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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Being A Dik

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Being A Dik

User Rating: 4/5
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Being a Dik is a Stunning 3D-Style Visual Novel all about Player Choices

Fuck being the stereotypical “nice guy.” I know you white knights go around thinking that you’re fucking gods among men for holding the door open for a chick. It doesn’t fucking work. Most of you cucks are just jaded incels who think that girls only go for “Chads.” The truth is that you’re probably not a nice guy. If you’re complaining about how much “foids” suck and how they only like to choke on alpha cock, then you don’t know the first thing about babes. So, if you’re already a shitty person, then why not lean into it and be a confident asshole? That’s the kind of shit that might work for you. Because, well, I don’t think you have many other options are your disposal.

Grab the Full Version of the Game for a $10 Monthly Payment

Why am I going on about being a dick? Well, it’s because I have a hot porn game for you fucks literally called “Being a Dik.” Can you guess what it’s about? Yep! It’s a visual novel all based around how much of a dick you are. It’s more complicated than that, but I’ll dive into all of those mechanics here in a bit. You should know that this kinky 3D game has been in development since the start of 2019. And it’s made a fuck ton of progress since then! DrPinkCake is the developer, and he’s working on this thing all on his own. He’s managed to get this shit to version 0.5 already. Some lazy developers take years to get that far. Though this talented fuck is going to charge you for his hard work. I don’t blame him. There’s a fuck ton of quality content packed in this game. You can play all five of the current chapters of the game for a $10 monthly contribution to Yeah, that’s up there in price for an in-progress game, but you still get a lot of bang for your buck with this game.

Make Hundreds of Choices that Actually Matter

But what the fuck is this game all about? I’m sure you horny betas are at the edge of your seat just waiting for me to tell you. Well, you play as this dude who just got accepted to this ivy-league college called Burgmeister & Royce. You leave your shitty job at a convenience store and head to a life full of new opportunities. That sounds idyllic and nice, but this game makes even the most mundane shit interesting. Even in the prologue, you have loads of decisions to make. Will you curse out your shitty manager? Will you be a good kid and hang with your dad? Will you finally make a move and try to bang your crush before you leave? All of these choices and more are yours. And, man, shit will ramp up even further once you get to college.

Will You be a Dick or Will You try to be the Nice Guy?

The game has a basic good and evil calculator. If you’ve ever played Fallout, then it’s like the karma meter. Only this meter has one side for “Dik” and another for “Chick.” The more of an asshole you are the higher you’ll rate on the Dik side of things. If you’re a nice guy who tries to romance babes the classic way, then you’ll fall more towards the Chick side of things. You’ll want to avoid falling in the middle since having a high stat on either side will open up special dialog options and scenes. It’s definitely viable to play the game on either side of the spectrum. Plus, you can always replay it to get all of the scenes! It’s just that falling in the middle will mean that you don’t get any special options at all. So, embrace your inner asshole or white knight and play into it!

Loads of Fun Mini-Games & Plenty of Secrets to Find

At its core, this is a visual novel. Being a Dik is built around interacting with characters and making loads of different choices. But this game takes the bland visual novel formula and throws some spices into the mix. You can explore and find hidden renders of hot babes that you meet. But the real fun comes in during the mini-games. There are tons of them. Fighting, world matching, math problems, and much more. You can unlock special fapworthy images if you kick ass at these. I fucking love when games like this throw some mini-games into the mix. They’re great at breaking up large swathes of exposition. Man, this game is fucking stunning. It’s one of the best looking 3D porn games that I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Every model looks life-like, and each babe will have a unique style. I hate when these games just put babes with enormous asses and tits in there and call it a day. These models actually look realistic. And it helps that every scene in the game has subtle animations. These girls will blink, shift on their feet, and a bunch of other small things that go a very long way in making the game that much more immersive.

HD, Uncensored, Fully-Animated Sex Scenes that Destroy the Competition

I also liked that this game was full of kick-ass surfer rock. I don’t know how the got the licenses for all of these songs, but this shit has a killer soundtrack. Even aside from the rock tunes, the whole game has little sound effects and sounds that help draw you into it. There’s not a ton of voice acting, but you will get some during the sex scenes. And, man, I am excited to talk about the fucking porn in this game. It’s so good. Each render is available in crisp, stunning, uncensored HD. There are dozens of still images to unlock that will have you hard as diamonds. But the real good shit comes in when you find the fully animated scenes. And I mean it when I say “fully animated.” The level of detail in these scenes blew me away. It must have taken a long-ass time to get the body physics to look this good. You’ll be blowing load after load to these incredible scenes in no time at all.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

The sex scenes. I know I literally just talked about them, but I don’t think you cucks understand how good these scenes are yet. You can see fucking everything. The subtle spread of a babe’s tight pussy as your character slips his hands down there. The press of skin as you grab onto some slut’s plump ass. The bounce of a babe’s tits as you fuck her hard. The level of quality here is fucking wild. I can only think of a few games that even come close to this shit. On a less kinky note, I really liked the overall gameplay. You get a good story with dynamic characters. You have decisions that actually matter and influence the story. There are loads of hidden items and secrets to find. And you even get a bunch of fun mini-games that help keep the pacing just right! I wish more visual novels incorporated gameplay elements as this game does.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Man, it’s been a good while since I’ve said this, but I’ve got nothing. I can’t think of a single feature, mechanic, or aspect of this game that annoyed or frustrated me at all. The only minor detail I can think of is that accessing your phone menu isn’t super intuitive. It’s tied to the CTRL key instead of “P” or something like that. It’s not a big deal at all, but fixing that might be a good idea to limit confusion.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall. Being a Dik is an absolute must-play game. It’s not even finished yet and it’s already better than most 3D porn games on the market today. It really is that good. It’s full of quality gameplay elements, and, most importantly, it’s full of fapworthy sex scenes. Dive into a game where your choices actually matter. Get lost in this lengthy title as you explore a large campus with an even larger cast of characters. Play fun mini-games. Fap to hot, uncensored, fully animated sex scenes that will blow your damn mind.

BestPornGames Likes Being A Dik
  • Uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes
  • Stunning visual design & realistic character models
  • Fun mini-games
  • Your choices matter
  • Many hours of content to explore
BestPornGames Hates Being A Dik
  • It costs money!