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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Changeling Tale

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Changeling Tale

User Rating: 4/5
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Hey moron. Are you a big fan of visual novel porn games? If yes, then you should take a look at this article. There are many perverts like you who are content to play games with this kind of gameplay. Some people find it a bit boring because there’s not much action to see, but some prefer playing these games because their creative imaginations focus on the details shown on the screen.

Changeling Tale is a sex game where you get to do some shit in the world of fantasy that you can never do in real life. You will need to follow the whole story if you want to know the awesome things you can do in the game. There will be some pornographic contents in the game, but you’ll have to play the whole game if you want to see the characters show off their dirty and kinky personality.

Since this is a visual novel sex game, you’ll have to pay attention all the time so that you won’t miss any crucial details that will help you to your journey inside the game. This is not the typical porn game you see every day because this one is a much-twisted version of those games. You’ll be having interactions with characters that mutated into some monster. Find out more about this game by reading the rest of this game review.

Character Designs

For a novel themed porn game, this one surprised me with the designs of its characters because they all look so good. I can say that the people who created the characters of this game are very talented. They managed to create characters that would match the game’s storyline. I was not sure if this game was worth it until I had a glimpse of some of the main characters of the game.

What I Like About The Game

Saving a game is not much of an option to some porn games; that’s why some people who play those kinds of games tend to get annoyed. The good thing about Changeling Tale is that you have the ability to save your game any time of the day. Fuckers like you can now play out of the house without worrying about your game. Some porn games are not easy to finish, that’s why this kind of feature is beneficial, especially if you have errands to do.

The storyline is exciting because your character is assigned to keep the people around him safe from troubles caused by the evil characters of the game. This is a decision-making game, meaning the game’s story depends on the choices you’ll be doing inside the game. The game will give you options, and you’ll have to choose one from them leading you to different parts of the game.

I love how the people behind this game made sure to create the perfect transitions every after scenes because it helps the players to understand the game better. I have seen some adult-themed games that don’t have good transitions, and I can say that those games are a pain in the ass. Transitions are significant, especially if it’s a visual novel game. You will know what I meant by this one once you tried this motherfucking game.

The game’s soundtrack is also one of the reasons why I fell in love with this game. Every pervert out there will agree that adding a soundtrack to a game is essential because it adds fun and hype. I don’t like playing sex games that have no background sound or soundtrack because it makes the game dull and dry. No one would want to waste their goddamn time on porn games if it didn’t have a soundtrack.

If you’re worried about the game’s requirements, then you should know that this game can be downloaded on different devices that have different operating systems. You can download this game even if you’re using a MAC, Linux, or PC. If your device is an android, all you have to do is download the APK file and click on it once it’s downloaded so that you can start installing it on your device.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

This game has some problems with it, and one of them is the number of sex scenes it has. The sexual content this game has is minimal; that’s why some people prefer playing other sex games rather than this one. Sex scenes are crucial, especially if you’re playing porn games. No one wants to play sex games that have few sex scenes in it because the primary purpose they played it in the first place is to see a lot of cocks being rammed in random vaginas.

Demos at the beginning of each game is very helpful because it helps the user know the essential things he/she needs to finish the whole game. The fucking problem with this game is that the demo takes too long to end. The game’s storyline is also a bit long, which can be annoying for some because they’re just doing the same things repeatedly until they finish the whole fucking game.

Throughout the game, the main thing you’ll be doing is to read the dialogues being shown on the screen. Not everyone wants to read all day, that’s why this game is only for those who have patience in dealing with games such as this one. I got bored with this game, and I end up looking for an alternative because I can’t make the process of reading endless dialogues all freaking day.

The gameplay of this one is a bit slow because of all the reading shit you have to do. I don’t recommend this game if you’re just aiming to see some tits and pussies. You will have to invest a lot of time and patience in this one. This is a slow-paced game, so if you’re into porn games with aggressive gameplay, you better get the hell out of here and start searching for those types of games.

The navigation of the game’s controls is so basic, but it’s also a bit dry. The only thing you’ll be doing for the whole duration of the game is to read and click. You won’t feel the excitement in this game if you’re not okay with this setup. This game is only for people who prefer playing sex games that have no complicated controls. This may be okay for some, but for guys like me, this is a big no.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

I feel like this game still needs more work—some of the problems this game has to affect gamers like me. The first issue they need to attend to is its gameplay. As a gamer, I would like to feel being challenged when doing specific tasks. That is the only way I can think that I deserve all the good stuff the game will give me once I’ve accomplished those said tasks. There’s so much to this game that’s why the game developers should never forget about this one.

The game should also have fewer dialogues and more actions. It’s not fun sitting in your room reading every sentence of the conversations while holding your penis on your other hand. I mean, the dialogues are essential to the game, but it would be much better if there’s more scenes where we get to see naked bitches running around rather than spending the whole night reading those stupid dialogues.

Adding more lewd scenes to the game is a great way to encourage more perverts to try out the game. Horny teenagers nowadays are looking for games that have a lot of dirty scenes in it. They would prefer watching them rather than reading them. The main reason why we play sex games is to see random girls being fucked by some dude with a very huge cock. Porn games that have fewer sex scenes are pretty useless, and I mean that.

They should also shorten the length of the demo and game story because it can be a bit tiring for our part. I know that we shouldn’t complain to things like this one, but no one out there is willing to spend countless hours finishing a game that has this kind of storyline. It’s fucking long, and it’s also fucking annoying. I hope the assholes who made this mistake will fix this problem.


Porn games with this kind of theme are not that common; that’s why I enjoyed playing this one. It’s not every day you get to see bitches transform into some creature. Despite all the problems this game has, I still had fun messing with it. This is the only game where I felt like I needed to be focused all the time to understand the whole game, and I liked it.

If you want to enjoy the game, you should read every dialogue so that you’ll know what is happening inside the game. Yes, it can be tiring, but you have no choice because it’s how the game was designed. Visual novel porn games are fun to play because you’ll be mentally challenged to visualize every scene during the game.

BestPornGames Likes Changeling Tale
  • Game Transitions
  • Storyline
  • Load and Save Feature
  • Compatibility
  • Soundtrack
BestPornGames Hates Changeling Tale
  • Limited Sex Scenes
  • Demos are Too Long
  • Lengthy Dialogues
  • Slow-paced Gameplay
  • Boring Game Controls