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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Artificial Academy 2

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Artificial Academy 2

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Do you have an incredible love for hentai? Do you also like your hentai in a high school setting? Most importantly, do you still don’t know how to date women? Wait? You never experienced high school romance or sex before? Worry no more because I got you covered. I have a game for you that’ll allow you to be the best high school fucker in the world. The best part about this particular game is that it’s 3D and hentai. Hentai is something people can’t resist because of the waifus that symbolize the features we’d love to see in a real woman, moaning, screaming, and cuteness.

I present to you, Artificial Academy 2, this is the perfect game for those who love a game full of interaction with endless possibilities and who knows what as long as it involves cute high school girls. Moreover, Artificial Academy doesn’t have a real objective and leaves it up to you to decide what you’d want to do with these hentai sluts. What makes the game different from other porn game simulators is that you get to fuck almost all the women in the academy. So, for those fuckless losers out there who have nothing better to do with their lives and live in their mom’s basement jacking off to a life-sized loli doll, now’s your chance.

Stop playing any other hentai simulators and start focusing on Artificial Academy 2 because it is unique and completely different from other dating simulator games. Further, the game doesn’t have a storyline, which means it’s one of those hentai games that doesn’t end, unlike visual novels. Instead, Artificial Academy 2 is a game full of interactions while roaming around the highschool or city to flirt with waifus and eventually fucking the. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with this high hentai-training review.

Sex You Have to Work For

Even though the game is full of sex and it’s up to you as to how you’d like to play the game, you can’t only have sex with another high school slut. It’s fucked up how game developers create a porn game filled with lots of sex, but you don’t immediately get them. Although, I like how the game developers made the gameplay this way because it’s a dating simulator in the first place. With that in mind, you’ll have to work your way through the heart of these waifus to get a taste of their big tits and juicy pussy.

The gameplay includes 25 students in a classroom, and you can control each student by switching the controls to them. Before you can make all of that work, you have to set up a class roster. What makes creating a class roster exciting is that the game provides you with premade students and teachers. Artificial Academy 2 also allows you to create your students and teacher if the premade students aren’t sexy or cute enough for your taste. The character maker is one of the highlights of the game because you can create a character that looks like it came from your favorite anime series or video game.

Moreover, the character maker of Artificial Academy 2 doesn’t limit you to create heterosexual characters. You can also make bisexual, gay, and lesbian students. Apart from making a character out of your likeness and fetish, these students have personalities that you’ll generally find in a classroom. With that in mind, if you had a classmate with a bitchy attitude back in the days and you badly wanted to fuck them, you have all the means to do so.

The greatness of the game’s character maker doesn’t end there because you can also make chubby characters. If you have a fetish for banging chubby chicks with all those sexy ass curves and big tits, you can make that possible in Artificial Academy 2. On the other hand, you can also create male characters, but there are plenty of limitations in terms of tuning and features compared to making female characters. But, who the fuck cares about making male characters in this game? Keep in mind that you’re creating the class roster, which means you can have a class full of female students to achieve a pleasurable harem experience.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Artificial Academy 2 is easy and straightforward, but I’ll gladly provide you with brief information about it for you to understand its essence. Once you start the game, you’ll find your character asleep, you wake up the following day and immediately head out to the city. Every location in the game has a pre-rendered background to make it seem like it’s 3D. You have to use your mouse to walk around the place with a fixed camera, which would also seem like the game is in 2D. As you walk around the city, you’ll also find several high school students wandering around.

Further, you can either spend some time wandering around the city and familiarizing yourself with the game or proceed to your classroom. If you head on to the classroom immediately and find yourself with only a few classmates, don’t worry since it only means you have to wait longer for the class to start. With that in mind, you can interact with your classmates by going up to them or waiting for them to come to you. Interacting with your classmates is the only way to improve your relationship, including studying with them, training with them, or inviting them for lunch or snacks.

The primary goal of the game is to bring out your fantasies and creativity to make them happen. Of course, you can do anything you want or become somebody you always wanted to be. One way for the game to end is to impregnate a girl because getting a girl pregnant in high school will always lead to your expulsion. The other way for the game to end is if a classmate murders you. There’s no mistake with what I mentioned, there are classmates with murderous intent, especially if you’re frequently rude to them or mistreat them in any way.

The only problem with getting a girl pregnant in Artificial Academy 2 is that it’s almost impossible for that to happen. Even if you fuck waifus repeatedly or your female teacher, getting them pregnant isn’t going to happen. As a result, the only way for the end of the game is if a psychotic bitch gets jealous of another waifu because you don’t fuck them, and they end up murdering you.

Fully Interactive Sex Scenes

Sex is the only thing you want in a porn game and probably the only reason you’re going to be playing the game. I got you covered. Artificial Academy 2 has fully interactive sex scenes that grant you full control of the sex positions and the sex acts you’ll be committing to most of the high school waifus. When you play the game, and you’re in the fully interactive sex part, you’ll find a handful of icons at the right-hand side of the screen. Those icons are the controls you’ll be using when you fuck a horny high school slut.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll also find several icons and the reason they’re there is for the clothing. If you want, you can remove their clothing one at a time or keep them on entirely during the sex. However, I found it weird that you could only strip a male character, which is why only one clothing icon is present during the sex scene. Still, fucking inside the school seems realistic because why would you need to take both of your clothes off while avoiding the risk of getting caught by teachers or other students.

What I Like About the Game

Artificial Academy 21 is a fun game in terms of fucking and interaction. The reason being is that it allows you to take control of the game’s story and leave it entirely up to you as to how you’d like the game to progress. Moreover, the character maker of the game is also impressive because even if the graphics aren’t top-notch, it allows you to create a character that came from an anime. If you love hentai and an avid fan of anime shows, you’ll surely be able to create an anime character you always wanted to fuck.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The game doesn’t need to improve a lot of things because it’s almost complete. The only factor that the game developers should improve is the graphics. The graphics are low-quality, and it doesn’t provide an immersive sexual experience because all the characters look like cut-out cardboards forced to look 3D.

My Conclusion

Overall, Artificial Academy 2 is a great game that involves plenty of fucking and high school students. If you’re looking for a porn game that’s highly addicting and wants to spend most of your time on, this is the perfect game. You also have to watch out for the character maker because I’m sure you’ll spend most of your time creating the best waifu.

BestPornGames Likes Artificial Academy 2
  • Fully interactive sex scenes
  • High school setting
  • Plenty of waifus
  • You could create a class roster and turn the game to a harem
  • Wide range of features in the character maker
BestPornGames Hates Artificial Academy 2
  • The quality of graphics is mediocre
  • Need to improve the movements and animations