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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Bloodlust Cerene

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Bloodlust Cerene

User Rating: 4/5
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Hello, my crazy sons of bitches! Have you ever heard of the game called Bloodlust Cerene? Well, if you said, then you’re just a fucking idiot, aren’t you? Why? Because BloodlustCerene is not a fucking game, nor it’s a fucking website. It’s a goddamn animated movie! Yes, you fucking read that right, motherfucker! This shit is a pornographic movie with realistic animations that’s close to fucking reality. I mean, can you believe it? A porn movie, an animated one, that’s putting all the live-action porn films to fucking shame.

Anyway, that’s not the best part. Because porn animations aren’t actual people, people would just get to see one of your greatest, darkest, and most sexual dreams come to life in animations (duh! That’s why it is named animated). But wait! THAT, Isn’t the strongest part! All porn animations with an immersive 3D experience are perfectly made. It is like the nearest thing to real-life porn content. However, we’re not here to talk about the site itself. We are here to review a particular movie on the site, Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent. So, without wasting any fucking time, let’s start with this goddamn review, shall we?

Initial Impressions of the Game

Let’s get it out of my mind, I committed an incredible fucking error to watch this on a Monday morning because there is a lot of shit to do until the end of the day. In the end, BloodlustCerene is wonderfully produced, and I believe it’s a really compelling main character. In fact, hats off to the motherfucking makers of this film because they have fucking hot sex scenes! Sophia and Cerene take turns in filling each of their holes.

A Site? A Game? No Its A Porn Movie

BloodlustCerene is an animated new show in a fantastic world of Dark and seductive vampires, a strong prince and noble Dutches from a porn studio that fucking brought you 3D-pornographic animations. The first chapter is already available, but we’re not going to review all of the fucking series. We only came here to judge the overall quality of a particular episode, which is the Royal Descent chapter.

Moreover, Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent is the second episode of the animated series. It starts where the first episode left off. Of course, Tristan was transported and stayed there, along with Vampire Cerene, with a stunning Dutchess named Sophia. When you imagine a damn horny witch, her sorcery is used to turn her into a FUCKING SHEMALE! Cerene no longer wants to get raped, she needs to be the one doing the fucking penetration.

Hotness Level to the Max!

It is beautifully sexy to describe. In the first chapter, you have Tristan’s true love, the innocent and lovely Duchess Sophia. You’ll see them in numerous places and be treated for blow jobs, oral sex, reverse wheelbarrow, and 69. Tristan will also practice shirikoki, which is fucking between her butt cheeks, and sex from behind; he tries to get anal sex there too all this before orgasms and cum shots. Moreover, the second element is often filled with sexuality. Cerene gives an amazing blow job and rides him cowgirl; there are various types of standing sex, and Tristan gets to do anal in various ways. Three separate cum shots are also accessible during the session.

The Quality of The Artwork and Animation

The graphics of the animation are on a league of its own. This is the part where you finally realize that the price of a single episode is justified by what you actually get in return. Aside from the characters that are actually fucking hot to look at, the storyline is also quite alluring, as it’s not just any other porn movie that disregards the story just to fill it with sex. Furthermore, if you’re asking me how fucking sexy is BloodlustCerene Royal Descent, then I would answer “to the fucking extreme.”

A Movie Worth Paying For

Yes, getting access to this movie is going to cost you; however, it’s going to be fucking worth it. Anyway, The overall graphic quality is fucking superb, as the first episode of the Bloodlust Cerene. While only one location is seen in the whole show, it certainly isn’t the deal-breaker because this episode is full of fun-fucking sex scenes with various roles, like deepthroating, a lot of grinding, boob-jobs, a piledriver and many more. It’s not many days that you experience an animated film of two bitches fucking each other’s brains out.

Have you ever learned of “futas?” You haven’t? Well, go look it up. Nonetheless, I can guarantee you can feel good with this Bloodlus Cerene if you like futas. The other protagonist is a woman who longs for love all the time. She has already beaten Tristan in the first episode, and then she has left the erotically beautiful duchess Sophia. Cerene needs Sophia to be her latest love doll after her way with Tristan. Thus ends her transformation into a fucking shemale.

A Reason to Watch It

BloodlustCerene is, in my honest opinion, about as good as it is. It takes almost one hour to watch this fucking 3-dimensional adventure story, not to mention that it was made to the highest quality, that the show’s creators certainly didn’t fuck around with this. No matter, you’ll probably enjoy the tale if you enjoy women if you’re a straight guy or a lesbian.

Moreover, the movie is set in a medieval age, in which it’s quite popular when it comes to fantasies, on top of that, you can even watch this with your significant other and I can still fucking guarantee that this would turn them on too. Speak of it as a different type of experimental game before you play. In general, if you’re searching for any fantasy 3D action video, Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent surely pays for wasting your money and your energy.

What I Like About the Game

BloodlustCerene! I can’t fucking get enough of it. Not only that, but this shit also has a whole series worth of movies worth more than 30 minutes each. Believe me, it doesn’t get any fucking better than this. If you ask me, it’s worth the shit. I mean, if the makers of this asked for money in order to access this, I would be more than fucking happy to pay for it. Anyway, It’s a 3-D movie series with a fan-fucking-tastic graphics quality that’s guaranteed to make you cum within minutes of watching this shit.

Furthermore, all of the characters in the movie are so fucking hot that I even dream of them sometimes. No, I’m not some sexless bastard, this shit is guaranteed to haunt your fucking dreams. Not in a scary way, but a more sexy wet-your-bed type of dreams. Anyway, the movie is 30 fucking minutes long. I mean, who the fuck even lasts that long in a regular porn movie? We usually skip the dialogue and get to the fucking straight away; however, it doesn’t seem to be the case with Bloodlust Cerene. In every second of the movie, you get pulled closer and closer until you fucking cum in your seat without warning. That’s how fucking good it is.

Recommendations for Improvements

I know, I know, it’s a fucking beautiful movie, but I can’t help but think about it, especially complaining about one little fucking thing about it. It’s amazing and everything to fall into animated dreams, but does one really need a single place to work with? Do you feel me? Oh, you don’t? Ideally, I’m going to clarify this to you that even a damn child can fucking comprehend. Cerene and the others render their filthy pleasures in a single location. In the entire fucking show. I mean, come on, I want to see a massive fuckfest, but I also want to see an interesting plot or background. If you ask why I did not complain about the quality, it is because the content you will get is amazing. I mean, phew! That’s definitely worth the fucking money.


Eventually, Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent was getting an abrupt cliffhanger for the fucking ending, but I can’t say it’s horrible, because cliffhangers could mean that there are more episodes to come. The design and the consistency of the visuals were amazing, and BloodlustCerene is essentially a full development of porn movies, as each episode is only half an hour long.

Moreover, you have to pay a heavy price to watch this lovely erotic animation. However, if you’re wondering if the quality of the content justifies the price, then yes, yes it fucking does. Making such thorough and lengthy animation, especially a pornographic one, takes countless hours and more effort compared to a fucking live action. To be honest, I was actually surprised, after I watched the animation, asking the question of why that isn’t this more expensive. Overall, Bloodlust Cerene: Royal Descent is one hell of a porn animation

BestPornGames Likes Bloodlust Cerene
  • It's a 3-D movie series
  • The graphics are fantastic
  • The characters in it are fucking hot
  • More than 30 minutes of pornographic goodness
  • You won't last longer than 5 minutes here
BestPornGames Hates Bloodlust Cerene
  • It has a hefty price tag