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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Are you fond of dating simulators? Do you have a fetish for furry? Most importantly, do you like to see androgynous creatures having a go at each other? If you are, you’re going to love and enjoy having a go at this mother-fur-fucking game that I’m about to shower upon and bless your lonely life. What you’re about to witness in this particular game is the shit you’re always fantasizing about. Yeah, that’s right. I know you’re still fantasizing about furry creatures dating and fucking each other, given that you’re a lonely twister virgin.

But, I can’t blame you for your sexual fantasies because there are quite a lot of people with the same mindset as you have. The game developers of this game wanted people to live out their sexual fantasies by having different personalities of non-player characters or NPCs in the game. I am indeed talking about Amorous. Amorous is an adult dating simulator about eccentric, furry characters dancing and mingling in a nightclub under the vivid neon lights. Team Amorous is the developer of the game and published the game with the help of Steam.

You also don’t have to worry about wasting dollars because the game is absolutely free-to-play. Thank fucking goodness. We have an adult dating simulator that challenges us with how much we know about dating and whether we’ll be able to land a successful date. One of the things you should keep in mind about Amorous is that they provide you with nine datable characters to give you a chance of taking on different personas. Of course, Amorous is a dating simulator, which means you can have different looking avatars to try out different personality preferences. So, without further ado, let’s start this highly enticing review.

Furries’ Man

Amorous isn’t a typical dating simulator that has plenty of single NPC hungry for a relationship. You have to work your way to get their attention and choose the appropriate response inside a sandbox environment. The reason is that your choice of pronouns and how you interact with the NPCs you’ll meet in the furry nightclub will result in your disposition in the future. Like courting and dating a girl in real life, you have to be careful with your words because what you say can make or break your relationship with them.

The challenging part of the game comes out as soon as you’re done creating your fursona because the dialogue choices they provide are close to the real-life answers we use. As a result, the game also brings out your real personality and somehow judges your situation in terms of how you approach real women. But don’t worry, the fascinating outcome of the realistic dialogues will help you avoid the typical pitfalls of dating and eventually turn you into a real furries’ man.

The Gameplay

The game starts with a backstory of Amorous and a short introduction about the character’s life. Moreover, the main character will inform you about the best places in Amorous such as the beautiful beaches and the exhilarating nightlife. The main character will then proceed about how busy he was with his studies and didn’t have the chance or time to date. I like how the backstory of the main character sort of relates himself to your situation. But, we all know that you’re not busy with studies or work, and you’re merely a loser that doesn’t have a shot at dating beautiful women.

Going back to the main character’s introduction, he’ll mention that he has a libido-driven little brother. With that in mind, the main character doesn’t need to go out and mingle based on his little brother’s actions. After the long introduction, the opening scene will start in your room, where you’ll find the main character waking up to his alarm and rushing to get out of the house. He wants to get out of the house immediately to avoid encountering his little brother.

After changing and getting your shit ready, you head down the stairs, and the game will provide you with various dialogues as to what you’ll do when you’re out of the house. But, the twist follows when the main character’s little brother came home with a broken heart. Being the kind and caring big brother you are, you have to choose between various dialogues to help your little brother with his broken heart.

What I found interesting with the start of the story is that no matter what dialogue you choose to avoid helping your brother, you’ll always end up helping him. By helping him, I mean, you have to go out with him to the furry nightclub and make him forget about his shitty relationship. The fun starts when you and your brother head on to the furry nightclub since that’s where you’ll meet a few of the characters you’ll be dating if you fancy them.

Fursona Maker

Before we head on to the dating aspect of Amorous, we first have to discuss the fursona maker of the game, in other words, character creator. Fursona maker is the highlight of the game because the game developers provide you with content for all body-type, personality preferences, gender, and color. Moreover, the body-type content can range from canines to felines, a few monsters, human male to female, and a combination of all. If you’re a lazy fur fucker who doesn’t care about the appearance, you can also choose between eight stock templates and randomize everything.

But, doing so will take most of the fun away because the game developers put in a lot of effort when it comes to the variations of the face and body features. You can choose every part of the face in the fursona maker, such as eyes, eyebrows, hair, head shape, mouth, and nose. When it comes to the customizability of the body features, you can also customize the feet, sexual organs, and tail. With that in mind, whatever sexual organs you’ll have for your character will reflect on your character’s identity after making your fursona.

After creating your fursona, the game will have you choose between male, female, or bisexual as your sexual identity. Choosing your sexual identity has a significant impact on the gameplay because it will change the romance scenes and the pronouns in the dialogue. Unfortunately, the game developers’ aimed Amorous towards the male target audience. In connection to this, choosing the female identity can result in awkward situations as your progress through the game, especially with the sex scenes.

One of the crucial factors you have to keep in mind is that Amorous involves plenty of pussy and ass fucking. If your character doesn’t have a dick, the sex scenes will look hilarious, given that you’ll be seeing your character bumping their pussy with another horny slut’s pussy. I think the game developers lacked flexibility with the sexual organs because what is the point of your character not having a dick if the sex scenes don’t change.


After the fursona maker and the encounter with your broken-hearted little brother, you’ll proceed to the Amorous Nightclub. Navigating through the nightclub is relatively easy because you’ll have your mouse as your controls, which means you only need to click throughout it. You should also note that you cannot interact with all of the NPCs in the Amorous Nightclub. You’ll know whether or not you can interact with them if you hover your mouse over to them, and they’ll have a red outline while their character’s cutout enlarges.

The dating part of Amorous is essential because that’s what the game is all about. With that in mind, you have to make sure that you don’t stick to your dull-ass personality and change how you interact with the NPCs. Remember, the game’s dialogue is somehow realistic, which means the NPCs will instantly turn you down if you choose to be rude towards them. Don’t worry. The game gives you another chance at flirting with them by going back to the Amorous Nightclub on the following day.

What I Like About the Game

The game is reasonably easy to play because it doesn’t require you to use your keyboard for the controls, you’ll only need your mouse and its trusty left click. Regarding Amorous’s positive features, I love how the dialogue is descriptive because it allows you to form an image into your mind as to what the NPCs are trying to illustrate. With regards to the dialogue when it comes to flirting and dating is also close to real-life responses, which means the game will judge your romance skills.

My Recommendations for Improvements

One thing you furcking losers should keep in mind is that Team Amorous isn’t an expert at creating porn games that utilize various porn elements. As a result, the game has plenty of room for improvement. With that in mind, the game developers should improve the details such as graphics, animation, and audio. The reason is that everything is far from smooth, and all those imperfect details make it seem like they aren’t part of the game.


Overall, Amorous is a fantastic furry dating simulator game with plenty of potential once the game developers put more effort into optimizing the game. Although the quality of the graphics, audio, and animations are bad, Amorous is a fun game that challenges your romance and dating skills. If you’re here to play the game because of your furry fetish, you’re going to enjoy fursona maker and the sex scenes because you’ll witness all of the sexy elements there.

BestPornGames Likes Amorous
  • Free-to-play dating simulator
  • Plenty of content in the fursona maker
  • Has up to nine datable characters
  • Female NPCs' personalities will make you feel in love
  • Simple artwork and detail doesn't hurt your eyes
BestPornGames Hates Amorous
  • Lacks flexibility in terms of sexual identity and sex scenes
  • The placement of the background music is shit
  • Lacks nudity in the nightclub
  • Most of the characters are stereotypical
  • Useless minigames