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Updated on 15 January 2020
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It’s not very often that I take a mini flash game with 10 minutes worth of gameplay and give it high marks. But then again, it’s fucking rare to find a Flash game that warrants praise. Most of them look like high school IT homework rejects. This one, though, Bedplay, it’s… it’s really something. I mean, it’s still short and sweet, but the level of quality that it brings to the table is astounding. It fakes 3D perspective, but only uses 2D animations. It comes with actual human voice acting. And, there’s a bunch of shit to do with several characters that you can do it to. Oh and it’s gay friendly. Hell, it’s even trans friendly. It’s an amazing jack-off game that has no story and all the action.

It really reminds me of Super Deepthroat in that way. That game was all about getting you to enjoy dicking one girl’s throat over and over again with your mouse. You get similar gameplay here, but it’s a lot less restrictive. You get a character, on their back, and you get to feel them up. You can shove your cock in them, use your fingers, your tongue or even some random toys that you can mix and match. Would you like to stick a vibrator on the girl’s clit? Done. Would you also like to shove a dildo in her mouth for some reason? You can do that. Mix and match as much as you want and jack off to these amazing 2D characters.

The Art is Sexy

Consider this the part where I talk about the smut – it’s hot. Bedplay is … kind of a furry game, and yet, it’s also hot. How does that happen, I wonder. Well, the dude that drew these characters really knew his way around hot pussy and hot cock, I suppose. There are men in this game as well. I just sort of pretend they’re not there, but you’re free to pick whomever you want. It’s a free internet, after all. So, they’re hot. They’re really hot. Plus, they look kind of … likable, I guess. They’re sweet, they seem to be really grateful to be getting dicked by you. I’ve had babes lie back for me so that I can finger them and sometimes they’ll just look so ungrateful. Like, they’ll bend back and pretend to be sleeping, but they want me to keep fingering. It’s really disrespectful.

You get none of that from these babes and dudes. They might be anthropomorphized animals, but they make perfect nighttime pals. They got curves and delicious pussies, and if it means that licking them would leave hair on my tongue, I’d find a way to get over that. The real kicker though, is that the artist somehow managed to feign a 3D art style with the 2D assets, by having your mouse parallax the shit on screen, depending on how far away it is from you. So, when you move the mouse to, say, rub a pussy, her eyes will follow the mouse, as if she’s looking at it. But, on top of that, the camera will nudge ever so slightly towards the mouse and all of the parts of the girl, from her feet, to her head will move aside, slightly, to give you the illusion of 3D. I absolutely love this. I wish more 2D games did this sort of thing. It really makes you feel like you’re playing a 3D game. Plus, it means the artist had more time to focus on the art, instead of having to model 3D characters.

The Gameplay

Bedplay is fun. There are three sliders, two of which I understand. I know there’s a pleasure meter for you and a pleasure meter for the babe on screen. I have no idea what the third meter does. Either way, it doesn’t matter. If I’m cumming and she’s cumming, we’re all set. So, you have a choice of many tools and you pick them out of a list. Then, you use your mouse to apply them to parts of her. So, for example, you can take a vibrator and run it across her body parts. You can vibrate her feet if you want or run it across her nipples. But, if you’re not a virgin you will eventually figure out that the vibrator goes on the clit.

On top of that you can tape a vibe straight onto her clit and then use your free hand to shove a dildo up her ass. The best part is that you can move the tools freely with your mouse. They’re not pre-animated. You move them yourself, directly. You can even wiggle them around while they’re inside her. It’s really fun. Plus, you shake her whole body around with your actions. It’s the hottest shit ever.

Great for Faps

I really like everything about this game and my favorite part by far is the inclusion of different characters. Sure, some of them have dicks, but I guess you can just skip those if you’re not into dudes. Either way, the fact that you can play with multiple characters makes this game kind of replayable. On top of that, using your virtual cock in this game means you get to cum. And of course, the babe is free to cum too. So, you’re pretty much setting up repeat orgasms for the both of you. I don’t know how a cock can shoot loads over and over again. I thought that was a chick thing. But, I’m glad to see that kind of gameplay here. It works really fucking well.

I also like that you can operate the whole thing one handed. I don’t think there’s ever any need to actually use your off-hand. The whole thing uses the mouse and that’s that. You have the menus on screen, you choose the shit you want to use and you’re good to go. I think you know where I’m going with this. You can fap and play the game at the same time. I think that that was its intended purpose. No story, no complications, just some lovely furry sex.

Free Furry Smut Goodness

I first saw this game on a random porn game aggregate site that had a bunch of Flash titles. I like to dig through the muck sometimes to see what comes out. Well, I found Bedplay and figured out that it’s actually the lovechild of a very talented developer who’s made a few other similar titles in the past. This dude really likes his furries and he likes making porn games in which you get to dick them while they look you in the eye. I guess his entire shtick is that he wants his furry porn games to be equal parts romantic and sexual. Sure, there’s constant sex, but there’s also eye contact. That means it’s meaningful.

The game is entirely free to play. I don’t think this dude ever had any intention to cash in on it, but he’s actually receiving Patreon donations as are the people that provided the voice acting for the characters in Bedplay. If you like their work, throw them a shekel. You know how this works. If you pay them for their work, they’ll make more smut for us and everyone wins.

Is It For Non-Furry Faps?

Oh God, yes. You do not have to be a furry to enjoy this game. It’s a great example of those kinds of games from the furry community that everyone can respect, due to the high levels of quality. Whoever drew this art was an absolute wizard. The pussies here are absolutely scrumptious. I could get lost in them for hours. Plus, the gameplay is so fucking smooth and impressive. You have high levels of control over the smut. You feel like you’re actually making a difference when you move your mouse. This ain’t cinematic shit, this is real shit. You feel like you’re touching a digital furry vagina.

Oh and regarding the furry thing, some of these babes are more scaly than furry, so you might prefer them. Remember, this is a free porn game and it’s made in Flash so you can play it online on some random porn game aggregator site, or you could download it on your PC and play it like that. You might need a standalone Flash player since that engine will be dead soon, but the game will certainly live on. It’s rare that a furry game impresses me this much but I really loved the whole simplicity of it all. There’s you, a babe and a ton of sex toys. What’s not to love?

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