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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Booty Farm

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Booty Farm

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I had this amazing dream where I started my own Booty Farm. Maybe it’s just this social distancing getting to my head, giving me weird thoughts because I can’t even bang a Tinder girl without getting COVID-19 on top of the usual herpes flareup, but that might have been the best wet dream I had all week. Lovely round asses were poking out of the ground all over my plot of land, and I was just walking around impaling those succulent peaches with my own meat sword.

I woke up and did some Googling to see if somebody drew a hentai of my little fantasy. Some pervert at Rule34 drew something similar, but then I noticed Booty Farm in my search results. It’s actually a bit different from the dream I had, because this is a free X-rated dating simulator combined with a farming simulator. Sounds like a weird mix, but then again, I know some of you weabs have been beating off to Harvest Moon for years. Let’s see what kind of booty we grow on this farm.

Hot Sluts Who Want Your Farmer Cock

I’ve reviewed a shit-ton of Nutaku games here at BestSexGames, because they’ve got some of world’s best sex games. I ain’t blowing smoke out of my ass, either; these guys are pulling nearly 200,000 visitors every day. Nutaku games are known for being polished as hell, with smooth gameplay and hentai you can definitely beat off to. Best of all, their games are almost universally free to play.

If you want more info about, check out my full write up. The main thing to know is that it’s chock-full of video games for adults. You’ll need to sign up for a free account to play any of the games, including Booty Farm, but new sign-ups do get a bunch of free tokens. Those tokens might come in handy during your game of Booty Farm, which I’ll get to shortly.

My link will send you over to Nutaku, where you can play Booty Farm on the web or download the Android version. I’m partial to the web-based version since it’s instantly playable without having to wait for a download. Nutaku saves your progress, too, so you won’t lose anything if you accidentally close the window or your mom kicks you off the WiFi because you still haven’t looked for a job.

The game is fucking full of beautiful hentai chicks in various states of undress, and the art is fucking gorgeous. The style is anime-influenced with the big eyes, but with a more Western style to the overall linework. The loading screen even has a bunch of hotties staring at you with their jugs hanging out. As soon as it finishes loading, a redhaired cowgirl in hotpants greets you with the setup. The farm needs your help, and the place is full of thirsty women and no male competition. Within the first beats of the game, she starts sucking your cock to convince you to stay.

Raise Chickens, Grow Corn, Fuck Bitches

One of the things Nutaku does so well is combining common game types with absolutely NSFW perversion. They’ve got gem-matching games that almost feel like they were made for your grandma, but then some anime schoolgirl flashes her twat at the screen. Booty Farm’s gameplay is likewise broken into two largely separate halves: the farming, and the dating.

The farming simulation revolves around resources management, like most farming sims. It’s also infused with plenty of hot chicks, because this is an adult game. Your redheaded cowgirl friend guides you through the beginning of the game, helping you first with the truck orders and then with getting your farm set up.

The truck orders involve things like eggs, corn, and hot farm chicks who want to get to know you. The first girl needs a couple eggs, so it’s up to you to come up with some eggs. Arrows point out your moves at first so you don’t fuck things up, so you’ll spend your initial cash getting the farm ready to produce some eggs. This requires chickens, naturally, but then you’ll have to grow and process some corn to feed them or they’ll never give you shit.

The gaming elements come at you relatively quickly, but the basics are easy to learn, especially with the built-in tutorial. It wasn’t long before I was adding new buildings like a Feed Mill, plowing more fields to grow crops, and buying some more chickens to cluck around and make eggs for me. I also kept meeting ladies along the way.

Look at All These Down-Home Broads

Booty Farm has a ton of girls to meet, with unlockable hentai content available for each. Moments after meeting the cowgirl, I met a girl named Stella in a short skirt, followed in just a few minutes by a hot French maid dressed like a hot French maid as she cleans up the office with her jugs hanging out. A tough-looking bitch named Jane made herself known a short while later.

You’ll get your chance to put the moves on a broad every time you fulfill one of those truck orders. The conversations tell longer stories when linked together, but your initial goal is just to see these girls naked. Dates play out via clickthrough text like any visual novel, plus an occasional choice of what to say.

It doesn’t always matter what you say in these games, and I’m not sure I played long enough to be sure either way here. In the early stages, it certainly didn’t feel like I was steering the conversation much in any direction. They will highlight with different colors whether you picked an agreeable or disagreeable statement, so it might be factoring into a relationship score somewhere rather than affecting the story directly.

I’ll go ahead and warn you, most of the girls don’t put out nearly as quickly as that first girl who made such a nice first impression on your cock. The initial pictures you’ll get, while sexy, are not terribly explicit. You’ll get some cleavage and maybe a glimpse of a nipple, but you won’t be sticking your cock in another girl’s face for a little while.

How Much for That Free Shit?

Nutaku’s games typically operate on a free-to-play model, and that’s what you’ll get on the Booty Farm. I didn’t pay anything while I was playing, but the option was always there. I also got the sinking feeling that the longer I played, the more likely I’d be to bust out my wallet. Buying in-app purchases in a game like this always speeds up the progress, but in this case it almost seemed required the further you got.

You’ll do a lot of waiting on the farm. You need to wait for crops to grow, you need to wait for eggs to be laid, and you need to wait for materials to be processed and things to be built. You can always speed up the process by spending gems. If you’re an impatient person, as I am, you’ll see your supply of gems dwindling rapidly. I probably played for about a half hour, and by the time I was done, my initial allotment of gems was gone.

Had I continued playing, I’d have had to do a lot more waiting. Some Nutaku games are more subtle about how they lead you to the gacha, but in this case it feels like they’re trying to get you to spend money by crippling you in the game. They don’t even hit you with the big ads some games do, and it’s because it’s so fucking obvious that you’re going to have to visit the store or else you’re going to have a slow, boring time.

Booty Farm is a beautiful game with great hentai and solid resource management gameplay. In fact, it’s probably the best NSFW farming simulator out there. It would be much easier to recommend without those in-app purchases. As it stands, it’s a fun game, but only if you’re patient or willing to pay to keep going. Free players may end up feeling frustrated. Then again, those hentai-fueled fap breaks might be all the motivation you need to keep farming.

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  • free farming simulator meets dating simulator
  • web and android versions
  • tons of killer hentai art
  • easy to learn
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  • crippled by in-app purchases