game again.

They should also add more sex scenes to the game. I want to see more bitches spreading their beautiful and pinkish vaginas in front of me. I also want to have more sex with the girls in this game. I don’t want to wait for missions and tasks to be over before I get to sleep with them. I want to defile them anytime I want. I hope that this kind of upgrade can be done to this game because I have a major crush on one of the game characters.

Lastly, the game developers should find a way to make the game available to all gaming devices. They shouldn’t limit this game to Windows users only because some players want to try this game as well. The game developers should do this right away because I know that a lot of gamers out there are wishing the same thing. They’re just waiting for the time that this game will become available for all.

BestPornGames Likes A Zombie's Life
  • Gameplay
  • Sex Scenes
  • Smoking Hot Characters
  • Variety of Sex Positions
  • Free-to-play
BestPornGames Hates A Zombie's Life
  • Background Music
  • Fewer Sex Scenes
  • Dull Gameplay
  • Limited Characters
  • Compatibility