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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Ben X Slave Quest

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Ben X Slave Quest

User Rating: 4/5
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Ever since Akabur made Witch Trainer everyone jumped on this whole Ren’Py dating porn game trend and personally, I’m not complaining. If it means I don’t have to play gachas or RPG Maker titles, I’ll fucking take it. Plus, that’s how Summertime Saga was born so I’m kind of glad, to be honest. Ben X Slave Quest is one of those many dating porn games, except this one, surprise surprise, is all about Ben X. Let’s get the obvious questions out of the way first. Is this a dating game about Ben’s cousin Gwen? No, you fucking weirdos. What is with the internet’s fascination with Ben fucking Gwen. I swear to God, if I have to look at another Jpeg of Gwen being pregnant with her cousin’s incestuous demon spawn I will lose my shit.

Also, yes, you do get to fuck Gwen a lot in this game so there, you fucking perverts. Celebrate! Still, she’s not the main focus of the game. As far as I can tell, Ben X Slave Quest takes place somewhere in the Omniverse universe, which is like… one of the later Ben X cartoons. I don’t fucking know, I watched the original when I was young, I am not a cartoon expert. I’m a pussy expert. And what I do know about pussy is that the main pussy in this game is damn hot. She’s called Shar and she’s a character from the show. Since she’s an alien, her age isn’t mentioned, but she looks roughly 20, so roll with that. Oh and she’s also blue, but human shaped. And she’s hot as all hell. She’s basically begging to get dicked just by standing around.

Your Own Alien Slave

I mentioned Akabur earlier and that was relevant, because Ben X Slave Quest takes a bunch of pages out of his book. There’s no rape or abuse in this game. It’s all gradual. I know there’s slave in the title, but honestly, it’s more like some sort of slow romance with a bit of wrist bending. The babes are still very happy to get dicked by you, you’re just playing your cards like a fucking pro to get them exactly where you want them – on top of your dick. And that’s exactly where they’re going to end up time and time again.

Your main squeeze in this game is Shar and she’s an absolute doll. I mean, she’s an aspiring plumber which in this universe is code for space spy. She’s great at combat and even better in the sack. You’re playing the big ass hot shot that everyone’s talking about, so naturally she wants to learn from you. And learn she shall, as you teach her humility and also the fine art of inhaling cock. I like that the game basically balances between actual fucking hardcore penetration and proper spy work. You go out, fight aliens and humans alike, you investigate mysteries and also dick your favorite babes. There’s balance in this game, it’s not all about the sex. But, that is where it inevitably ends up every single time. It’s fucking awesome.

It’s Really Fun

I’ll admit, I was a bit put off by the game’s title at first, because I did not know what to expect. But, after a few minutes of gameplay I was properly hooked. I mean, the game is constantly moving you along with increasingly exciting events. Plus, you don’t have to do a lot of wandering. Most of the boring shit plays itself, but you get to do all the fun parts. It’s a proper dating sim in that way. Like, there’s combat and it’s turn based, but you don’t have to do it very often. You don’t go around farming experience or other such dumb shit. There’s combat here and there, but generally, you’re having dialogue.

The dialogue doesn’t repeat and it moves along quite quickly, so you can get back to focusing on what matters – the pussy. You’re training Shar to be the best plumber she can be, but along the way you figure out ways to guide her into your arms and out of her clothes. She’s a bit of a tough sell at first, but once she’s got your cock in her mouth you know which way the wind blows. She’s definitely gonna take that bad boy up her snatch eventually, you’re just playing the waiting game. So, you do what you have to do. You spend time with her. You fight some baddies. Eventually, you have her all to yourself. Oh and Gwen is a similar sell, though she takes a lot less work. She’s a proper whore if I’m being honest.

The Art and Smut

It’s surprisingly decent, all things considered. It’s regular 2D, but since Ben X is a western cartoon, there’s no hentai nonsense. So, you get proper cartoon porn. Plus, whoever drew this art really knew what they were doing. It’s top notch. The titties are hot, the backdrops are sweet and the characters all look like they do in the show. Well, with two exceptions. Ben’s dick was enlarged tenfold, at least. Also, I’m pretty damn sure Shar didn’t have giant tits with pointy perky nipples and a fat ass in the cartoon. So, they sexified the characters. Other than that, they look true to life. That’s a perfect combination right there.

The style is flat 2D with some shading here and there, plus a lot of love and care put into the backdrops. This game really makes you feel like you’re playing through the cartoon. It’s basically perfect for any fans of Ben X that grew up and want to see the chicks grow up as well. It’s for perverts, basically and as a proud pervert myself I love this game. Plus, the tits and asses are hot throughout, not only during the sex scenes. Like, you might be walking down the street with Gwen and she’ll randomly just bend the fuck over and you get to see her panties along with her pussy outline. This works for me, all right? I like this kind of shit where you’re constantly getting a bit of pervy shit.

The Gameplay

Well, it’s mostly a dialogue based dating sim, with some scenes where you and Shar get into trouble and have to fight your way out. During those, you get a sort of turn based combat system, but it comes and goes really fast then you’re back to the textual storytelling. I mean, I say textual, but there’s a ton of pictures along the way as well. You don’t have to use much of your imagination with this one. On top of that, you’re free to visit shops to buy clothes for Shar that in true Akabur fashion, she refuses to wear at first. The sluttier you make her the more you can strip her. I haven’t finished the game yet, but I’m sure that by the end you’ll have her walking around with a permanent buttplug. Now that would be the day.

There’s no gameplay during the sex scenes as far as I can tell, other than maybe choosing what you want to do next. This kind of makes the sex scenes cinematic, but I mean, that’s great for faps. You don’t want to have to have your hands on your PC when the best parts are going down. Also, the sex scenes are damn hot, you won’t have to squeeze very hard to get the cum out. This game really gets you riled up.

It’s Free!

Good news, bad news, this is a free, publicly funded porn game. The dude that made it is living off of Patreon pledges. This is good, because it means you get free high quality smut. It’s bad, because this game is barely 50% finished and it’s been a fucking while. You’ll have to wait God knows how long to get the finished product. I can’t gripe about this, because there’s one dude out there working hard to get me a proper porn game and receive nothing in return. Still, it’s a fucking boner killer, when you get to a point in the story and shit just sort of ends.

Yes, you do get the progressive releases with more of the story as time goes by, but there’s still a long way to go before the actual final version. This really rustles my jimmies. Either way, free porn games are the shit and this one comes with a ton of polish. The writing is great, the tits are hot, the gameplay is interesting without being tedious. It’s everything you could ask for. And, if you’re a Ben X fan, all the better. This game will be your main squeeze.

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  • Very hot graphics
  • Two amazing babes to fuck
  • Tons of interesting story content
  • It’s free to play
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  • It’s not finished yet