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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Breeding Season Game

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Breeding Season Game

User Rating: 4/5
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Breeding Season is a Casual Farming Simulator about Breeding Hot Monsters

I fucking love monster girls. Who the hell doesn’t? Just imagine plunging balls deep into a slime girl’s pussy or plowing some cow bitch as her massive tits dribble out milk. There’s simply so much that you can do with kinky monster sluts. Most games built around this fetish usually end up with your character getting brutally raped and pumped full of eggs or something. Now, I’m always up for some fucked-up monster rape fetish porn, but I needed a bit of a taste breaker today. I still wanted to see some busty cat girls and winged demon babes, but I wanted to sit back and relax with it. I don’t always need a vast exploration-based game just to get my fap on.

Download this Abandoned Title for Free

That’s the short of how I found Breeding Season. It’s an interesting mix of a farming simulator and a kinky sex game. There have been a few titles that have tried to capture this very same aesthetic. This title most closely resembles the popular Cloud Meadow Game in terms of art style. This game was actually done by the same artist. It looks like they jumped shit after this game didn’t become as successful as they had hoped. Regardless, I’m getting off track here. Let’s get back to the game I’ll actually be reviewing. Breeding Season launched in 2016 and was abandoned by the turn of 2017. Fucking bummer. Yeah, this project has been completely abandoned by the developers over at Breeding Season Team. There’s no longer a Patreon page up, so there’s no “legitimate” way to purchase the game. It used to be sold for a $1 monthly contribution. So, you’ll need to go to any number of free porn game download sites like to get your hands on it. Despite not being finished, there is still quite a bit of meat to this title. They managed to get to Alpha version 7.7.1 before calling it quits.

Buy, Sell, & Breed Hot Monster Babes

You can play as a chick or dude who just inherited their parent’s farm after their untimely demise. You’ve got a five-year deed on the place and are essentially told to keep shit running. You’ll need to get working quickly because you’ve got some taxes to keep up with. Fuck, the IRS has to come and put a damper on my life even when I’m in a fantasy world. Anyway, this busty landlord will show you the ropes and tell you how to start raking in those fat stacks. Your main issue is that you don’t have any horny monster babes to breed. Unless you want to sit around and jerk your dick in an empty stable, you’ll have to venture out to town. There you’ll meet an even bustier babe who will sell you male and female monsters. You’ll want some of both so that you can breed them together and expand your monster emporium. The game will start you off with catgirls and dick wolves, but you’ll soon gain access to a wide variety of monsters as you expand your farm.

Simple, Casual Gameplay Style Built around Gradual Expansion and Upgrades

The main source of revenue for your farm will come from harvesting juices from every monster that you have. You can spend some energy to harvest cat girl squirt, dick wolf cum, and plenty of other aptly named body fluids. You can then take your bountiful harvest into town and sell it for dosh. Use said dosh to buy more monsters, upgrade your farm, or buy special potions. Rise and repeat until you’re a wealthy monster breeder with a massive farm full of horny sluts. It doesn’t take very long to get a lot of dosh in this game. There will be random events and such that set you back, but I wouldn’t expect to sink tens of hours into this title. I found that odd. This is supposed to be a farming simulator type game. Those are usually the titles that you sink fucking weeks into. Once you’ve fully upgraded your farm, shit will start to slow down and get rather boring. Having some more in-depth elements or longer-term goals would have really helped keep this game interesting after the first couple of hours.

Mix & Match Horny Monsters any way You Want

Of course, you can also have your monsters fuck. Each monster can either breed or be harvested from each day. Getting a monster babe pregnant isn’t a guarantee, so you’ll need to weigh your options and decide what you need most on any given day. Also, each monster will have sexual preferences. Some are gay. Some are straight. Some want to be railed by a futa slut. There will be indicators for each preference in the monster stat block, and you’ll want to try and match up monsters with those preferences as best you can. The happier your monster whore is, the more fertile she is and the more items you can harvest from her. You can pair up any monsters with each other (or even yourself) to get a kinky sex scene. Every scene will be fully animated and uncensored. And every combination of monsters will have a unique sex scene for it. Eventually, you’ll even be able to get some of the busty local merchants and such involved in the action. There are loads of different fetish scenes—lactation, impregnation, creampies, bestiality, and all of that good shit.

Fap to Beautifully Rendered, Uncensored, Fully Animated Sex Scenes

I liked the animation style here. It was decently fluid, and you got multiple transitions for each scene up until the climax. Now, my only complaint here is that there’s no goddamn audio. They abandoned the project before adding in all of the moans and hot fucking sounds. Even some subtle background tunes would have been nice to have. As is, it’s just awkward silence. Again, at least the animations are solid. Plus, I can still get off to some hot, uncensored catgirl pussy with or without music.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

I liked the casual approach the Breeding Season took. I wish more porn games took a laid back, casual approach. I know you hardcore gamers out there are probably scoffing at the thought of a casual game, but some of us horny bastards just want to fap without worrying about hardcore combat or branching stories. This was a very chill game. You feel like you’re accomplishing something every step of the way. The gameplay loop was satisfying and relatively low-stakes. Plus, the game is full of kinky, uncensored, fully animated monster girl fuck scenes. What more could you fucking want? I was a big fan of the rustic pixel art style. They managed to capture a retro feel without the good shit being. I hate when games like this make it so some slut’s snatch is like three pixels all mashed together. Fuck that. This game gives you a glorious, detailed look at the goods during nearly every fetish-filled scene.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Well, the big one would be to finish the goddamn game. I doubt that’s going to happen. It’s been 4ish years since the developers have even touched this game. They’ve all likely moved on with their lives. So, yeah, most suggestions are going to fall on deaf ears, but that hasn’t stopped me from ranting yet. My main gripe is definitely the lack of sound. Having some music, voice lines, or even some basic-ass sex sounds would go a long way in making this shit more immersive. I’d also like some more in-depth breeding mechanics. The game is fun, but doing the same thing over and over again gets boring fast.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Breeding Season is a fun, casual game that I highly recommend to any monster girl fans out there. Hell, even you degenerate furries could have a damn good time with this game. Just don’t get your hopes for any updates or additions to the experience. This is it. It’s definitely worth fucking around with for a bit since anyone can get it for free at this point. It’s full of some pretty damn sexy animated sex scenes. That’s enough of a reason for me to give this title a glowing recommendation. Go give it a download, and rub yourself raw to hot monster sluts.

BestPornGames Likes Breeding Season Game
  • Easy, casual farming simulator game
  • Uncensored, fully animated sex scenes
  • Breed hot monster sluts
  • A charming art style
  • You can get it for free
BestPornGames Hates Breeding Season Game
  • It will never be finished
  • No audio whatsoever
  • It can get repetitive after a while