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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Breeders Of The Nephelym

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Breeders Of The Nephelym

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How’s it going, my fellow virgins and thumbsucker. Here we are again with yet another challenge to find the best sex games to satisfy your fetish for furry creatures. Since you’re a persistent and ambitious mother furcker, you’d like to play furry games that incorporate modern game engines with 3D pre-rendered graphics. I want to point out that I’ll be introducing you to a game that will surely be worth your time due to the quality smut and interesting gameplay within this game. Yes, it’s time for Breeders of the Nephelym.

If you feel that you’re ready to be a master breeder of sexy, busty creatures, then now is the time to put yourself up. Breeders of the Nephelym is an immersive, magnificently erotic 3DCG adventure game where you catch and breed a unique race of monster-human hybrids called the Nephelym. The game’s main objective is to provide you pussies an erotic fap-worthy material so you can play and jack off at the same time. The Unreal Engine that the game uses aims to offer a whole new immersive 3D experience.

DerelictHelmsman is the developer of the game and released it in October 2019. The best part about Breeders of the Nephelym is that it’s completely free-to-play, and you can find it on Steam. DerelictHelmsman is also a single developer who makes the game even more interesting, given that he didn’t need an entire team of skilled developers to make your dream a reality. The developer also relies on your feedback to improve everything about the game to ensure that you picky fuckers don’t have any complaints in the future.

A Unique Immersive 3D Experience of Being a Breeder

Breeders of the Nephelym is a whole new world of lustful creatures who do nothing all day but fuck each other. Firstly, it’s a hentai game combined with adventure to provide players with the challenge of traveling to capture various mythical creatures and giving them a fuck of a lifetime. You also have to make sure that you have to make these creatures have a climax first so you could capture them. Consequently, if you fuck them and fail to resist having a climax first, you won’t be able to capture and tame the creatures.

The goal of the game is to capture and breed. Your character will have a breeding yard next to your house to make all the breeding possible. In the breeding yard, you can choose a tamed Nephelym to be a breeder or a receiver. You can even crossbreed by choosing yourself to become the breeder or a receiver to create hybrid Nephelyms. The purpose of the breeding yard is to create as many various breeds of Nephelym possible. You also have to keep watch of the “Pairs with Scene” chart to make the sex scenes happen.

The “Pairs with Scene” chart consists of abbreviations referring to the sizes of the breeder and the receiver. The following abbreviations are T for tiny, S for small, N for normal, L for Large, H for huge, and M for massive. The purpose of the chart is to make sure you can get the best sex scenes out of breeding Nephelyms. Although you can breed different sizes with each other, you won’t see any sex scenes and will proceed straight to pregnancy.

The Gameplay

Breeders of the Nephelym has unique gameplay that starts with the best character creation you’ll ever see in sex games. No, you didn’t misread shit. You can create a character to the full extent you can choose between a male, female, and futa. The game’s purpose is to fulfill any fetish that you can imagine. The character customization doesn’t stop there since you can also adjust the face features, body composition, breast and dick size, hair and skin color, and bounce physics!

You can create the most beautiful or handsome breeder out there due to character creation’s capabilities. Breeders of the Nephelym is one of the few games I know that allows players to create their characters fully. You can tell that the developer wanted players to enjoy the overall experience of the game by not having to choose the character presets. Players who want to create the most appealing or weirdest character will spend most of their time in this section. It’s all too good.

If you choose to play as a futa, you’ll have the easiest but best game time because you have both a dick and vagina. You can impregnate hot Nephelym and even get pregnant if you don’t prefer dominance. Further, you can also choose a breeding tag for your futa character, which helps determine your offspring’s appearance. If you want your offspring to look more like a monster with human features or a human with monster features, then the breeding tags are there for you to choose.

After creating your character, you’ll immediately proceed to the world of Nephelym called Lycrea. Quickly after you jump into Lycrea, a blessed painted female Elf named Falene is there to greet you. Falene will provide you with a brief introduction to the game and a few information about the Nephelyms. The best part about talking to Falene is that if you compliment her, she’ll give you the sexiest oral sex. Yes, you got that right. The game immediately jumps into a sex scene to make you wanting for more!

Expanding Your Ranch

Expanding your ranch is also the main part of the gameplay, given that you’re a breeder. When you travel around Lycrea, you’ll find various creatures in particular areas of the Lycrea, and these creatures have the desire to fuck. When you run around the areas, you’ll find the Nephelyms chasing after you to give you surprise sex. The surprise sex also allows you to capture the Nephelyms and tame them by clicking repetitively to prevent climax. Once you capture a Nephelym, you can find them straight in your breeding yard.

You can also feed the creatures with particular items in your ranch to alter their stats and change the shape, color, details, and attachments of their bodies. The developer made sure that the game has a dynamic character to make the overall gaming experience realistic.

The Graphics

Breeders of the Nephelym runs on Unreal Engine. If you don’t know what that is, being a mindless retard you are, I will explain it to you. Unreal Engine is a graphics engine with photoreal visuals best for games that aim for an immersive 3D experience. The developer made use of this advanced real-time 3D creation platform and made it better, which resulted in a realistic hentai game. Further, the lighting of the game is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire porn gaming life.

The dynamic real-time fur of the Nephelym creatures also contributes to the complete immersion of the game. Yes, Breeders of the Nephelym has 3D high definition graphics that allow the gameplay to feel real, making players forget that the game is hentai.

The Audio

The sound elements of the game are wonderful because even though there are no voice-overs with the dialogue, there are sound effects that come with every text. Moreover, you won’t see any dialogue randomly flying in, and you’ll hear a sound similar to a typewriter with every letter appearing in the dialogue. Don’t worry. The game isn’t silent because there’s background music to support the amazing scenery. You’ll also hear moaning, sucking, fucking, and cumming sound effects, making the game more interesting.

What I Like About the Game

Breeders of the Nephelym is a complete eye candy due to the beautiful scenery and vibrant colors of each of the different areas in the world of Nephelym. The character creation is the highlight of the game because of the full customization of the features of the character that allows for a wide range of possibilities in the gameplay. Further, the sex scenes with all the mythical creatures are fucking sexy, which I would consider fap-worthy content for all horny fuckers out there.

The use of Unreal Engine resulted in 3D high definition graphics that I didn’t know would be possible for a hentai adventure game. Everything feels so fucking immersive because of the combination of the graphics and audio that the developer took advantage of to make the best porn game experience.

My Recommendations for Improvement2

Breeders of the Nephelym are close to perfection, but there are still a couple of things that I’d like the developer to improve to make the game even better in the future. The game should have various harvesting animations instead of having the NPC Fern to do all that shit and ruin the fun of running a ranch. Moreover, the camera rotation also needs improving, especially during the fuck scenes because everything feels so inconsistent.

The textures also need improvement because of the building’s scalings and the stretching of textures around certain areas in Lycrea. The spawn nodes are also annoying because they’re fucking buggy, which leaves players no choice but to use the spawn node in the ranch.


Overall, Breeders of the Nephelym is promising because it has a questing system combined with plenty of fucking scenes. The game is also 100 percent free to play, which allows every horny fucker out there to experience the unique 3D immersion of the game. The dirty and funny dialogues also make the gameplay interesting because it strays away from being traditional, boring gameplay. I recommend pussies like you to play Breeders of the Nephelym and experience the game’s fap-worthy content.

BestPornGames Likes Breeders Of The Nephelym
  • Unique Immersive 3D Experience
  • Amazing Graphics and Audio
  • Plenty of Opportunities to fuck sexy Nephelym Creatures
  • Full character customization for male, female, and futa
  • Free to Play
BestPornGames Hates Breeders Of The Nephelym
  • Lacks flexible gameplay
  • Camera Rotation is very inconsistent
  • No tutorial
  • Textures are buggy