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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Brothel City

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Brothel City

User Rating: 4/5
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Do you like Nutaku’s FarmVille inspired games but hate paying hundreds of dollars for images that you could just as easily look up on a tube site? Look no further, you found exactly what you need. Brothel City is, well, a FarmVille clone that’s also super-hot and extremely fun to play. It’s got some mild SimCity vibes as well, but the bottom line is this – you pay once and own it forever. Brothel City has no in-game purchases. No micro-transactions to ruin your fun. There’s no paywall and you don’t have to wait for resources to accumulate. You also don’t have to spend real life dollars to get gems or coins or whatever. What you see is what you get and it only costs $10. I’d rather have this over a gacha any day. So, how does it measure up compared to similar games? Well, it’s an indie title developed by a very small studio and you can tell right from the get-go that they have two artists and one of them is not very talented. I’ll get into that later. The game holds up. I’ll say that much. The gameplay is super-fun, it can keep you hooked for a ridiculously long time, plus it’s infinitely replayable and well, it’s basically Sim City with tits. If you like that game, you like this game. End of story. And yes, you have to contend with some retro-ish graphics. The game isn’t exactly next-gen. It’s a 2D city building game with early 2000s graphics. But, it works great, it runs great and it’s got a ton of smut. It’s exactly what I like out of my city building simulators.

SimCity with Tits

Brothel City really puts the emphasis on the word “city”, giving you a small lot of land that you can turn into a burgeoning capitalist dream. Plus, all the women in a five-mile radius are cock-hungry sluts and you seem to be the only virile male in range. I like this kind of universe, to be honest. I mean, I don’t mind competition, but being the only dude in a sea of chicks ain’t half bad either. Plus, you have a dream of being successful and running your own brothel. I should also note that in this game’s world, or whatever country this is supposed to be, whoring is perfectly legal and respected. It’s run the same way that theme parks operate. In that way, this game also reminds me of Rollercoaster Tycoon, sort of. I mean, you start off with an empty lot that you add event buildings to, then, visitors come to your establishment and ride the … rides. By rides, I mean whores. They ride your whores. So, you can deploy bars, bedrooms, massage parlors, gloryholes. You name it. Plus, you have to hire hot babes to work said rides. You also want to keep an eye on the public’s opinion of your park, I mean city, I mean brothel. So, you set up your various attractions and wait. In no time you will see swarms of pussy-thirsty men run through your brothel and form queues so they can ride the babes. But, the game and the girls make it a point to remind you that you are king Alpha. You own these babes. I mean, they’re not your property. They’re allowed to leave if they want to. They just… never want to. They’re really loyal to you and your capitalist dream of becoming the world’s greatest pimp. This game could have been called Pimp Simulator and it would have worked just fine.

Accounting Major Optional

You don’t have to be a math wizard to excel at this game, but it helps. Microsoft Excel might also help. A lot of math goes into the income and expenditure of your brothel and you want to make sure that you’re not overreaching. Your visitors are complex individuals with wants and desires and you have to make sure that every cock is aptly sucked and serviced. Spent men are happy men and happy men spend money. That money goes into your coffers and you spend it on … more whores. The cycle continues. The whole core gameplay revolves around this concept of optimizing your build. You don’t want to throw buildings down at random. You have to think before you act. The game does give you a bunch of suggestions when you play it for the first time, but after a certain point you’ll be on your own and you’ll have to figure out the finer points of pussy management on your own. There’s quite a bit of challenge to this game. That being said, since it’s not a gacha, the game is not actively fighting to ruin your day. It’s very approachable and has a normal learning curve. You won’t have to break out the accounting degree to play Brothel City, but I mean, it wouldn’t hurt.

Where’s the Beef

Ok, so where does the smut come in? Well, you unlock cards. Cards are basically sex scenes. They’re 2D and they’re not animated, but the developers make up for this by having a metric fuckton of sex scenes built into the game. As of right now there are over 200 sex scenes crammed into this bad boy and they’re still adding new ones to the game. I also love the fact that they don’t revamp the whole game every time they have an update. They draw new smut and integrate it into the game seamlessly. Hell, they even have an auto-updater if you’re lazy. Remember, once you’ve bought the game, all the new smut down the line comes in for free. Now that’s proper smut game development if I do say so myself. The sex scenes are absolutely worth it. Plus, the game is properly smutty throughout the gameplay, so it’s not like you’ll be going flaccid any time soon. And, I remind you again, this game isn’t trying to fuck with you – you get the sex scenes easily and you get to feel like you earned them. Since there are so many of them, provided you don’t intentionally fuck up, you’ll be unlocking a new sex scene once every few minutes or so. Now that does mean that eventually you’ll run out of new scenes and you’ll only be playing the game for fun. But, you get a gallery where you can re-watch any scenes you’ve already seen, so what’s there to complain about?

Extremely Hot Sex Scenes

I know the sex scenes in this game are 2D and not animated, but they’re still worth it for me. They’re basically high quality art renditions of really great hardcore penetration. What more could a man ask for? Plus, as the challenges get progressively harder, the rewards get increasingly smutty. That’s exactly how you keep me motivated. Keep the pressure building and make shit more depraved with each passing minute. I mentioned that this game has 2 artists. While I can’t prove it, I have to suspect that to be the case, because the core gameplay looks retro, simple and kind of plain. It’s serviceable, but only as far as to get you to understand what’s going on. Houses look like houses, grass is green. Then, there’s the sex scenes and they’re a complete 180. These sex scenes were clearly drawn by someone who knows how to handle a paintbrush, or a stylus, whatever. It’s the future – I don’t know what artists use to make titties nowadays. Whatever the style is called, it’s hot. They’re 2D, but shaded to hell and back and they just look juicy. The babes in this game all give me fuckable vibes. Brothel City’s sex scenes are absolutely amazing.

Work and Play

This game is equal parts challenging city building and fap-worthy sex scenes. It strikes a really nice balance and every new update adds more smut. That means new babes, hotter babes, more depraved babes being added every few months or so. Now, the developers have gone dark now and again, but they do seem to be active overall. I see they updated the game not more than a week ago, so that’s pretty damn impressive. I’ve come to expect very little from these kinds of updates. Brothel City is definitely in good hands. Plus, the updates add story elements that sort of add to the challenge of your brothel. So, you might think you’ve peaked, but then a new update will roll in and you’ll have more reason to return to your brothel and make some changes. Maybe there will be new buildings or maybe there will be some harder challenges you’ll need to get through in order to unlock hotter smut. Who knows? Only time will tell. This game is available for $10 on Itch.Io, but if you want to fuel the gacha machine you can also buy it on Nutaku’s marketplace. Check out a gameplay video if you’re still not sure if Brothel City is your kind of game. I personally think it’s one of the best simulation porn games out there, even if it is a bit retro.

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  • Very immersive and complex gameplay
  • Tons of incredible sex scenes
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  • Gameplay graphics are a bit rough