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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Big Bang Empire

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Big Bang Empire

User Rating: 4/5
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I know you horny, perverted internet dwellers have probably come across this game at least once while you were looking for some weird fetish shit to satisfy your kinks and whatnot. You know what I’m talking about, a flash game that appears out of nowhere from a pop-up window cuz you kept clicking all willy-nilly on some pornographic game hub. We’ll be talking about Big Bang Empire – one of the best sex games of its kind!

Big Bang Empire is all about you, raising the pornographic industry’s ranks to become the number one pornstar. Though this premise is kind of basic and vague like it’s just a pornographic take on a shitty game idea. I am impressed with how they maintain this free pornographic even until now since Big Bang Empire has been running for more than 5 years now. Okay, enough of my pointless stalling and let’s just get to talking about it.

The Road To Being The Number 1 Pornstar

Oh, I did say that this was a flash game right on your browser, right? Yeah, the only difference you get with Big Bang Empire compared to the other pornographic flash games you play is that you have their own website that you have to create an account for. Before you do all of that, though, you need to allow flash player so you can even play the damn game in the first place – enabling flash player is the first step you’ll take on your journey to the top!

Of course, if you’re going to create the number 1 pornstar in the industry, don’t you think it’d be important to get that pornstar to fit your tastes and preferences? Maybe even have the physical appearance of your dreams! You can either be a male or a female. With the slight flexibility that their character creation, you can be a little closer to your real-life appearance or even hunk/babe yourself up with your powerful, perverted train of imagination.

You do start out with the basic shit that just makes you look like your average douchebag jock or a run-of-the-mill thirst trapper slut. You do get plenty of in-game customizations when it comes to the clothes and maybe even some new appearance options as you play the game. You start out with a smoking hot secretary “tutorial lady” that just tells you how to play the game, she pops by now and again if you unlock new game features.

Fight To The Death!

Not really, but consider it like you’re fighting for the death of your opponents’ career in the pornographic industry! Aside from raising your reputation and getting your name out to the world through the missions, films, and streams you do, there’s another way of getting to the top. Making a name for yourself through brawls with other players is completely viable and totally possible! You can get more money and standing/rank points called Glory.

Though this whole gameplay is kind of boring, it’s a quick way to get some extra funds for upgrades and other items. Why did I say it’s boring? Because it is! Since you are fighting with other characters online, you’d think that they’d be some cool animations or battle options a la Pokemon. However, you get none of the cool shit. Instead, you get the characters jumping, a little slash effect or a small speech bubble, and corny little audio cues.

Take Big Bang Empire Wherever You Want

Not literally, but you can actually play the game wherever you want. You can, thanks to the mobile application that the whole developing team set up. I think this is a great feature for them to pull off because the game does feel like the older Facebook games that you have to wait for before you could do any other productive tasks. You know what I’m talking about, right? Like the early 2010s Facebook games like Mafia Wars or something.

I know that you know how troublesome it is to keep fucking going back to the website, again and again, to get one little mission done so you can earn the cash, experience points. You need the money to get better items, follow through with the level up features – like shooting your very first adult film, and even streaming services. The missions are quite the tedious tasks that you need to constantly check up on so that nothing goes wrong.

What I Like About Big Bang Empire

I haven’t really said much about the game. I mean sure there are some negative thoughts scattered here and there as well as some positives ones, but I never really reviewed the game fully. Which brings us to this portion of the review, the actual review! I get to clearly list out what I liked about the game and what I dislike! Here’s the segment where we actually break down if it is truly one of the best sex games out there.

Why don’t we start with the first thing that you get to encounter as soon as you enter the website, I’m talking about their character creation. This is the part I enjoy the most when it comes to role-playing games like this, you get to conjure up an absolute 10/10 pornstar and vicariously live through them. Sure, you don’t have much freedom with the body type, but I’m sure you’re going to be mighty pleased with the base model they give you.

Following the character creation is the character’s customizability. I mean, having an absolute hottie of a character and you won’t want to see them in best attire you can put them in? It’d be such a waste, am I right? Yeah, you get to play a little dress up game as well. You can go full idiot and make them look stupid or awaken your inner designer and dress them up to flaunt how hot the characters truly are! You get some bonus stats along with the clothes!

The gameplay actually kind of surpassed my expectations. I mean, as low as expectations get for browser flash games, they still passed my expectations. Although a little iffy and quite lacking, playing Big Bang Empire was still a way better experience than playing a game of its kin like SexGangsters. You don’t have to pay for much unless you want to. The game on its own is actually pretty enjoyable on its own, so you won’t have to do many microtransactions.

What I Don’t Like About Big Bang Empire

Actually, there’s a lot that I don’t like about this fucking game. Even if the developers behind Big Bang Empire wouldn’t heed my complaints about their game, be it! I just want to voice out my frustrations toward the game, allow me to explain. Firstly, it’s pretty fucking obvious how shitty the gameplay was. Everything is point-and-click, meaning you don’t even get to do much in the game other than click around everywhere and wait for long periods.

Secondly, the thing that irritated me the most while playing. It’s a fucking porn game about working as a pornstar. Yet, there is absolutely nothing when it comes to sex scenes and nothing remotely close to adult animations. The damn game even censors the private parts of your character(except the titties, for women). Imagine that the assets of pornstars being edited. That is absolutely fucking outrageous if you asked me.

Thirdly, the CGs and images. I mean sure, you get little side quests where you have to complete certain missions to unlock a new little teaser of the women. Even with those, the game is still way too vanilla. It isn’t even enough to satisfy any of the fetishes and horniness that the perverted fucks that play this game have. I can not stress this enough, it’s a shitty “pornographic game” that doesn’t have much adult content to enjoy.

Oh, it runs on Adobe Flash Player too. If you’re up to date with what’s going to happen to the good ol’ reliable Flash Player, you know that it’s going to be taken down by the end of the year. If you took away anything from that statement, it means that this game will be void very soon. Unless they find a solution to that issue, then Big Bang Empire won’t be playable once Flash Player is removed.


If you’re a filthy casual who has nothing better to do with his time than staying a loser and playing porn games all day long, you should definitely try out Big Bang Empire. It’s far from being one of the best sex games on the internet, but I’d still say that it’s a pretty good one among the free browser flash games. If you’re the type to get bored with point-and-click games quickly, especially if they don’t have much exciting nudity or action, avoid this—2.5 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes Big Bang Empire
  • Good time-passer.
  • You're a hot pornstar.
  • Smooth, straightforward gameplay.
  • Free-to-play.
BestPornGames Hates Big Bang Empire
  • There are microtransactions.
  • Very vanilla.
  • Gets boring way too quickly.