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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Arena Of Audacia

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Arena Of Audacia

User Rating: 4/5
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I swear, all I review lately are weird ass games that have me making excuses. You know the drill, there’s upsides and downsides, else Arena of Audacia would not have made it on my list. On the upside you’ll find that this is indeed a playable porn game with smut scenes. On the downside… it’s dead. The game was never finished and since it was abandoned three years ago, it probably never will be. The developer, Datanony was really active in working on this game and he seemed to be really passionate about it. Then, one day in 2017, he apologized for running late and said he would get back to work. That was the day he disappeared. He literally hasn’t been heard from since. I hope he’s ok. Anyways, Arena of Audacia was close to an actual 1.0, so what we have so far is still a playable game. There’s ample gameplay and smut scenes to keep you entertained for a few hours and there’s even some replay value. The game still holds up. And sure, it’s a true tragedy that a 1.0 version will never see the light of day, but the one we do have works great and has been thoroughly debugged. I’ve played Arena of Audacia several times now, for a few hours total and it hasn’t crapped out once. I like porn games that don’t crash to desktop. So, without further ado, let’s jump into this 8-bit smut piece.

Return to … Retro

Starting off my breakdown of Arena of Audacia, I got a gripe. What the fuck is with the popularity of 8-bit graphics in recent years? Is it that developers are too lazy to learn how to draw so they default to 8-bit assets because those take less time? Or, maybe they just don’t feel like paying for artists. Whatever the case, the 8-bit retro vibe is here to stay. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it. I mean yeah, I’ll jack off to the sex scenes, but the whole time I’ll be thinking that it would all be much hotter if it wasn’t pixelated as hell. You know what 8-bit graphics in porn games remind me of? That’s right. Mosaic censorship of hentai vaginas. And I hate censored vaginas. They’re literally the polar opposite of what I live for – regular crystal clear vaginas. Anyways, if you can get over the fact that this game looks like it was made for the original Nintendo, you’ll have a great time. Hell, if you’re a retro buff, you’ll love these graphics. They might be low resolution, but they’re high in quality. Also, they’ve got a lot of heart. You can tell that whoever made them really wanted you to jack off to them. All of these assets are to die for. And, granted, there are more dudes in this game than there are chicks, but you play as a chick. So, I’m guessing they were thinking that since you’re constantly staring at some tits, there’s no need to worry. Just provide a long procession of cocks to get the action going and the player will do the rest.

Awesome Combat

The combat is the main and pretty much only gameplay that Arena of Audacia has to offer. You play as some sort of warrior chick who is quite handy with a sword. She hops into the arena and beats down baddies, usually in one on one duels, but shit gets much wilder during later stages. You can think of this game as an 8-bit recreation of the gladiatorial arenas of ancient times, but with a lot more sex. I think that back in the day they actually had the sex after the fights, not during, but now I’m just nitpicking. So, how’s the actual action? It’s exciting. The combat in these types of games can make or break the entire experience and the dude that coded this game knew what he was doing. The controls are responsive and everything flows really smoothly. You have a few different moves, plus you can move around and swing your sword. This is more than enough for me. If you give me a sword and let me swing it, I’ll get the job done. If I fail, I’ll try again. This kind of logic appeals to my monkey brain. When you add pussy to the mix, well, I just go bananas.

Smooth Animations

The only thing that could redeem 8-bit graphics – smooth animations. And boy, these are some smooth ass animations, let me tell you. They’re in a very high framerate and they mix well with your inputs so you constantly feel this high octane sense of excitement, like what you’re doing really matters. The animations really get you invested in the combat. You feel like you want to do a good job. This is even more important during the sex scenes. 8-bit sex scenes are not hot, at least, if they were true Nintendo-levels of retro. But, this is only a retro-like game, it wasn’t actually made in the 80s. So, you get high quality animations with low resolution textures. You see the titties bounce, ok? That’s what I’m trying to say. Plus, you get to see your character get fucked by a bunch of different types of enemies including some actual babes. That’s the best part in my opinion.


I might be wrong about the whole rogue-like versus rogue-lite genre tag. I’m not quite sure what the difference is at this point. Either way, in Arena of Audacia you start from level one and work your way up. If you get permanently destroyed, you have to start over. So, it’s infinitely replayable. Plus, the levels just keep escalating. They get harder and harder and the enemies just become more brutal as you progress. This also means that the sex scenes get brutal. These enemies are not pushovers and they’re only going to get worse as you progress. Luckily, every single time you try your luck in the arena, you get an RPG sheet for your babe. You can unlock skills and power-ups in between levels and this can often mean the different between life and death. I’ve seen these kinds of mechanics in non-smut games and I’m glad to see them in the world of porn also. It’s this kind of light RPG magic that makes these games worth playing, for me.

Sex Punishment

In these kinds of games, the smut scenes usually come in one of three varieties. You could get sex scenes as a reward for your valiant efforts, a punishment for failing miserably or the actual combat will be comprised of sex. This is where Arena of Audacia disappoints, because the developer went for the worst possible option out of the three. That’s right. You have to go out of your way to suck at this game in order to get to the sex scenes. This is ridiculous, because the game is constantly encouraging you to do better. You want to win these fights. If you lose permanently, you have to start over. You can’t save. You have to re-do level 1. That sucks. Arena of Audacia constantly edges you on and encourages you to survive as long as possible. So, it would make sense for the game to give you sex scenes at the end of every round that you win. Hell, you might get better penetration the better you do in the level. I’d love to see my character put on a strapon and bang some chicks. I’ll role-play as a lesbian, I don’t mind. But, no, instead I have to hope that I get utterly wrecked by some giant behemoths so I can watch the girl I’m supposed to identify with get dicked against her will. This is not my idea of arousing.

It’s a Decent Game

My recommendation, if you actually want to enjoy this game, is that you try to get so good at this game that you don’t die for at least 30 minutes at a time. That way you can fap every single time you get a sex scene and you won’t feel like you got scammed. You can use the time during the actual combat to recharge and get ready for another fap. It’s not a perfect system, but I think it would work great for Arena of Audacia. You probably got this by now, but Arena of Audacia is completely free to play. It’s a casual indie game that had a lot of potential and is almost complete, so I can definitely recommend it. As long as you like the 8-bit graphics, you’ll have a great time. And hell, you can do a no-fap challenge run where you try to get through the whole game without seeing a single sex scene. I don’t know why you’d like to try that, but it’s just added challenge. Save it for no-fap November, I guess.

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