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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Bonds Of Ecstasy

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Bonds Of Ecstasy

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As the saying goes, everyone has a fetish, but it’s not always possible for people to act on them. Ignoring the sick fuckers who are into stuff which is illegal, some kinks are hard to get into due to time management reasons or a lack of funds.

Then there is the complication of finding a consenting, sane, and open-minded partner who’s willing to explore the same things.

Thanks to adult entertainment it’s possible for people to enjoy their fetishes at least by proxy when watching performers do it. The big issue is that most types of media like this (i.e., porn) is passive.

That can be fun enough, but after a while, just viewing sexy shit can get boring. However, with an increasing number of adults-only games being released, it’s now possible to take a more active role in a fantasy scenario.

One of the games which put you in the shoes of a BDSM driver is Bonds of Ecstasy. It’s an older game in this genre, but I don’t think enough people know about it, so let’s get into it.

This Was One of the First and Most Iconic of Pink Tea Studio’s Titles

Since I believe most of you aren’t familiar with the history, Pink Tea was an upstart video game studio that started publishing in 2016 with the dungeon-inspired sex romp Slave Lords. That game was set in a medieval fantasy world, and the interstellar set sequel, Slave Lords of the Galaxy, took place in the far future.

Both of them focused on a series of quests to train and have fun with your slaves and are both excellent games in their own right.

Interestingly, what was released the same year as SLotG was a shorter game that takes place in the modern world. Compared to the others, that may sound a bit pedestrian compared to the first two. But I think that the contemporary time and place makes Bonds feel more grounded in reality.

And just because the campaign isn’t terribly long, that doesn’t mean that you should skip over it. Rather, I think that the plot of this game in combo with the mechanics will appeal to a particular audience.

The Campaign Is Incredible Linear and Rather Short But Still Enjoyable

The premise for this game is pretty simple – you are an aloof but successful stud who’s got a bucket load of money and has a live-in sub.

In addition to cleaning your swag apartment, she’s always around to fuck or let you dominate her a number of ways with your body or with the help of some fetish gear.

There is not much in terms of navigating between events in alternate ways each playthrough. Further, at first, this game seems like it’s just one of those click-to-advance “games.”

But fret not! Once you get going, you not only get to play with your sub all kinds of ways but also customize your subs behavior and how you interact with your sub.

You Get to Pick How You Want to Have Fun With Your Slave

Throughout the game, there are loads of interactive sex scenes that come up on a regular basis. This feature alone is something which I’m am sure that most of you will appreciate.

Anyway, the game begins innocently enough (by BDSM standards, that is) with your sex slave being required to tidy up your apartment with a vibrator drilling her snatch all day. What are the rules? She’s not allowed to cum, of course.

Technically, you get to play as her and decide whether or not she violates her instructions and, after your POV character returns, what to do with her. As Bonds quickly progress, the pair of you engage in all sorts of kinky play, including everything from a simple blowjob to your girl being hogtied, gagged, with a massive dildo shoved inside of her.

In all of the experiences, you get to set the pace; you pick the toys, and when you’re character’s properly ‘charged’ when to cum.

Besides being a sex simulator, the game’s linearity is broken up with a few more mechanics. For instance, within about the first twenty minutes, the sub is given a survey asking how she prefers her sexual encounters, her dom’s temperament, and what makes her happiest.

As the player, you get to pick the answers, and depending on what you submit will have a long-term impact on later gameplay.

The Character’s And Icons Are Reasonably Well Rendered

The character and background design follow the same look like the first two installments in the Pink Tea library. If you’ve never played those titles, Bonds has a generic anime look with matching backgrounds and items.

Items do interact when used on your sub, who does have plenty of animations during sex scenes. Speaking of animations, they are fluid and respond well to the input you put in during each sex session.

Just like the sub, when nude, the outfits and fetish gear you can dress her in looks just as fine. And as you continue to advance, the number of casual and sex togs you get is fantastic for the game’s length.

When It Comes to Sound, The Developers Nailed It

If there’s one thing I cannot stand when it comes to porn, it’s the pirated or poorly shot videos which have the sound out of sync or absent altogether. I feel the same way when it comes to games – the sensory deprivation of games with little to no sound effects is aggravating.

For this reason, one of the things that will make or break a video game is the quality of the music and audio effects. Bonds of Ecstasy has some pretty catchy, chill music, which somehow pairs well with the hardcore BDSM action. The rest of the audio effects have the appropriate ‘squish,’ ‘smash,’ and other wet sounding sounds.

The one thing which was a little disappointing was the fact that there isn’t really too much voice acting to speak of.

You Can Play Just About Anywhere With Any System

If you do a quick search for Bonds, you’ll find a whole bunch of copies of the demo version of the game. It’s a good intro to the game, and from what I’ve seen, all copies seem to be safe. Furthermore, the demo and complete edition can be played on all major mobile devices and is compatible with both Apple and PC operating systems.

As You Progress There Is Even More Kinky Stuff to Unlock

As this is game, you do get blasted with all sorts of BDSM sex games interwoven with a fast-paced plot. However, don’t think that what you see at first is all you’re going to get.

As you progress, there are a few different mini-games to unlock like a hot wax play session or some fun in the mud. The one catch you are going to have to deal with is to get access to the full experience means you are going to have to buy the complete version.

Pay to Play and Become Apart of the Club

Pink Tea games doesn’t really have an official website – instead, they promote their products through their Patreon account. Through this page, you can buy all of their products if you are a paying member.

Unlike other pay-to-play games, you don’t need to put out ten, twenty, or thirty dollars for a download; you can get premium content for a few dollars a month. The benefits vary by how much you put in for a subscription.

All subbies can get the complete Bonds to experience with $1 contributors being able to access update posts and the Pink Tea Discord, plus they can vote in monthly polls. Those who put up $3 who are referred to as Minotaurs get all of that as well as early access to high def versions of games.

There are three higher tiers with even more benefits, so choose wisely if you decide to contribute to Pink Tea projects.

Even With All of This Cool Stuff I’d Like to See a Little More

To me, it does seem like BoE was a side project and possibly a test type of future titles like Elven Conquest. Still, if Pink Tea ever does a grand re-design or some other update, I would like to see more branching plot threads to up the replay value.

I do like the music and sound effects, but other than the occasional moan, there isn’t any voice acting. It would be nice to here the sub speak with complete audio segments.

Here’s How This Game Compares to Other Pink Tea Titles

In my opinion, this kinky game is going to have wide appeal to all sorts of gamers.

Horny casuals will like the fact that it’s incredibly simple to pick up and play. Clearly, fetish enthusiasts will like the intense sex games they can play and the options the game gives them. My average readers will surely get something from the experience since it is an explicit interactive experience.

I’m certain that just about everybody will like the fact that they can get a comprehensive demo through multiple channels on the net.

With all of that said, I was a little disappointed by how linear things were, but the variation in fun is embedded in the details. I consider this to easily be a four hand experience and think everyone should give it a try.

You know what to google for the demo, and I told you the Patreon page to find the full version. If you do end up buying the complete experience, please let Pink Tea let them know who gave you the recommendation. 😉

Finally, if you enjoyed this post, search around the rest of my site for reviews on other Pink Tea titles and other sexy video games.

BestPornGames Likes Bonds Of Ecstasy
  • Become the dom sex god you’ve always dreamed of with an always horny sub
  • You get to fully customize your sub girl from her appearance to outfit
  • The sex scenes you can do include bjs, rough anal, and activities with all sorts of toys
  • You can find several copies of the free demo version for desktop or laptop
BestPornGames Hates Bonds Of Ecstasy
  • The plot is very straight forward and doesn’t involve too many surprises
  • It would be nice to hear even more sound effects and voiced acting
  • To get the full version you will have to shell out some shekels