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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Behind The Dune

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Behind The Dune

User Rating: 4/5
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Behind the Dune is a Kiny Dune Parody Game by David Balsamique

I’ve got a bit of a weird one for you fucks this time. I’m looking for the hardcore science fiction nerds out there. If you dream of fucking alien pussy or getting strange eggs laid in your asshole, then you’re going to want to stick around. I was sifting through games looking for something with damn good fetish content. I didn’t want the normal shit that every other game out there is full of. I wanted weird shit. I’m sure you cucks have been in the same sort of mood before. Sometimes you just need to fap to a scene that makes you question your habits, kinks, and life choices all at the same time. Have any of you nerds read Dune? Come on, there has to be at least a few of you semi-intelligent betas out there who still read books. Hell, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like reading to some degree. I ask because the game I have for you bastards is called Behind the Dune. It’s a kinky parody game of the titular sci-fi book that came out fucking decades ago. Talk about a weird thing to parody, but I’m all for it.

Download and Play the Full Game for Just $5 a Month!

The mastermind behind this game is David Balsamique. This dude has been making quality pin-ups and games for quite a while. This particular project started development back in late 2016 and is still in the process of being finished. But, man, this dude knows how to fucking work. You can expect weekly updates with fresh content and additions to the game. This shit is set to be as long as the actual novel at this rate. You can download this kinky game over at for just $5 a month. Trust me, that’s not too shabby for the amount of content that you’re getting. You play as Paul Atreides who is the son of a wealthy landowner of a planet called Arrakis where a material called “Spice” is harvested from the sands. It’s the only planet that is known to have the addictive substance. Your job is to get the spice and make sure that the planet is producing and harvesting enough of it to be profitable. I know that doesn’t sound like the sexiest premise for a porn game, but stick with me here. It’s much better than it sounds on paper.

Lack of Any Tutorial or Guides Makes for a Confusing Start

The game doesn’t give you a tutorial for, well, anything. You’re thrown right into the action without really getting told what to do aside from collecting spice. It’s not as straightforward as simply managing resources and mines on a map. This is a point-and-click style game that has you travel to multiple locations and meet NPCs. You’ll need to meet with people, perform tasks/favors, and work to increase their spice production. You’ll also have to navigate the many-faceted politics going on within the multiple societies on the planet. It took me a while to figure out how the fuck to progress. It was sensory overload with just how many characters and places you have at your disposal right away. I think the game would have been better paced by only having a few NPCs and locations to start with and slowly unlocking them as you completed some basic tasks. As is, it’s like being thrown into the middle of the story and being expected to know who everyone is and what’s going on. If you haven’t read Dune, then you’ll have no idea who the fuck anybody is.

Mine Spice, Sell Spice, and Trade Spice for Sexual Favors

Spice ends up functioning as your personal currency. Most babes won’t let you fuck them silly unless you have enough spice. It can take hours to collect enough of the stuff just to fap to a single fucking scene. That would be a huge issue for me if it weren’t for the fact that the vast majority of scenes are available to you from the beginning. Hit pause at any time and go to the scenes tab to flip through a few dozen of them. Why bother playing the goddamn game when I can just jerk my dick to the already unlocked scenes? That kind of defeats the whole purpose of the gameplay. But, hey, maybe that’s just how the game is during pre-release. I imagine that those scenes will get locked up when the game fully releases. At least, I fucking hope so. I’d rather earn these scenes at a more steady pace than just having them all unlocked already. Anyway, enough about that shit. Let’s talk about the writing—it’s pretty solid. Don’t expect any very dynamic characters or crazy plots, but the writing will get the point across fairly well. There weren’t too many wonky errors or poorly done lines.

Enjoy Expertly Illustrated Characters and Backgrounds

The art is where Behind the Dune really shines. David Balsamique is a damn good artist who excels at creating cartoonish pin-up babes. It’s a style that you can immediately recognize when you see it. And this game is no exception. The animations are fluid. The characters are all uniquely designed. The backgrounds are full of detail. All in all, you can expect an HD cohesive style all throughout. That’s true for all of the hot sex scenes as well. Man, this is one kinky fucking game. I wasn’t expecting half of the crazy shit that I saw. Expect piss, scat, pain, blood, rape, pregnancy, incest, and so much more. There’s one scene where a girl gets her ass raped by a dune worm while a whole bunch of dudes pissed on her to ease the pain. Fucking hell. I’m not complaining, but I really didn’t see this shit coming. If you’re looking for some fucked up fetish content, then this will be the game for you.

Rub Yourself Raw to Uncensored, Fully-Animated, Hardcore Fetish Scenes

The scenes themselves are great. Each one is fully animated, uncensored, and packed with erotic dialog. They aren’t voiced or anything, but the art is so good that it doesn’t even fucking matter. To make shit even better, you can take the whole game with you using the developer’s official mobile app. The game runs exactly the same as it does on desktop but with touch controls.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The visuals were definitely my favorite aspect of the game. Everything is so stylized, and I just couldn’t get enough of it. And, man, there are so many hot cumsluts in this game. Every babe you meet is practically tailored to a specific fetish. There are big tittied bitches, petite sluts, big-bootied babes, and even some leather-clad dominatrixes. There’s a scene where this kinky babe shoves a hand up your character’s ass and milks his cock of every last drop of cum while taunting him. That’s the kind of femdom content I want to fucking see.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I wish that the game was paced better. It takes forever to get the spice coming in, and all of the tasks end up feeling so damn tedious. It felt more like a chore to play than a fun experience for me. I think that would have been helped if the game showed you the ropes during the beginning, but I went in frustrated and confused as I tried to scramble and figure shit out. I would have settled for a menu page with some tips, tricks, or hints to help me get along. I really think that the developer should go back and reconsider the basic foundation for how the game is played. Some small improvements there would go a long way.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Behind the Dune is a great game for Dune fans and fetish freaks alike. If you can imagine it, then the odds are that this game has a fetish fuck scene for it. Some of this shit is brutal, too. I won’t go into more detail since I don’t want to spoil all of the scenes, but there’s some even wilder content than what I’ve already mentioned above. I wish that the gameplay was cleaner and more engaging, but those sex scenes make it worth that five-dollar investment. I highly recommend that you nerdy fappers go and give this kinky game a shot.

BestPornGames Likes Behind The Dune
  • Loads of fucked up fetish scenes
  • Uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • Incredible artwork with uniquely designed characters
  • A wide planet full of mysteries to explore
BestPornGames Hates Behind The Dune
  • Gameplay can get tedious
  • It costs money!