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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Amity Park

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Amity Park

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Amity Park is a Parody Visual Novel Set in the Danny Phantom Universe

Even I had my fair share of waifu crushes as a horny teenager. Of course, I didn’t call them waifus. I didn’t want to be that much of a goddamn loser. It was bad enough getting hard over some lines on a screen. I wasn’t going to go ahead and make a community out of it. They were the animated bitches that I wanted to fuck. And I think we all had a slew of shows that made us into the fucked up degenerates that we are now. I remember the rivalries over Raven from Teen Titans, Shego from Kim Possible, and each and every one of the latex-clad sluts from Totally Spies! Needless to say, there was no lack of fap material in those days. But there was one show that managed to have, arguably, one of the hottest cumsluts of them all. I’m talking about the cropped-top wearing goth babe that was Sam Manson from Danny Phantom. This chick was one of my favorites. And, well, it’s always nice to go back and have a nostalgia fap to your old flames. But the show isn’t that fappable. There’s not nearly enough ghost fuck scenes. So, I went out and found this kinky parody game called Amity Park that takes place in the Danny Phantom universe.

Play this Episodic Game a Few Weeks after Release for Free!

This project is still in the works and is being released episodically. Well, kind of. It’s still all one game, but the developer GZone puts out updates as new chapters to the story. This means that the foundation of the game is likely going to stay the same. Each individual chapter tends to be fully finished as it comes out. You can get your hands on a copy by popping over to You can download the game for free a week or two after its Patron release. If you simply need that shit as soon as possible, then you should consider dishing out a few bucks a month for some neat exclusives and early access. Anyway, you can start this game from any of the chapters. I went with the first one so that I could give you horny fucks the scoop on the story and all of that good stuff. It follows the same train of events as the show did. You get zapped by your ghost-obsessed parent’s portal device, which ends up turning you into a half-ghost thing. You can shift between normal teenage boy and your ghost form to beat up rowdy ghosts that want to fuck with people. But you need to make sure not to get caught by your folks or they might, well, kill you.

Explore the Town around You in this Classic Point-and-Click Style Visual Novel

You go about your usual high-schooler life. Go to class. Do homework. Try desperately to get some pussy. You know, the usual shit. But you have to deal with the added layer of having ghostly powers. Who else is going to combat these ghosts? Not your useless ghost hunter parents, that’s for damn sure. You’ll need to go 1v1 against these baddies to stop them from terrorizing and fucking all of the hot babes around town, though you don’t always have to help right away. You can sit back and enjoy the show first. It’s a fairly standard point-and-click style game. You can hop around to different locations and complete tasks for characters around town. You’ll need to help certain people out to progress their storylines and, best of all, unlock hot sex scenes with them. But, strangely, there is a combat system. I didn’t see that shit coming. Most Ren’Py games don’t opt for anything like this. And the system is fine enough. You essentially punch these ghosts until they go down. I didn’t find a need to fuck around with the other attacks or abilities unless an enemy ended up being immune.

Oddly Placed Combat System Feels like Filler more than an Engaging Feature

It felt like filler. Most if not all of these battles could have been illustrated and described instead of having this lackluster combat system tacked on. It’s not awful or janky. It’s just boring. But the rest of the game is what you would expect from a visual novel. I was impressed by the art. Holy shit. It’s surprisingly true to the original series. Some parody artists go for a heavily stylized approach, but this shit is so accurate. Well, barring a few details like giving Danny’s mom massive fucking milkers. But I don’t think any of your horny fappers will be complaining about that. All of the characters stay true to their original personalities. I actually think they are more true to form with how horny they all are. Everybody in high school is trying to get laid. It makes sense that this game would be full of fuck-addled teens. Though they probably couldn’t take that pitch to television. I like to imagine that this is the sort of kinky universe that the creator’s imagined in the first place.

Jerk off to Uncensored, Fully-Animated Parody Fuck Scenes

But let’s talk about the porn. That’s the shit that matters most when it comes to lewd parody titles. If you can’t fap to it then what the fuck is even the point of playing it? Thankfully, Amity Park pulls out all of the stops. You get a slew of hot, uncensored sex scenes of your favorite babes getting fucked. Watch these sluts get fucked by tentacles, invisible ghosts, and Danny. No pussy is off limits to you. On top of these multi-paneled illustrations, you get some fully animated scenes that fucking slap. I was impressed with how fluid and well-done each one was.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This game looks fucking great. If you were a fan of the original art style and feel of Danny Phantom, then you will be hooked the instant you lay eyes on this game. Go ahead. Look at the screenshots. You’ll see what the fuck I mean. Anyway, the art style kicks ass. Even the writing and dialog for each character was one point. Some of these games fail to capture the original personalities of the characters well. Not with this one! They nailed it. Speaking of nailing things, the sex scenes are some of the best parody-style scenes that I’ve seen. They’re not up to ZoneTan’s degree of quality, but damn are they good and fappable as all hell. You get fully uncensored scenes with some sexy animations to go along with them. What more could you want? Oh, and there are cheat codes out there for unlocking all of the gallery scenes if you’re an impatient fuck.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Where’s the audio? I had to triple check my stuff, but there is no music. Hell, there aren’t even any sound effects to speak of. What the fuck? I get not voicing these characters. Weebs would complain all day about the voice actress not sounding exactly the same as the original. But come on and give us some hot fuck tunes or at least some juicy sound effects to dial in the immersion. It’s so weird not having any sort of sounds at all. It’s a shame because this game nails practically every other aspect of the experience. Except for the combat system. That shit is still pretty boring. But, hey, maybe you guys will like it. It’s a simple turn-based system that you can play with one hand, so there’s at least one thing good about it.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Amity Park is a must-play for those of you who were addicted to this show back in the day. It captures the look, feel, and aesthetic of it perfectly. Well, except for the lack of music. That part sucked. But what didn’t suck were the incredibly hot sex scenes. If you ever wanted to see Jasmine get railed by a tentacle ghost, then you are in for a treat. Plus, you can download the entire game for the low, low price of free if you are willing to wait for the public release! I highly recommend that you cucks go and give it a shot. You’ll be fapping to some high-quality parody porn in no time at all.

BestPornGames Likes Amity Park
  • Accurate parody art style that stays true to the original
  • Uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • Lots to do and explore
  • You can download the full game for free
BestPornGames Hates Amity Park
  • No music or sound effects
  • Combat feels like filler