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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Blitz Angel Spica

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Blitz Angel Spica

User Rating: 4/5
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Blitz Angel Spica is a Retro 2D Sidescrolling Hentai Fighting Game by Erobotan

One of life’s simple pleasures is watching as a cute anime babe gets pounded raw by monsters. I think it’s something that could bring the world together. We can all unite under a banner of shared faps. Even you guys out there who cringe at hentai have to admit that there’s something hot about it. I’m not fucking ashamed to admit it. I jerk off to busty hentai sluts getting raped by tentacles and beasts all of the goddamn time. The only shame comes when you start watching for the plot or buying the merch. That’s how you know you’ve gone off the deep end. Keep it on the straight and narrow by simply jerking it to videos. Or, well, play a hot hentai fighting game. The one I found for you weeb is called Blitz Angel Spica. Apparently, it’s based around some anime called Beat Angel Escalayer. I wouldn’t know it from any other anime out there. Though I bet some of you fanboys are already creaming your pants at the mere mention of the name.

You can Download the Full Game from for $15

This title has had an interesting development cycle. Erobotan published it back in 2016 as a completed project. However, he’s recently been tossing in the occasional update for the fans. So, you might get some new content coming down the pipeline. If you want to get your sticky fingers on this game, then you should head over to They have the full game hosted on there for $15. Yeah, it’s not your usual free-to-play Nutaku title. But for fifteen bucks you get a complete game that won’t be centered around premium currency or any of that bullshit. You get thrown right into the action. The blurb about the game professes some sort of story where you play as a girl who has learned to use her sexual arousal as some sort of superpower. You don’t get an explanation for that. At least, I couldn’t find one. You’re thrown into your first battle against hordes of these strange creatures that, of course, want to knock you down and fuck you silly.

Smooth Fighting Mechanics in this 2D Retro Sidescroller

It’s a straightforward fighting system that will feel intuitive to any of you gamers who have played this type of side-scroller before. Hit “x” to attack. Smash “z” for a magical attack. Move around with the arrow keys. It’s easy to get the hang of. But you’ll likely get your ass handed to you after a few minutes of trying to fight your way through the seemingly endless waves of mobs. But you’re supposed to fail. So, yeah, it’s not a bad thing. Plus, you get to watch as your busty redhead fighter gets double-penetrated by lizard men. You find yourself in some strange lab where you can purchase upgrades, go to different maps, and fuck your hot assistant. Seriously, you earn a currency that can be used to purchase steamy sex scenes with this teal-haired slut. It’s pretty great. The other currency that you get can be used to upgrade your health, stamina, sexual resistance, or empower one of your individual combo moves. You get enough customization options here to build your character exactly how you want to. And even losing will give you some currency spend.

Conquer 8 Bosses & Fight 12 Different Types of Enemies

There are twelve different enemies that you might come across as well as 8 bosses to take down. Every creature and boss you meet will fuck your poor babe in all sorts of kinky ways. There’s a decent bit of variety. Expect fetish content for tentacle, gangbang, lesbian, rape, choking, and creampie scenes. The visuals are done in a retro anime style that most of you will enjoy. It’s not the highest-resolution game out there, but keep in mind that this shit was released in 2016. It’s not like it is fresh off the hentai game presses or anything. I was surprised at the lack of audio. This game is in desperate need of a retro techno soundtrack. I want some high-intensity beats while I kick some ass. There’s no music at all. You get sound effects for everything else, but the entire game is absent of a single track. What the fuck? I don’t get it. I’d settle for a fan-made version with music at this point. Hell, the developer has come back to make some updates. Give us some music! It would make the game so much more cohesive.

Jerk off to Animated Pixel Animations & HD, Uncensored CG Illustrations

There’s a good bit to do for a side-scrolling fighting game. You have a solid few hours worth of gameplay to sink into. You’ve got around 10 stages to beat before you can consider the game done. Each area will have new enemies to beat down. I just wish that they had done a little bit more with the environment. It’s all a flat ground with no real difference between levels aside from the background. Give me some ledges and platforms! There are two different kinds of lewd scenes in this game. The first kind is the monster rape animations. Your battle babe will get knocked down and brutally fucked by whatever creatures are nearby. These scenes are fluidly animated in a hot pixel art style and are full of kinky moans and cries. The second kind will be more detailed CG illustrations. You one when you lose on each stage. These are fully uncensored and are fappable as fuck. The quality of these illustrations still holds up nearly five years later. Talk about some fucking staying power.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I have suffered through so many clunky fighting games. I can’t fucking stand them. I was pleasantly surprised by just how cleanly Blitz Angel Spica played. It was so smooth. The controls felt natural. The animations were fluid. You have actual combos that you can mess around with instead of just spamming attack. The upgrades were actually useful. All in all, 2D fighting games should strive to be like this game. It’s one of the best ones that I’ve played in terms of mechanics in years. There is no lack of hot hentai fetish scenes in this game. And you can control the pace at which you get these scenes. Horny? Just let your character take a few punches and she’ll start getting plowed by monsters. The scenes are damn good. You get uncensored, fluidly animated fuck fests as well as some incredible illustrations to jerk off to. This game puts the hot fetish porn first and still manages to be fun to play. Not many games can pull that off.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Put in some fucking music. Seriously, I don’t get how porn game developers think they can get away with this shit and call something completed. There has to be a soundtrack, especially if you’re selling your product for 15 bucks. Imagine coming home with a game from your favorite game shop and finding that there wasn’t any goddamn music. You’d be returning that shit so fast. I know I would be. Other than audio, the game could have set the setting and plot up better. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. A short blurb at the start or some sort of intro animation would have been great. As is, the story is very bare-bones without any real meat to it. The boss bottles would have felt more intense with a little bit of context.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Blitz Angel Spica is a solid fighting game. If it were free I’d consider it a must-play. But, honestly, the game is a little light on content for the $15 price tag that they’ve slapped on there. The graphics are great, though they are a bit dated. The lack of audio is a huge bummer. But, again, this game plays as smooth as butter. It’s one of the better lewd 2D fighters out there. If you’re willing to dish out the dosh for the full game, then I highly recommend you give it a shot. You’ll be in for an intense 3-4 hour romp that will be full of hot, uncensored sex scenes.

BestPornGames Likes Blitz Angel Spica
  • A classic 2D fighting game
  • Uncensored, fully animated monster rape scenes
  • HD CG hentai illustrations
  • Smooth gameplay
  • A good 3-4 hours of content
BestPornGames Hates Blitz Angel Spica
  • Hefty $15 price for the content
  • No music at all
  • Bare-bones storyline