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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Acting Lessons Game

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Acting Lessons Game

User Rating: 4/5
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From the brilliant mind of legendary porn game developer Dr PinkCake comes Acting Lessons, the first in what is going to be a long line of fantastic smut games that will most definitely make you cream your pants. You may have already heard of this developer from his work on Being a Dik, which is objectively the best porn game ever made. I’ll change my mind when someone makes a better porn game. For now, Dr PinkCake takes the cake and that’s that. This guy is single-handedly serving up the best porn games that the world has ever seen. He wrapped up Acting Lessons years ago and he’s currently selling it on Steam, but you can get it elsewhere if you don’t like the platform. That’s not the point. The point is, Acting Lessons is a porn game with proper high quality sex scenes, all around gorgeous 3D models and environments and writing that makes the average movie these days seem dumb and underwhelming. This game quite literally has it all. There are multiple babes. There are branching storylines. There are tons of choices to be made and those choices will most definitely have consequences. You will have every reason to replay this game over and over again. Then, you will probably check out Being a Dik afterwards and cry because that game is still in development. Either way, let’s dig into the classic that cemented Dr PinkCake as the absolute god of all boners.

An Interesting Start

Your average porn game starts you off with no personality, little to no backstory and no reason to care about the main character. But, this is a PinkCake game, so your character actually has a fucking personality. Go figure. He’s a cryptocurrency trader who considers himself to be somewhat successful, but he’s not exactly doing too well in the love department. He’s getting on in years and he wants to settle down. He meets a few babes and all of them seem to have wife potential, but first, we’ll find out if they have pussy potential, you know what I mean? You go around your day to day, but you never really do the same thing twice. The game sort of moves the story along and you pave your own way through it. You’re living out this dude’s life story. By the way, the game lets you set the name of the main character in case you want added immersion. I named my guy Chad. I couldn’t change his last name, but it would have been Thundercock. Anyways, you carve out the dude’s life through some important and life-changing events that will leave you fucking slack-jawed. This game comes with a lot of plot twists, mystery and intrigue, so I can’t actually dump any of the important moments on you without ruining the game for you. Suffice it to say, this game will start you off easy, give you a few moments of comfort and then blow you the fuck away with some twists and turns that, trust me, you will not see coming.

The Best Babes

The girls in this game are absolutely top tier. Why? Well, because they seem like real women, for one. I mean, sure, they’re all thirsty for your cock, but not to such an extent that you start to feel like you’re in the Twilight Zone. They genuinely like you and you genuinely make an effort to get them to like you even more. You earn your place in their hearts and in their panties. Everything you do in this game just makes sense. The girls are straight up real people that you’re going to care about. By the time you finish the game you’re going to find yourself missing these girls in your day to day life. They’re that fucking memorable. Now, let’s talk about the really important aspects of the women – their bodies. They’re hot. Plain and simple. But if that wasn’t enough, they’re also realistic. That’s right. You get actual proper female bodies in this game. None of that inflated triple-G cup size bullshit that you see in other games. These are real women with real curves, but like, they’re not fat. That would fucking suck. If there was a fat chick in this game I’d go way out of my way not to wag my dick at her. Ah, who am I kidding? I’d probably fuck her too. But, I’d probably just keep my eyes closed throughout or have her face the other way.

Attention to Detail

Every tiny aspect of this game was crafted with care. I don’t understand how and when Dr PinkCake manages to sleep. I crunched the numbers and it just doesn’t make sense. This game has hundreds of scenes. Every scene had to be rendered individually. And, every single one of them appears to have been hand-crafted down to the finest detail. Like, say you have a close-up of a babe looking into your eyes while she’s saying some sexy shit. Say, there’s a window behind her while she’s doing this. Well, the building across the street, visible through the window will have more quality in the textures than all of the textures of an RPG porn game combined. I do not understand how this developer managed to get this extreme with the level of detail, but it made for an amazing smut piece and I’m thankful for that. Then there’s the music. Yes, this amazing porn game actually has music throughout all of the gameplay. It’s all royalty free stuff you might have heard before, but it’s high quality and it fits the story. You can tell he picked the tracks very carefully. He didn’t just throw them into a playlist and let them rip. I think there might also be some licensed tracks on there, but I’m not sure.

Second Best Porn Game

If Being a Dik is the best porn game ever made, then Acting Lessons has to be the second, since this game came right before and it has the same level of quality – it’s a perfect porn game. Some people actually prefer this one, since it has all of that drama and mystery bubbling under the surface. Acting Lessons definitely builds more suspense than Being a Dik, I’ll say that much. Plus, it’s a much more mature game. You can tell that it’s made for a clever audience. There’s humor, drama and a ton of depraved smut, but it’s balanced out. This is a real gentleman’s porn game. The reviews on Steam pretty much speak for themselves – half of the people that played this game want to play it again and the other half are traumatized and crying, because yes, the writing to Acting Lessons is indeed that surprising. This game will catch you off guard and you’ll find yourself wishing you could forget it so you could play it all-over again.

The Art Style

I kind of wanted to leave the best for last. This is obviously a 3D porn game and we’ve seen a ton of these in the past. It’s not exactly a new genre. Well, leave it to Dr PinkCake to revolutionize this old-ass art style by… caring too much, I guess. These models are similar to those you see in other games, but there’s just something about all the care that went into the crafting of every titty and every face… All the babes look genuinely alive. They don’t give you uncanny valley vibes. They look hot and they look alive. Hell, there are even close-ups of the girls when you hug them or kiss them and even then they look damn gorgeous. The developer even went so far as to give them proper high quality reflections so that when you stare into their eyes you can see the room reflected through them. I can’t even with this shit. I am not used to this much quality in my porn games. I wish more developers followed in this guy’s footsteps. It’s no wonder his Patreon’s blowing up. I wholeheartedly recommend that you get your hands on this game asap. You literally have no reason not to. If you have a functioning penis and a few hours to spare, spend them playing this game. It’ll be the best few hours of your life, so far. That is, until you play the other Dr PinkCake game. And, if you don’t have a functioning penis, play it anyways, because the story to this game is a real emotional rollercoaster. It will stick with you for a very long time, I can promise you that. The game is available on Steam for a measly $10. You can’t even buy a large value meal for that kind of money these days. I know that if I had to choose between lunch and a quality porn game, I’d pick the porn game every time.

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