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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Camp Buddy

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Camp Buddy

User Rating: 4/5
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There are a bunch of common fantasies that I hear most people, no matter there gender or orientation, have growing up.

Common examples include guys spying in (or ideally getting into) the girls’ locker room shower, gals having a vamp boy sneaking up into her window, or going through a series of hookups at summer camp.

Of course, that’s not to mean I think teens should go out and do any of that IRL. But the fun thing about porn is that it allows us to explore what would otherwise be taboo or unethical without anyone getting hurt or in a legal clusterfuck.

Adult games are even better since, rather than be passive entertainment, you are an active participant in the story and the sexual action. Many explicit games tend to focus on fun mechanics with a sprinkling of nudity added while others are all about telling a story.

In the latter case, as is the case with Camp Buddies, there isn’t too much work put into complex ways to interact with the game. However, there has been extraordinary effort put into the plot along with a series of other positive qualities.

You’ve only got one way to find out what they are – so, keep on reading and share it if you enjoyed the review.

A Flagship Game of an Emerging Erotic Game Company

Not to be confused with now-defunct Blitz Game Studios (formerly known as Interactive Studios), which made Disney games, BLits Games seems to be a new addition to the adult gaming industry.

They’ve been developing this game for years, and after teasing the market released this interactive novel in 2019.

During that year, and up until the present, they’ve added new versions, patches, and a ton of other bonus material.

This Title Has a Branching Plot Which Is Worth a Replay or Two

The premise of this interactive novel is, in essence, the scoutmaster meets a yaoi fantasy with a subtle furry twist. Don’t worry; it’s far more thought out and way less perverse than it sounds.

When it comes to the characters, most of them are teens (read: 18 and up) and early twenty-somethings with a couple of mature types. The setting is a summer camp, being a Japanese take on the Boy Scouts, this camp openly embraces same-sex attraction.

(No, censors, there aren’t any depictions of minors – just youthful-looking guys.)

The hentai subgenre is definitely yaoi, but as I mentioned, there is a furry element. I don’t mean that there is true yiffing. However, all of the characters have a particular animal that their personality is based around. This also means that some of the Buddies might have an animal motif as part of their design or special powers.

The player experiences most of the story through the adventures of Keitaro Nagame, who’s a submissive but sexually curious 18-year-old who finds himself in a number of kinky scenarios.

There are dozens of characters in total, but only five major romance/fuck options. The guys in question have a range of body types and temperaments, and the sexual interests of each are just as varied.

Depending on how many times you go through each plotline, there are potentially hours of gameplay to be enjoyed. However, it does take quite a while for any particular scene to really heat up. Plus, the pacing of the story overall is a little slow.

Points: 1.5/2

The Gameplay Is a Little Light but Easy to Understand

Since this is a story-centered interactive experience – and therefore, not a true video game – there aren’t many mechanics. To be fair, this means that just about anyone can download Camp Buddy and go.

To give you an idea of how to drive the story, the vast majority of interaction only requires a mouse or spacebar click. This takes you from one snippet of text and exposition to the next. As you go from one sequence to another, the scene’s characters are shown sometimes coupled with animations.

After a few minutes of text, you get the option of what to say to another one of the Buddies or what you want to do to them. Sometimes these seem to have no effect, though others have massive implications of whom you can romance and later fuck.

I’ll get into the graphicness of the sex scenes later, but those also are pretty straightforward – click from one animation to the next trying to figure out what your partner is into. As part of the foreplay, you can pinch, kiss, lick, rub, or bite certain body parts.

The better you are at figuring which are your partner’s turn on, the more of the sex you see. It’s a little hit-or-miss when it comes to determining who is into certain things, but I found it to be a challenge.

Points: 1.5/2

The Animation Style Is Bright, Colorful, and (Occasionally) Cum Heavy

I’m no expert on what gay men find attractive, but I am a good critic and know talent when I see it.

If I ever start my own webcomic or make my own hentai games, I swear I am going to try to get the artists who made CB. The level of detail put into character design is impressive, and the somewhat mainstream anime look (as opposed to chibi, maho shojo, or jidaimono) works well for the game. They don’t have any problem rendering so-called naughty bits with no censor bars whatsoever.

Obviously, this makes the sex scene so hot (if you’re into guys, of course), especially since there are professional levels of quality when it comes to the rendering of additional elements like water, rain, and copious amounts of cum.

Points: 2/2

The Voice Acting Adds a Lot to the Gaming Experience

While this game is text-heavy, it is nice that the dialogue has a full voice cast. And these aren’t the sorts which you find on Fiverr who can barely deliver a line.

Each voice performer has a fantastic understanding of their character and is expert at performing their lines in the proper context. The game developers even had the insight to find actors who have slightly higher pitched for younger characters and people with a bit more bass for taller, stronger, and older men.

While not on the level of some of the games which have heart (or loin) stirring scores, the music is pretty cool, too. It’s technically more of ambient tracks, but they do compliment the scenes without overpowering the dialogue and sound effects.

Points: 2/2

When It Comes to the Erotica, Camp Buddy Is Extremely Explicit

At first, I was a little worried when I looked into this game because I saw a lot of promotional pictures that were censored. If you don’t know already, a lot of easter Asian countries like Japan, have a weird aversion towards nudity.

As a result, they tend to partially or wholly censor genitals. In this case, there are no pixels to be seen in the full version.

When it comes to most games of any sort, once you’ve played a boss battle or scene a stunning cutscene, you have to restart your game to experience it again. However, Camp Buddy has a feature which even I have rarely seen. Once you unlock a sex sequence, you can go back and watch it again from the menu.

Points: 2/2

The System Requirements Aren’t Too Bad, But There’s a Catch

From what I can tell, just about any relatively modern personal computer or Mac can easily handle running it. There are several options for screen size, sound levels, and all of the other presentation options.

There are two significant problems some users are going to have.

There isn’t any mobile version out on the net for iOS devices or even Android. If one comes out after this is published, let me know, but it doesn’t look like there is going to be.

Furthermore, there is a demo version which gives you a good idea of what the game is about, but it’s limited. On top of that, the demo is designed to expire in only a few days.

If you want the complete multi-chapter experience, you are going to have to spend a massive $50 for the download. I’m not saying it’s not worth it since this game has so much quality content, but this has to be one of the most expensive games I’ve reviewed yet.

To give you guys some more reasons to consider buying this one – if you buy the game, you get new versions as DLCs for free when they come out.

Points: 1/2

Are You a Fan? There Are Plenty of Other Franchise Goodies

It is a minor thing, but I’ll bring it up because it’s fun. Besides the main game and it’s expansions, you can get a book called Camp Buddy: The Journal, which includes 240-pages of concept art and storyboards, character bios, and promo art. There is even the game creators’ commentary and hints on how to best play the sex game.

They even include the fetishes and official dick sizes of the characters.

In addition to all of that, there are over a dozen books referred to as the Patreon Collection. It includes dozens of images of three characters and other non-canon but fantasy material set in the Camp Buddy universe.

In both cases, the content ranges from mild to wild, and from what I’ve seen is just as enjoyable as some of the animations in the game.

I Would Like to See Some Additions in the Future

I alluded to this earlier, but in November 2019, the Taiga DLC bonus content came out, and there are other forms of merch available. If I were at BLits Games, I would capitalize on this to expand the fan base and make more money.

First, I would consider a line of branded t-shirts, hats, and other apparel. Second, I would adapt existing artwork and commission new ones to be turned into posters and digital wallpaper, which could be made and sold for cheap.

Third and most importantly, I would create another version that expands on the existing sex scenes. To be specific, I’d program mods, which allow the player to get even more variety when it comes to the foreplay and sex games.

Summarizing BLits Games’ Gay Hentai Visual Novel

Usually, I have a couple of paragraphs that give a TL; DR version of the whole review. However, since I think that this article was detailed but concise so I’ll maintain that theme for my concluding remarks.

To make things even simpler, here’s a rundown on my thoughts…

Recommendation to a general audience: Yes, if you’re a gay or bi dude – or a woman into mano-y-mano sexy time

Recommendation to hardcore hentai fans: Yes, absolutely – you’ll love it (!)

Total points awarded: 8/10

My rating: four hands out of five

BestPornGames Likes Camp Buddy
  • The art style and storylines are phenomenal
  • You can preview the content via the free demo
  • If you like yaoi, the sex scenes are steamy
BestPornGames Hates Camp Buddy
  • The game mechanics are a bit limited
  • When it comes to price this game is not cheap
  • So far, there is no mobile version of any sort