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Updated on 15 January 2020
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I hope you’re having a fucking good day because I’m going to add some really crazy shit to your knowledge. Yes, I’m talking about something like orcs, and everything about fucking those hideous bastards. You already know what an orc usually looks like, but it looks like there are game makers out there that fucking sexualized it. I know, it’s fucking gross and awesome at the same time. As a matter of fact, there are even sons of bitches out there that fucking loved this kind of shit. It’s more of a fetish to them than actually loving this kind of fucking game.

Anyway, Hogswild Prasetto’s Bonfire is simply a sex fantasy of some kind. I found every orc in this game is intertwined homosexually for some fucked up reason. The game by Hogswild Prasetto is accessible on their Patreon account, and the game is not safe to play for fucking noobs. To know more about the game, stay tuned as we’re going to talk about everything there is to it in the game. So, without further ado, let’s start with this motherfucking review.

Initial Impressions of The Game

I never thought a game like Hogswilde Prasetto’s Bonfire actually existed. I’ve never seen games of gay orcs who just render gay stuff. Can I mention that the game includes massive muscular orcs with big cocks, so it’s all about gay, pornographic, sexually obsessed orcs? Anyway, Of course, because of the content, the game by Hogswilde Prasetto can not be played by girls. I frankly think that they are not ready for this type of material, yet, it is that intense. The game is an immersive game, romantic and sexual. It focuses on the relations between the character you control and the others you meet within the story, which can develop from the various connections and interactions.

Anyway, I fucking had a wonderful and enjoyable time while I noticed the game’s appealing dynamics. It felt as though all the sexual contents were connected, and the magic couldn’t exist without each other. Expect all of the sexual intercourse to be gay. All the gay, homosexual sex happens between orcs. So, if you are into some orcs with big and muscular bodies fucking each other, then the game is highly recommended for you, my friend.

Anyway, If you’re doubtful, unwilling, or just unsure if a few of your hard-earned money is a great idea for playing porn games such as this one, take my word and pay because it’s fucking worth it. I have come to the conclusion that any game or game developer based on a platform like Patreon is going to be good. Independent game developers leaning on platforms like Patreon are more than free to provide details. New concepts are waiting for you!

Using A Decent Game Engine

Other users refer to the game as a gay, naked, orc simulator. Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto features a decent game engine for its kind. I have seen a group of orcs in a gay world, such as Skyrim, and actually, I’ve been involved with its innovation all this fucking time. The game has all of the great things and is filled with potential. Not to mention that The game features a great engine with a bunch of programmers who offer every update and patch a new and exciting flavor every time.

I figured it would be another waste of time to download and play this fucking porn game. I was persuaded that Hogswild Prasetto’s Bonfire was going to be another disastrous computer game with low-level pornography. Boy, was I wrong? I saw tremendous promise in the game, and if anyone provides the developers with really sophisticated resources, then you will have a perfect erotic 3D adventure game.

Awesome Graphics

The game has amazing 3D graphics by Hogswild Prasetto. To be sure, I think it’s a felony, not to mention exactly how fine the details were. Like I have said if the boys at Hogswild Prasetto receive more attention and are given more tools and resources? It’s actually a big fucking relief that the boys that developed this game really know how to put a fucking game out. If you’re reading this, I am fucking applauding you for making this fucking possible.

Mechanics? What Mechanics?

I think I’ve spoken clearly about homosexuality in the game. The mechanics of the game are all about this homo shit, and it doesn’t go away. In this game, you must play with other orcs in order to obtain some value, and that can make your character deeper into the story. Magic and homosexual fucking. Should you want an adult fantasy game with decent 3D visuals, take the time to try the game. It has orcs, muscle, and big, hard orc cocks in full 3D. This goddamn game felt like a homosexual Skyrim or some shit like that. It’s fucking worth your time! I guarantee you!

An Indie Game Worth Trying

I loved the fact that the game is a fucking well-designed game put out by an indie developer. Previous experience from indie content has led me to believe that games of indie Calibur tend to lean towards novelty. Basically, I never found the fucking potential with the other ones. the game, on the other hand, has full potential. You can clearly see that Hogswild Prasetto has incorporated a decent game engine that caters to the mechanics of the game well.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s just get straight to the fucking point. Firstly, let me be the first to say that this game is one hell of a fucking game. That’s for sure, motherfuckers! I mean, even I couldn’t believe it. At first glance, I really thought that this is just one of the garbage that shitty developers randomly made. But no, I thought wrong. Anyway, the in-game models of the game are absolutely terrific. You can clearly see that the developers of the game really put a lot of effort into making this shit happen. Especially the models of the game, which is supposedly one of the main elements that should be focused on.

Furthermore, the game also has wonderful graphics that I couldn’t even begin to fucking imagine that a few people managed to make something this big and this beautiful. Seriously, it’s like I’m fucking them in the ass right now for giving them so much praise for this fucking game. Moreover, the game’s overall animation is awesome, especially with the well-built models and well-organized animations. It’s guaranteed to make you fucking cum withing seconds of playing this shit. Not to mention that this game will definitely make you have a ‘thing’ for orcs now.

Recommendations for Improvements

First thing’s first, I really hate the fact that there’s only gender and one fucking race. I mean, what the fuck is up with that? You could’ve at least added more species into the game, or better yet, add more fucking genders. Why? So that the game would have the potential for letting other people, regardless of gender, play this shit. Moreover, I really hate that I fucking noticed how there’s not fucking potential for growth in this game. I mean, I can clearly see that the gameplay should’ve involved something about leveling or some shit like that. But no, it doesn’t have it. Fucking do something about that devs, I’m fucking sure that there will be more people playing this shit.

Furthermore, I recommend that the boys at Hogswild Prasetto take into consideration the potential of this game. If I have a vision for this game as an eager user, the game can expand in different ways. Those are mostly constructive ways that I might add. You can use a very modern game engine as the one you use will soon become prehistoric. Don’t get me wrong, but the computer engine is now fully equipped with game mechanics. I just assume that they can think about the long-term sustainability of the game.


Basically, if you like 3D action games, Bonfire by Hogswild Prasetto is a pretty awesome game. Expect for a game that has an erotic gay fetish to follow its theme in a 3D adventure. You have 100% influence over the development of the story. Magic and women are entangled into this title. If you want women for any prizes in the title, then Hogswild Prasetto’s Bonfire is the perfect game for you.

The game is around 1 GB with fast download speeds. Hogswild Prasetto’s Bonfire is great for you to watch if you want orcs, orc butts, orc guts and fighting orc or some other strong son of a bitch! If this fantastic naked orc simulator sounds excellent to you, then go ahead and download the game now! It is possible to buy this awesome game from Hogswild Prasetto’s Patreon, and there’s a free preview to promote it!

BestPornGames Likes Bonfire
  • Terrific in-game models
  • Wonderful graphics
  • The overall animation is awesome
  • Developers used a decent game engine
  • Will give you a boner for orcs
BestPornGames Hates Bonfire
  • Only has 1 gender for the orcs
  • Lacks the growth element in the game