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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Affect3D Store Games

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Most of the games that I focus on usually come from one of three sources 1.) the developers’ site or Patreon page, 2.) Nutaku, or 3.) Steam. It’s understandable as to why since most teams are trying to build a brand by publishing their titles on a page they manage.

When it comes to the two big brand retailers, that also makes sense as both platforms already get a ton of web traffic. But as the saying goes, competition creates innovation, and this is true in the corners of cyberspace that caters to horny gamers.

A New Competitor With a Niche Series of Products

Tracking down the specifics of these domain’s origins were unusually tricky for me. I do know that the name was registered sometime in 2014. I think this was when the site was launched, though there are indications this brand may date back to 2010.

Whatever the case, the current presentation of this porn game platform from a visual standpoint is pretty good. The designers went with a dark grey backdrop with some black splashed in on some other parts. In contrast with this, interactive icons and text are white or bright pink.

Each game has some awesome promotional art, and there is a welcome absence of commercial banners to distract visitors on most pages – and popups or other forms of spam aren’t an issue either.

When it comes to looks, this website gets top marks from me.

They’ve Got Forty-Four All 3D Games So Far

With so many to pick from, I’m obviously not going to do a rundown on these 3D experiences’ basic information.

Price range: between $9.99 and $59 per download Game genre: pedestrian dramas, taboo hookups, and erotic science fiction fantasies Graphic fidelity: consistently on the left or right side of the uncanny valley, so very good

Of course, those are my generalizations. If you want some more specifics, look up each game page. There are (sometimes) complete descriptions, lists of the system requirements, and the number of images, animations, and bonus material are described.

There Is Some Decent Engagement On the Forum

With only six sections and a super basic design, the forum is hardly the most impressive part of Affect 3D Store. However, it is nice that this service has been added, and apparently I’m not the only person thinking this.

There are thousands of threads on tens of thousands of posts from hundreds of users. Sadly, it looks like the enthusiasm burned out a couple of years ago. I went through several pages, and it looks like the forum went dead in the middle of 2018.

Still, with posts that cover everything from basic gaming info to full tutorials, the A3DS’s ‘forum’ functions as a convenient archive.

Stay Updated With Their News Portal

As this is a relatively new website, it makes sense that there are going to be constant changes made to the platform itself. Further, since game devs can improve their published products continuously with new versions and DLCs, the games hosted get regular updates as well.

To keep up with all of this, there are several ways to stay in the loop. For one, you can check out the News and Updates page, which has at least a few posts a week, if not a day.

Members and non-members can join the newsletter, which is sent out regularly as well. If you prefer to get your news from social media, there are links to the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.

Here’s a Summary of What I Liked About A3DS

I can’t praise the looks enough, and from what games are presented, most of them have phenomenal graphical quality. Then there’s the level of imagination which has been put into all of them – it’s impressive even compared to most other hentai games I’ve seen.

When it comes to surfing this site across devices, it looks good no matter what kind of net surfing equipment you like to use. Keep in mind, that does not mean that all of the games hosted are compatible with mobile devices or all operating systems either.

When it comes to making purchases, there’s no reason to worry about re-billing or your information being leaked. The whole site is secure, and billing is entirely discrete. You can pay for products using major credit cards and also PayPal and Epoch. When you do check out with your purchase(s), it’s just about as simple as using Amazon.

Finally, the webmasters are very open about helping users as their Contact Us lists five email addresses depending on your question.

I’ve Got a List of Things I Dislike About A3DS, Too

Disclaimer: This isn’t really a complaint so much as it is an observation and something you should be aware of. The number of games ain’t bad, but I can’t help but feel that I have seen more on competitor platforms.

Granted, that’s probably because those other sites do host more than 3D, for one. Then there’s the fact that what publishers and retailers can provide is limited by the developers’ production cycle.

Just saying all of this, so you don’t get too hyped when logging in for the first time.

I’m not sure if it’s the browsers that I’m using, but to me, it seems like the menu is either non-responsive or broken.

It Would Be Cool to See Some Things Added

Since some games tend to be on the costly side, I would like to see some regular discounts, seasonal specials, or something else to save players money and make this brand more attractive.

With that, I’d like to see snippets of text like sci-fi, fantasy, horror, on-sale, superimposed on link thumbnails, so the player gets a better idea of what they are clicking on before they do. As it is now, there is very little organization when it comes to the game genre.

It’s clear that part of A3DS’s design and content is community-driven. On the one hand, that’s kind of cool since that means the tags, reviews, and other helpful information is submitted by the fans. Nonetheless, I would like to see more uniformity and completeness when it comes to the description pages.

Finally, it would be great to see a search engine tool, a category page, or both.

Is This Platform the One to Kill Nutaku?

On balance, Affect 3D Store has several things going for it, that’s not in question. It may not replace or even rival it’s competitors yet, but with time I’m sure this e-store will get even better.

There still is room for improvement, but when you take everything into account, this certainly is a four out of five hand site.

If you want to jump on board with another this website, signing up takes at most ninety seconds. So what are you waiting for? If you like realistic looking, computer-rendered raunchy sex scenes check A3DS right now!

BestPornGames Likes Affect3D Store Games
  • The types of games are varied and should have a range of appeal
  • The design of this site is about as good as any of its big brand competitors
  • Between the forum and news articles, there are some other perks
BestPornGames Hates Affect3D Store Games
  • The number of games isn’t that impressive compared to some other sites
  • Relative to other adult-style video games some are pricey even by 3D standards
  • Not all of the game descriptions are completely finished