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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Attack On Moe H

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Attack On Moe H

User Rating: 3/5
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Citizens of fucking Doujins, rejoice the eyes and cursor indicators in this game ironically called Attack on Moe H. It boasts more than 2,000 fucking stages, armies of adorable waifus known as “Moetans,” not to mention that the player’s battles are pretty damn sweet, with the potential to create a lewd, normal relationship. So, let me fucking welcome you to one of the biggest game sites out there, Nutaku. I’m quite sure that you’ve already heard it, but have you ever heard of this game? If not, then you’re in for a fucking treat! So, without further ado, let’s get this motherfucking review started. You Will Fantasize with this Erotic Game It’s guaranteed that you’re going to enjoy playing this piece, even if you’re an individual who doesn’t want to play video games, especially porn games. Obviously, I presume that anyone who clicked on a game review here is to play these games, then what else would you be doing here otherwise? If you are searching for a simple porn site instead, there are many other places reviewed. So, what’s all about this game? It is a high-end game where you have anime girls entering a Kingdom, and you have to avoid them. And if you do, more busty bitches and dudes will go with you. You will prevent them from fucking attacking. When you’ve brought together a whole squad, your job is to battle the monsters.

This is a relatively easy point-and-click game with lots of shit to do. Are you able to reach the highest possible level here? Why not try your luck, if you know you are? This game was fun, and usually, I don’t even do something that ought to mean a lot to you. This game has s Several places need to be searched, and other hentai bitches need to be defeated. You will automatically be routed to the game by clicking on the connection you’ll receive on the tab. You will, though, sign-in first before you start. You can also log in with only your Facebook account since most of you are just lazy bastards.

Tits, Dicks, and Everything in Between

Let’s look at the fundamentals of this game, beginning with the battle. Contrary to specific RPGs, the player will not target the opponents but the field characters. The enemies must be defeated in several rounds. That and the loss of all the characters on the side of the player contributes to a draw. Defeated protagonists may be resuscitated in a couple of ways: hoping for actual time or jewels. The clicker is limitless, just click to fight. It’s an easy program. After a couple of minutes, the players can get the hang of it.

Furthermore, characters can be improved with gold as they level up. Gold is one of the few currencies in the fucking game. In items like boxes, click on to collect the money, crystals, tickets, and gems. Gems are being used to buy fallen allies, objects, and revive fallen characters. Hearts are the key feature here, they are used for stripping the Moe bitches and bimbos. Not to mention that each cute waifu can be stripped in this game. You just have to capture them first. They’re coming in a range of styles, and if you’re searching for a single girl player, she’s here. Both fetishes are present and accounted for, varying from catgirls to bug women.

The Sound Quality is Not Worth Dying For

Of course, in the first place, this is an adult video game, the sounds of Moetan and his moans are pleasant, but it all seems so familiar to my preference. It’s not really something that I’d be cumming right now, but hey, that’s just me, and I’m considered a grandmaster in these kinds of niches, but maybe you’d like it a little better, granting you’d cum on just about anything, right? Anyway, the overall consistency of the sound is strong enough. The hacking, slicing, and the kinds of abilities against Moetan are of great standard, it’s decent enough for every combat game out there since this game is going to make me blow up like a motherfucker. Still, it just seems a little bit off. Perhaps it’s just me, but I see that this may present a challenge. Again, I doubt that will happen. Combat sounds could be a perfect way to prevent your fapping from running dry and deprive the gameplay itself. That’s why you play with your cock!

What I Like About the Game

First thing’s first, I want to fucking express my deepest gratitude towards the developers of the game. I’m fucking serious, this game is really that fucking good in my goddamn opinion. Anyway, the game is amazing as it’s really simple yet quite entertaining on so many levels, and I mean literally. As I have said before, there are around 2,000 different levels in this fucking game, 2,000! Who the fuck has time to finish it all? Therefore, there’s certainly huge potential for replayability here. Not to mention that the erotic contents in this game are fucking amazing, it’s guaranteed to make you bust a nut within minutes of playing it.

Furthermore, I really like the fact that the overall artwork and graphics of this game are good. It’s more than enough to make a horny son of a bitch have fun with the graphical artwork alone. Moreover, aside from the game’s massive list of levels to complete, it also has a lot of fucking characters to choose from; however, you may have to unlock them first. The only way to do that is to grind, and fucking grind. Oh, I almost fucking forgot, this game is also free to fucking play! I mean, literally free! No entrance fees, microtransactions, or some other bullshit of any kind. It’s totally free.

Recommendations for Improvements

Let me first start by stating that no matter how many good shits that a game has, it’s always bound to have some fucking flaws along the way. And this game is no fucking exception, as there’s a lot of shit that I want to improve in the game to even consider calling it one of the best games that I’ve fucking played. So, let’s start with the one thing that I hated the most in this fucking game, the goddamn sex scenes. It’s not that I totally hate the entirety of it, it’s just that I really fucking hate the fact that the sex scenes are lacking. The developers boast their game’s multiple levels, yet it lacks the fucking sex scenes for it.

Furthermore, the game also requires a lot of fucking grinding. I mean, it’s like a traditional MMO game that requires you to fucking kill monsters over and over again to gain more experience and items. Which is why I fucking hate it, it’s a porn game for Pete’s sake. I don’t want to fucking waste my time grinding the game to access a sex scene that I want to fucking fap to. Not to mention that the game becomes repetitive after a while, thus making it pretty fucking boring. Anyway, this game has an MMO vibe to it, and yet the monsters in the game barely attack you, it’s sort of fucking pointless to go on. So, all in all, if the developers managed to change the way the game works, I would totally reconsider playing it.


Generally, this is a pleasant experience, but not one I’d like to do again if I did not inadvertently delete all my fucking games. Obviously, I would suggest that you play the game once to see if you want to play anything else because you’re a horny fucking son of a bitch. So if you are looking for something to pass the time by and pair it with a good game that would make you want to fap your heart out, this might not be it. This might be a game that you like to enjoy from time to time, but you don’t like to pursue it for lengthy periods, except for long-lasting grind games of this sort.

All in all, though, “Attack on Moe H” is still a pretty decent+18 lewd/kawaii RPG clicker. And because AOMH is a free-to-play game, you really do not have much to risk but your time (and maybe anything else * cough cough *). If this review does not benefit you, then you could at least try and pursue the game. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it even more than me. So, what are you fucking waiting for? Play the game now, and let your dick experience fucking wonders.

BestPornGames Likes Attack On Moe H
  • Simple yet entertaining
  • The erotic content is awesome
  • Overall artwork is commendable
  • Lots of characters to unlock
  • Free to Play!
BestPornGames Hates Attack On Moe H
  • Sex scenes are lacking
  • Requires a lot of grinding
  • The game becomes repetitive after some time
  • Takes a while to get a sex scene going
  • Monsters rarely attack you, it's pointless