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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Bron's Quest

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Bron's Quest

User Rating: 4/5
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Bron’s Quest is a Quirky, Fantasy Visual Novel that Doesn’t Take itself Seriously

I’m looking for a very specific subsect of you horny gamers today. Do you still think being “so xD random” is top-tier comedy? I’m talking about rage comics, old memes, cuil theory, and all of the cringey shit like that. Don’t be afraid. Come on forward and confess all of your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasures to me. Oh, and it’ll help if you like fantasy tropes and all of that good stuff. Alright, now that I’ve probably confused the fuck out of you, let me tell you about this quirky porn game that I stumbled across. It’s called Bron’s Quest and it’s been in development hell since 2017. Marble Syrup is the name of the developer, and, well, he’s had a very on and off relationship with this project. Hell, the title screen of the game has a joke in it about him not fucking working on it. It’s a fourth-wall-breaking fantasy visual novel where you play as this dumb fuck named Bron. But I’ll dive into that weird, wacky story here in a bit.

An Abandoned Project that will Cost You $1 to Play

The game has pretty much been abandoned. Hey, maybe Marble Syrup will come crawling back it and throw another update our way, but I highly doubt it. The last update was over a year ago in March of 2019. It ain’t looking good boys. It’s a shame because this is a pretty unique game. But isn’t that always the case? It seems like it’s always the most unique and most ambitious projects that get left to rot. It’s pretty shitty that he still has nearly 600 patrons paying him every month for a game that isn’t being worked on. Speaking of, you’ll have to dish out $1 a month to get access to this game. Personally, I’m not big on paying for abandoned projects. You can definitely find copies out there if you do some digging.

Play as a Conniving Asshole Named Bron Who Swindles Everyone he Meets

As with any good porn game, you start off in bed. Though, unfortunately, you’re alone and recovering from one hell of a hangover. This purple-haired, petite babe named Erin seems to be the brains out of the two of you. Don’t be impressed by that. Bron doesn’t set a very high bar at all. Apparently, the two of you had a bit of night and Erin lost her coin purse. More specifically, you stole her coin purse and used it to get blackout drunk. She needs some coinage to pay for her room, so you can have her suck your dick as a favor while you use her money to pay for it. Dick move. I fucking love it. The main focal point of the game is the writing. Nearly every line will be a reference to some popular movie line, a fourth wall break, a joke, or some spoof on fantasy tropes. That shit is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that every single goddamn line is like that. There’s no break. Every single quest, character, location, encounter, and event is just an excuse to be goofy.

A Humor-Focused Game that Might be an Acquired Taste for Some

Some of you guys may like that, but it started to grate on me after a little while. At least the writing itself is solid and error-free. I can’t say the same about most h-games out there. And you are on an actual quest. Your overarching goal is to save Erin’s lover, but you’ll likely keep getting distracted along the way. Things come up and send you spiraling down tangents and side-quests all of the fucking time. There’s no real gameplay element since this is a visual novel, but you will get some choices along the way. They won’t matter a whole lot. It’s more about getting some funny results or getting some hot sex scenes. There’s one quest where you need to kill the leftmost guard out in front of the castle, but you very well might kill the wrong one since your left is the games right. The game is full of gags like that.

Stunning Art-Style With HD Renders of Bodacious Babes

Bron’s Quest looks and sounds fucking amazing. The art is on-point. You get a game rendered in a classic, HD hentai art style that most of you weebs will love. Each hot slut you meet will have a unique design that will have you cucks hard as fucking diamonds. This game does not skimp when it comes to lewd scenes or moments. You’ll be plowing pussy at least every 10-15 minutes. That’s pretty damn good for a porn game, especially for a visual novel. Some games string you along for hours on end just to see some tits. You can expect some quality fetish content. The first few scenes will be pretty basic, but you get some quality content as you get further into the title. There’s incest, monster rape, giantess, and even some kinky monster girls to fuck. That’s the kind of quality content that I like to see. Oh, and I mentioned audio earlier and never expanded. Fuck. Yeah, the soundtrack is great. You get some chill fantasy tunes all throughout the game. I just wish that the blowjob audio didn’t sound like some dude shoving his arm in and out of a vat of petroleum jelly. It’s fucking weird.

Rub Yourselves Raw to Hot, HD, Uncensored Hentai Illustrations

Let’s talk about these quality sex scenes. You eager betas get fully uncensored, HD illustrations to rub your micro-dicks raw to. You don’t get any animated scenes, but you do get quite a few panels for each scene. Expect some sexy audio of these babes crying out and moaning as you shove your girthy cock into their sopping wet pussies. My only small complaint is that this dude isn’t the best artist when it comes to a babe’s snatch. That might just be because I’ve seen a pussy in real life before, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how he drew them.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It didn’t quite land well with me, but the humor is genuinely well thought out. I’m sure tons of you cucks will be laughing up a storm at all of the wacky, wild scenarios that this game puts you in. Plus, it’s about time that a porn game didn’t take itself too seriously. So many deep plots with needlessly complex characters fall so fucking flat for me. I don’t care about your gritty, dark story full of twists and turns. I’m just here to jerk off to some hot fetish-scenes of fantasy babes getting raped by tentacle monsters. And, of course, I have to mention the hot hentai illustrations one more time. This shit is fucking great. You get loads of different fetish scenes and lewd moments in this game. It’s just a shame that the game likely won’t ever be finished. I want more! The quality of the art was amazing. You get beautifully rendered babes in all of their HD, uncensored glory. Even the backgrounds were pretty fucking nice to look at. Some creators do these beautifully drawn characters with MS Paint level backgrounds. It was a nice change of pace to see quality work there.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Finish. The. Fucking. Game. I hate that most of the actual half-decent porn games out there have been abandoned. Hop back in the saddle and get this goddamn project finished already. If you’re not going to be bothered to do that, then quit raking in that dosh on your Patreon. That’s some scummy shit, man. Throw the projects up on or something instead if you still want some revenue from people buying your completed projects.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Bron’s Quest is a wild ride with quirky humor, spoofs on fantasy tropes, and clueless characters. If that sounds like your kind of thing, then you’ll have a damn good time with this game. It’s got a winding, funny story with loads of crazy scenes that will have you laughing your ass off. Plus, it’s full of some very kinky fetish scenes that will have you rubbing yourself raw. That sounds like a solid combination to me! Go check out Marble Syrup’s Patreon page and see if you want to dish out the dollar for this unique game!

BestPornGames Likes Bron's Quest
  • Quirky humor all throughout the game
  • A spoof on fantasy games
  • HD, uncensored hentai illustrations
  • Loads of hot fetish scenes!
BestPornGames Hates Bron's Quest
  • It likely won’t ever get finished
  • It costs money!