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Updated on 15 January 2020
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User Rating: 3/5
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It is a blessing and burden in an era in which censorship takes the lead to secure our “virgin” eyes and ears from “threats.” Not ashamed of breaching moral boundaries and understanding that Bonetown’s near-sicking is ultimately interactive porn, which, while at first enticing, is minimal. Anyway, BoneTown is all about fucking every girl on sight, doing every drug known to man, and beating up other men.

Oh, the story of this game is that you have to make some kind of crazy, perverted crap to stop ‘The Man Inc.’ from putting moral values in the magnificent BoneTown. Trust me, you wouldn’t either. You encounter fantastic people who can support you in your adventure. Jesus, Ron, and Jeremy. Use your big fist, huge cock, and collection of drugs to “save” your city. So, without further ado, let’s start this motherfucking review.

Initial Impressions of The Game

Well, I was curious at first about the game title. Bonetown? Really? This looks like something sick motherfuckers like you and I can get ahold of. Little did I know that I was in it for a whole different experience. The porn game started when I chose my avatar or created it. I noticed many Latino, black, and white citizens straight off the door. And imagine the game to be a melting pot of diverse races in a friendly porn game.

The game often begins by telling me how complex the sex content is. As I was pulling and clicking buttons all at the same time, I had my character focus on deep fucking and lovemaking. This structure required me to constantly fill out a bar and push buttons, enabling it to be completed. Moreover, the sex material is really simple to come by, so it is fair that the developers didn’t render things more complicated.

Now that you know where your sex material comes from. Let’s talk about this porn game’s other enjoyable elements. I also had my avatar engage in tons of fighting. I wandered pretty much around the world in search of challenges and sexual opportunities. Stick around to see the other neat stuff that you will find in this porn game!

The Graphics Quality

The visuals are extremely cartoonish and somewhat close to Leisure Suit Larry’s creative design. When you want to see females here who are anatomically right, you’re barking at the wrong fucking tree. Moreover, The characters are cartoonish and vary widely in size, shape, ethnicity, and clothing style. Sex videos are perfect as you can quickly control and zoom in for close-ups to see the full extent of the fucking penetration. The character takes a huge load and winds up in various positions based on location and the act they are performing.

The depictions of different races were also on point. The graphics in this porn game can pass as decent. I believe that the gameplay, theme, and mechanics is what separated this game from the others. There is also no shortage of fun audio and voice-overs. I guess you could say that the voiceovers felt a little low-budget. However, the dialogs in this game were fun as fuck. Expect a lot of funny exchanges between the different characters and your avatar in this porn game.

The Full Experience of the Game

This porn game has a lot of different races in it. Latinos, Hispanics, Black, and White people were also likely to be included. And expect to see the white men who you normally wouldn’t like. Anyway, Let’s put them all aside. This porn game is really aggressive. You may suggest that you were in a series of bar brawls or some other physical disruption. When I enjoy anything in a porn game, creators add a nice element to the sex stuff.

You can wander the planet and do whatever the fuck you want. You can do something. You could go up to chicks and ask them if they love to take it from behind. You may even go and fight against someone. Such battle scenes are humorous because you can utilize a lot of skills. My avatar had a farting capability from what I remember. If you think of a porn game with an unbarred fun element, this game is going to pop out in your head, that’s for sure.

Anyway, this porn game also does not shy away from drug use. A bunch of substances is found in the fucking game, such as marijuana and many others. These drugs and substances come along with other items that you can find while roaming around. I have also seen a pentagram on the end of a thread, and it appeared like a white sword from satan.

Voice Acting?

With all the being said, there’s still one element in the game that I find to be truly exceptional. Why? Because the fucking developers managed to put it in the game, unlike other titles that are complete shit. All the characters in the adult game seem to be uniquely voiced and true to appearance. There is even a guest appearance by famed porn star Ron Jeremy. The music in the game is hip hop and very well produced, as are the sound effects.

What I Like About the Game

Let’s the first rule of business, the fucking things that I adored in the game. Firstly, I really loved the fact that this game has some good quality shit in it, especially when it comes to the overall sound quality of the game. Not to mention that the overall gameplay is relatively quick and easy to use with its understandable controls. Pretty much any fucking idiot can fucking understand the game unless your brain is the size of a fucking pebble. I mean, it’s really that easy! If you can’t understand how to control the game, you need fucking help from a fucking professional.

Furthermore, I really loved how the developers managed to put in a couple of dirty erotic humor in the game. It really is one of the reasons I kept playing it because I really fucking enjoyed it. Moreover, the game’s number one asset is that the developers of the game made BoneTown have similar gameplay to the action-adventure type of games. I mean, it’s practically the main reason why people waste numerous hours in this fucking game. All in all, I would totally rate this game a solid 4 out of 5 fucking stars for awesomeness.

Recommendations for Improvements

Flaws. Flaws. Flaws. I feel like that word is being overused as there’s a lot of games that I’ve been reviewing that’s been shitty. However, this game is not a fucking exception. So, let’s start with the first thing that I fucking hate about the game, the motherfucking animations. I mean, the developers managed to make this a game similar to adventure-type games, that’s a lot of hard work. But they didn’t manage to make more of the animations. What I’m trying to say is that the overall animations of the game are somehow repetitive. I kept seeing actions going on repeat for a while, and it’s fucking annoying.

Furthermore, I fucking noticed that the game’s artwork is shit, so it’s actually not worth mentioning. Anyway, I also noticed that the game gets pretty fucking boring overtime. I mean, what the fuck is up with that? It’s an adventure-style game, and yet the game gets pretty boring pretty fucking fast. Fucking fix that devs! Not to mention that the game’s combat system is abnormally stupid. You’re supposed to fight creatures and other people, yet you’re stuck with nothing like a fucking spectator. However, the one thing that I hated above all else is the fucking voice acting. I’m not saying that it’s not there, I’m saying that it’s too fucking horrible to be put in the game.


I didn’t like playing the game just because I love it, but there are so many drawbacks to it. The game’s tiring, the controls are sluggish, the questline is well below average, there are many crappy graphics, the visual design frustrates me, the gameplay is dark and insulting and, ultimately, you have to pay a great deal of time for playing a crappy old porn game that does not offer the user any erotic gratification as it does not have clear objectives.

This game is definitely not worth the investment because I knew that I had better stuff to do for my time and energy as I finished this game. I mean, there are other porn games developed before 2010 that can take the cake from BoneTown. Moreover, I love the fact that this is the first porn action-adventure game that I’ve played, but I must admit that I am absolutely misled. With a personal rating of 2 stars out of fucking 5, I’m having a hard time recommending this game to anyone. Maybe you’re a risk-taker, so go ahead.

BestPornGames Likes BoneTown
  • Good sound quality overall
  • Quick and easy to cope controls
  • A fuck-ton of erotic and dirty humor
  • An action-adventure type of game
  • A lot of huge tits on my screen!
BestPornGames Hates BoneTown
  • Animations are noticeably repetitive
  • The artwork is not worth mentioning
  • The game gets boring after some time
  • The combat system is abnormally stupid
  • Horrible voice acting