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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Aylia's Story

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Aylia's Story

User Rating: 4/5
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Aylia’s Story is an Expansive, Lewd RPG Full of Humor & Dynamic Characters

I don’t want your usual cut-and-paste fantasy RPG. RPG Maker games are so fucking guilty of that sort of content that it’s not even funny anymore. You have to slog through dozens of boring-ass titles before you find that diamond in the rough. That’s what I’m here for. I’ve been playing through so many of these fucking indie games that my dreams have become turn-based. But I think it might all have been worth it. I found some quality games hidden amidst the swamp of shit. And, of course, I’m here to tell you eager cucks about one of those games today. Aylia’s Story is a fantasy RPG that follows the path of a hot blonde bitch named, you guessed it, Aylia. She’s been chosen by the gods to do something or other. I’ll get into that shortly. What you horny gamers need to know is that this game has been in the works since back in early 2017. It’s come quite a long way since it’s feeble inception. It’s currently on version 0.11, but don’t let that number fool you. There’s a fuck ton of content in this title for it still being early in development.

Grab a Public Version of the Game for Free!

The project is currently on hold. It’s not abandoned. The creator has been on a short few month hiatus. You can check out more about why that is over at Patreon.com/YummyTiger. But it seems like this dude is about to be back at it here soon. There is a public version of the game that you can give a shot for free, or you can dish out $10 for a brand spanking new version of it. Also, that 10 dollars isn’t monthly. This developer only charges you when he’s actually releasing content. That’s the kind of shit I like to see. I’d much rather that setup than have some crusty weeb taking my money every month for a project he hasn’t worked on in over a year. Aylia’s Story has a damn good intro full of music, epic text, and a solid premise. You know exactly what’s going on the moment you start the game. Aylia wakes up from some sort of slumber to discover that she’s being broken free from her crystal by this horny goblin cuck named Bogwort. I fucking love that name for a goblin. That shit cracks me up every time I see his name pop up and I don’t really know why.

Explore a Vast Continent with Your Trusty, Horny Goblin Sidekick

Bogwort frees Aylia from her crystal largely by accident. He wanted to bring that shit home and sell it. He had no idea there would be a busty babe in there claiming to be the servant of a holy goddess. But I don’t think Bogwort gets much of that. He’s too busy staring at her massive, naked milkers flopping around. I can’t say I blame the dude. I’d be right there with him if I were there. Aylia punches him and procures a rough burlap sack to through over herself for the time being. The story meanders for a bit from here. You escape the mine that you were trapped in, explore an abandoned town, and then head off to a nearby village where Bogwort knows some dudes that can help you get started on your quest. From there, you can start buying gear, doing quests, and earning dosh. While the game can be fairly linear at points, there are sections where you have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to exploring and performing side-quests. There are some genuinely funny fucking quests that you can find in this game. It’s good shit.

Excellent Writing Full of Humor & A Unique Combat System

Exploration has a lot to offer in this game. Most locations have secrets that you can find that will give you more details about the story, location, or characters that reside there. There’s also a damn good combat system. You get your usual turn-based combat, but there are a few additional layers here. Bogwort acts as a supporting character who can help you defend, attack, and he can even examine enemies to tell you their weaknesses. There’s your usual combat with attacks and magic, but Aylia is also a hot slut who can seduce monsters to fuck her. It’s pretty great. You get more of these lewd abilities as Aylia grows more corrupted by lust. It’s up to you to decide if she’ll stick on her righteous quest of good or if she’ll stray and fall prey to the corruption of this land and become a dick-riding whore who forgets about her goddess.

Beautiful Visual Design & Loads of Fetish-Filled, Uncensored Sex Scenes

The art is stunning. Every character has a slightly cartoonish design without being too comical. Well, except for Bogwort. That dude looks fucking ridiculous. But what I’m saying here is that the art style doesn’t take away from any of the more serious or lewd moments of the game. It only serves to make that shit even better. And the writing is on-point! There’s a lot of damn good lines and descriptions in this title. It’s one of the few RPG Maker games where I actually felt engaged with the story and characters. Man, the sex scenes are fucking good. They may not be fully animated, but you get plenty of illustrations full of lewd content. You can’t go 10 minutes without seeing Aylias tits pop out of her dress! And these scenes only get better as you go on, especially if you go the route of corruption. Aylia is a busty slut who will do some incredibly kinky things to get her way and complete her quest. There isn’t any voice acting, but you will get some sexy sound effects during most of the scenes. But, hey, that’s still better than what most RPG Maker games can offer.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

This game has a great story. It’s not often that the story and characters are my favorite feature, but this game goes above and beyond. The world is vibrant and full of depth. It doesn’t feel like you’re only playing this game to get to the sex scenes. There’s more to this experience than just grinding away and doing fetch quests. The characters are dynamic. The story is interesting. The dialog is full of humor. This game just goes to show how far a decent writer can take the experience. I’m eager to see how the story develops and ends once the final version of the game is released. Most of the other mechanics have been polished and adapted aw well. You’re not stuck with a boring combat system or anything like that. I loved seeing how your choices affected Aylia and her corruption. For once, your choices matter. And, man, these sex scenes get to be some fucking fapworthy. You horny betas will be shooting your goo to Aylia over and over again. There are simply so many hot scenes to enjoy! I can’t wait to see what else this talented developer adds to the experience as time goes on.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Get this shit rolling again. I’d hate to see yet another great title fall by the wayside. It’s happening to a lot of developers these days. So, I hope that YummyTiger actually comes back from their hiatus and hits the ground rolling. Other than that, I really don’t have any gripes about this game. The experience, overall, is pretty fucking good. I’m sure any minor bugs or wonky mechanics will be polished out as the game continues development, not that I even found any mechanics worth complaining about.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Aylia’s Story is easily a must-play for you fantasy nerds looking for a game with a good story. It’s one of the very few RPG Maker porn games that actually have characters and a story worth engaging in. Not only is the story good, but you also get a well-done game with fun mechanics and a unique combat system. But wait, there’s even more! You get tons of uncensored lewd illustrations that only get hotter and kinkier the further you delve into the game. Download the public version of this great game for free and see what all of the fuss is about!

BestPornGames Likes Aylia's Story
  • Branching story where your choices matter
  • Corruption and virginity themes
  • Likable, dynamic characters
  • Lots of humor
  • Uncensored sex scenes!
  • You can download a public version for free
BestPornGames Hates Aylia's Story
  • Development is on hold