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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Angry Bangers

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Angry Bangers

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What’s up butt face? Got any plans for tonight? Well if you don’t have anything to do, I suggest that you spend a minute or two reading this review for it has details that will surely change your perspective when it comes to porn games. I have here a sex game that is packed with action and erotic scenes. You don’t get to see games like this every day for most porn games out there doesn’t have the kind of storyline this one has.

Angry Bangers is a turn-based adult RPG where you get to be involved in a lot of gang fights, sex, and drugs. From the description itself, you would know right away that this shit right here is what gamers like you and me need in our life. We may not act like the tough guys we usually see in the movies, but at least we get to do all the violent and adult stuff they’re doing inside this game.

I really love how the story of this game goes because you get to play the role of an undercover cop who is planning to take down an evil organization that is terrorizing her city. You will have to fight with all that you have for you to achieve your main goal. A lot of games out there have the same concept, but this one is much better because it has tons of action and lewd scenes that will make you addicted to it. Take your time reading this one.

Games Storyline

As mentioned above, your character is an undercover cop that is planning to destroy the organization ruining her beloved city. You will surely feel the thrill once you start playing this game because being an undercover cop is not an easy job. You will have to strategize in this game if you don’t want your cover to be blown. Aside from your cover, you will also get to witness other things being blown in this game. ( You know what I meant by that )

What I Like About This Game

The first thing every gamer notices in games are its controls. You wouldn’t want to spend the whole day configuring the game’s controls. Luckily, Angry Bangers is one of those games that are not very hard to navigate. You won’t be having trouble understanding the game’s controls because they’re pretty basic. You’ll probably get the hang of it in just a couple of seconds knowing that fuckers like you love to play games.

Every game needs background music because it makes the gamer feel more excited, especially if the game has plenty of missions in it. The background music of this game fits the gameplay that’s why I enjoyed playing this one. I’ve already finished playing this game, but I still find it inviting after all these years because of the story it has. You will undoubtedly feel the same way I did once you start playing this game.

The very reason why my stupid ass got addicted to it is that the bitches that are in this game are super hot. I couldn’t help but masturbate every time I play this game. I never knew I could get so addicted to a game until I found out about this one. I usually don’t get this kind of feeling when I’m playing porn games. I guess there’s just something unique about this one that made me act that way.

The animation used in this game is super impressive. Every fucking thing is in 3D. You will get to see realistic looking titties and pussies on your computer screen. I always look forward to the lewd scenes this game has because of the quality of graphics it has. This is by far the best adult RPG I’ve seen in my whole life. The people behind this game did an excellent job creating this one because I’ve never encountered anything like this before.

If you’re a MAC or Windows user, then you shouldn’t worry about the game compatibility because this game can run on either OS. You can also play this game on Android devices. This is a good thing because there are only a few free-to-play games out there that have no restriction when it comes to the system requirements of the game. Everyone can now have the chance to know what it feels like playing Angry Bangers because of this feature.

What I Don’t Like About This Game

The game has a few issues that I find annoying and distracting at the same time. The game may have good gameplay, but I still think that it lacks more scenes where you get to see your character fight gangsters and other bad guys from this game. I thought I was going to witness my character deliver some killer moves knowing that he is an undercover cop, but I never got to see those scenes because this game has limited fight scenes in it.

The storyline of the game is quite unique because there are not a lot of porn games out there that have this kind of storyline. The only problem with this game is that the characters that are in it are very limited. You should expect to see the same characters over and over again. I don’t know if the game developer ran out of time creating new characters or he just chose to settle on the number of characters he created.

I have no problem with the lewd scenes of this game. I just feel like the people behind this game can do more about it because the sex scenes are not that intimate, but they have no censorship in it, which is a good thing. I just want to see more scenes where busty bitches getting fucked by random dudes she just met. I hope the game developers will add more sex scenes to this game.

The background music is actually not that bad, but there are times that it tends to get dull, making gamers like me distracted. I thought I would hear much more soothing background music from the game. There are also times where the background music doesn’t fit to a particular scene the game is on. Bullshits like this one are the reason why we sometimes look for other games to play with.

Lastly, I find the body appearances of the bitches in this game very unnatural and unrealistic. I’m not gay or what, but I just don’t like seeing whores that has watermelon-sized breasts because they look like they will explode any time of the day. I prefer my bitch with a regular boob size. Some people might not complain about this one, but it’s okay because we all have our preferences.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

The game developers should focus on adding more fight scenes to the game. This is an important matter because the game focuses on an undercover cop who is doing all the things she can for her to save her city. It would surely make the game much better if the game has more fight scenes in it. I prefer to play games that are not only about sex. I know that this is a porn game, but they should also keep in mind that this is a role-playing game.

When it comes to the sex scenes. The people behind this game should add more scenes where we get to see more naked bitches having sex. Adding more sex scenes in it will attract more perverts into trying out this game. This game has a good storyline, but it just needs more sex scenes in it ton to make it much better. The intimate scenes of this game are not censored, which is a good thing for horny fuckers out there.

They should also do something with the way some of the characters look because there are some people out there that don’t want to see bitches that have enormous breasts. From a pervert’s perspective, big breasted women are beautiful, but some games have unrealistic looking characters which can sometimes seem scary because they look like they will burst anytime.

The last thing they should do is to look for much better background music for the game. They should make sure that it matches the different scenes the game has so that it won’t affect other gamers. This is really essential because, without any background music, the game will just be purely dull and lifeless. I really wished that these changes would be applied to this game as soon as possible.


Angry Bangers is by far the most unique RPG I’ve tried in my life. The storyline is so engaging and exciting. This game is not all about tits and cocks. You should be wise when deciding for it will affect all the tasks your character must do. You get to be the hero of this game. You can always have sex with other characters every once in a while if you feel like rewarding yourself with all the good deeds you’ve been doing in the game.

Being a cop is not an easy job. That’s why I salute all the cops out there who are putting their lives at risk just to make sure that no one will harm us. I’m getting a bit sentimental already, but I meant every word I said. Maybe this game will inspire you to become a great cop someday just make sure that you’re not one of those cops who abuses their power to take advantage of other people.

BestPornGames Likes Angry Bangers
  • Sex Scenes
  • No Censorship
  • Busty Whores
  • Free-to-play
  • Game Compatibility
BestPornGames Hates Angry Bangers
  • Characters Are Limited
  • Background Music
  • Limited Lewd Scenes
  • Unnatural Looking Bodies
  • Few Fighting Scenes