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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Academy 34 is a Kinky Overwatch Parody Game by Young & Naughty

Do you think that AAA game studios think about what you horny cucks are going to do to their characters when they pump out a game full of dime pieces? They have to know, right? Imagine being in that meeting full of old executives talking about trying to limit the amount of porn that gets made of their fucking characters. We live in a wild timeline. But some games really lean into it. It’s like they want you nerdy weebs to get hard at the mere sight of their character models. And, well, it’s a damn good marketing tactic when you consider that most of their games are probably played by turbo virgins. But one game reigns supreme. One game has the most waifus in a game that I have ever fucking seen. I’m talking about Overwatch. I swear that game is going to be the source for a lot of this next generation’s fetishes. It’ll be what Totally Spies! was for 90s kids. They’ll be dreaming about Widowmaker stepping on them. I know that I’d kill to be under her boot. I’m sure you’re wondering why the flying fuck I’m going on about Overwatch. Well, It’s because I found a kinky parody game called Academy 34 that takes place in the same universe.

Download and Play the Full Game for the Low, Low Price of Free!

Yeah, I bet that got your attention. This hot parody game has been in the works since 2018. Talk about being fucking quick. They got on this shit right during the game’s peak. The team behind this game calls themselves Young & Naughty. That gives me some sketchy loli vibes, but thankfully the game is free of that kind of content. It’s currently on version and gets updated pretty fucking frequently. You can check out the whole development cycle and chart over at You can also grab a completely free copy of the game from Now that the boring shit is out of the way, let’s talk about the story. You play as a cadet who has just enrolled in a school where you get trained to become elite Overwatch agents. It’s a boarding school type deal where you’ll get taught by actual agents from the game. And you will also get to go to school with some of them! Hell, you room with a young-adult version of McCree who is a total fucking slob. If only this game were voiced. I’d love to hear Matthew Mercer spout out some of these crazy dialog lines.

Go to Class, Do Homework, and Romance Your Favorite Slut

The basic premise is fairly simple. You need to get up, go to class, and do your homework. Each day has room for a few events and actions, but the primary loop of going to class will be the same throughout. Each class will be taught by a different character from the game. Fucking everybody is here. But, of course, the best classes are taught by Mei. She’s got these massive fucking milkers, and rumor has it that she’s a kinky slut. Only time will tell if that rumor is true. You’re free to pursue whatever babe you want. You have a notebook that tells you exactly what you need to do to further each character’s romance path. Fucking finally. I hate stumbling through games and missing some sort of non-obvious task that makes it so I can never fuck my favorite slut. This game lays everything out plainly. There aren’t any tricks or complex paths with no directions.

Explore any Path You Like with this Wide-Open Experience

It’s a wide-open experience that you take as quickly or as slowly as you want. No matter what you do, lewd content won’t be far away. This goddamn game is packed full of good shit. I went right ahead and took the Tracer path during my first couple of hours of playtime. From what I could tell, she’s the easiest one to dick down. She’s such a slut. She even waves to you as you spy on her and D.Va in the showers. Talk about my kind of babe. You will need to hit certain stat and money requirements to romance some of these more prude bitches. You have bars for your strength, intelligence, and charisma. Going to classes and doing well in them will help you beef up those stats. And you can even do other people’s homework for some extra dosh and increase your intelligence if you need to. Despite not being completely finished, these systems felt seamless. You weren’t stuck grinding away at boring shit for too long. There’s always some hot, lewd action right around the corner.

Stunning Visual Design & Some Genuinely Solid Stories to Explore

The visual design of Academy 34 is on fucking point. It captures elements of the original game’s style while still being unique enough to not seem like a direct rip-off. It’s that perfect blend that so many games miss when making a quality parody game. All of the characters are instantly recognizable while somehow being even sexier than their original counterparts. Menus, backgrounds, maps, and everything else has been expertly crafted. And, hell, even the writing is good! I found myself getting invested in some of the wacky side-plots and character arcs. For once, you can expect a hot parody game that has some decently mature writing that is full of quality humor. It doesn’t read like it was written by some incel locked away in his basement.

Fap to Hot, Uncensored, Animated Parody Sex Scenes!

But you horny gamers care about the sex scenes more than anything else. You won’t be disappointed. This game brings the fucking heat. You get loads of hot fetish scenes that will blow your damn minds. Of course, you can expect every scene to be fully uncensored and full of lewd action. You even get some animated scenes to jerk off to. One of the first ones that I unlocked was of Tracer taking you down to the pool and letting you blow a load down her throat. Fuck yeah. I just wish that there were more sound effects. You get some music, but that’s about it. Though I’m sure they’ll add that shit in as the game gets further developed.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I’m a bit of a sucker for these Overwatch sluts. I’m not afraid to own that shit. It’s about time a half-decent game came out that capitalized on all of the horny gamers and simps who love this goddamn game. The gameplay is pretty simple, but man it feels good to play. Everything connects and works together to make the game a joy to play. I had fun with this title every step of the way. And I’d say that the visual design goes a long way here. The colors are vibrant. The character designs are unique. And you even get some well-written plotlines to sink into! Plus, this is one of the most fappable Overwatch parody games that I’ve had the pleasure of playing. There are well over a dozen hot, uncensored sex scenes for you to jerk your dicks to. That’s pretty damn good for a game that is still a long way from completion. I’d keep an eye on this one. There’s bound to be some even sexier content added along the way.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Hurry up and finish it! Though I guess it might be good to wait and really bring in that fanbase for when Overwatch 2 launches. Launching this game in tandem would be a damn good marketing move. Other than that, I think the game could use some more attention when it comes to audio design. They obviously can’t do a voiced cast due to copyright reasons, but some more music and sound effects would be welcome for sure.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Academy 34 is a must-play parody game for Overwatch fans. It’s full of all of your favorite waifus! How could you not whip out your dick and start fapping to this game? I even think that those of you who haven’t played the game could still find a lot of solid fap material here. It can definitely stand on its own as a solid game with fapworthy sex scenes. I highly recommend each and every single one of you horny betas go and give this excellent title a download. After all, you can download the entire game for free!

BestPornGames Likes Academy34
  • High-quality, uncensored sex scenes
  • Overwatch parody content
  • Solid writing & visual design
  • It’s free to download!
BestPornGames Hates Academy34
  • It’s not finished yet
  • The audio design could use some work