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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Chloe18 is a Fun Slice of Life Game With a Focus on Sluttification & Corruption

Turning prude bitches into slutty babes is what I do best. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. It’s right up there with making fun of you pathetic betas. If I get to do both in one day then, man, I’m having a good fucking time. But don’t you horny gamers wish more than anything else that you could make that stuck up chick you have a crush on into a cum-addled whore who wants nothing more than to deepthroat your cock? Of course, you do. I’ve seen the incel message boards. All you cucks want is to get your fucking dicks wet. I can’t say I blame you. I’d be frustrated if I was getting cock-teased by hot babes for years and years.

Download the Completed Game Straight from the Developer for Free!

Anyway, I’ve got a kinky game where you get to turn some prudish chick into the ultimate slut. It’s called Chloe18, and it’s been in development since the start of 2017 by GDS Games. For once, I have a finished game for you. This title wrapped up towards the start of 2019. It only took around two years. That’s fucking fast for a porn game. It’s nice to see that the developer didn’t sit around doing jack-all for 5+ years like most other game devs out there. This game has had a fuck ton of expansions added on to it, but I’ll just be going over the base game. You’ll want to head over to if you want to grab the full copy of this sluttification game for free. You’ll need to dish out some dosh for a download link on the Patreon page, but don’t be fooled! The full game is available straight from that site without any required payments or donations.

Dive into a Kinky Game Full of Choices!

Chloe18 prides itself on being an actual game instead of some boring-ass visual novel where you just click through dialog. And, well, it seems like they’ve accomplished that much. It’s probably for the best that this game isn’t a visual novel. The dialog definitely isn’t strong enough to be the main focal point of the experience. I mean, it’s not awful. It’s just that it sounds so fucking weird at times. I get that Chloe is a prude, but she legitimately goes “So, this is a cock? It looks so different than in the books.” I couldn’t take her seriously after that shit. Could you imagine some bitch saying that the first time she saw your dick? I’d be on the floor laughing my goddamn ass off.

Lead Chloe on a Quest to go from Prude to Slut

But I’m getting ahead of myself a bit. Let’s talk about the story. You play as a girl named Chloe who desperately wants to make the cheerleading team. Unfortunately, you don’t make the cut. You’re not sexy, slutty, athletic, or smart enough. The lead cheerleader comes up and tells you that everything about you would need to change if you want to even have a chance at being on the team. So, what do you do? That’s right, you set off to change everything about yourself at the drop of a hat. You dye your hair, get a tattoo, get a belly piercing, move out of your dad’s house, and set out to become the ultimate cumslut. The path ahead won’t be easy. You’ll need to do some kinky shit to build up your reputation as a whore, and you’re starting as far down the totem pole as you possibly could. Chloe hasn’t even kissed a dude before. So, you’ll need to hit the ground running to get her to prime slut status. Even so, it won’t take long. The first scene you get will have Chloe riding cock like she was fucking made for it.

Make use of a Simple Life-Simulator Style Stat System

The game is built around managing money and energy. You can only do so much each day. You have to pick which activities you do and which stats you try to level-up. Earning money costs energy too, so you need to make sure that you at least have enough cash to cover your rent for the week. Aside from making fat stacks, you can put energy towards getting smarter, stronger, and more attractive. Studying, flirting, and going to the gym can help you boost those stats. The higher your stats the more receptive people will be to you. There are hidden skill checks in conversations that determine how that person treats you. Eventually, every jock in a 5-mile radius will be wanting to plow your pussy if you play your cards right. There’s also a meter up top that shows your progress towards becoming a slut. That will slowly tick towards slut or prude depending on what sort of choices you make. Well, it’ll mostly click towards slut. This game isn’t about staying a prude. That would be boring as fuck.

Jerk off to over 100 Uncensored, Animated, Fetish-Filled Sex Scenes

Some of you picky fucks might not love the art-style. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it was done by some amateur. It’s just a very stiff 3D style where the characters don’t look incredibly life-like. Instead of fluid animations, you get jerky movements that simply aren’t very natural. The colors can be pretty washed out and gray at times as well. Essentially, the game could use a new coat of paint. It ends up looking dated even though it just came out last year. None of that means that I won’t be jerking off to this kinky game. The sex scenes are still pretty fucking hot. You can expect a wide variety of fetish scenes like exhibitionism, rape, cheating, incest, gangbangs, domination, and much more. Despite the animation quality not being top-tier, you are still getting uncensored scenes. And this game doesn’t hold out. There are over 100 animated sex scenes jam-packed into this free game. That’s the kind of shit I like to see. It’s always nice to play a porn game that actually puts the porn first.

Download and Play Anywhere With a Free Android Version of the Game

The good shit doesn’t stop there! You can download and play this game on most Android devices. The mobile version is completely up-to-date and doesn’t cut any corners. You can expect all of the same mechanics to be present. Just know that you can’t port your save file between the two versions. Also, the file is pretty lightweight. You won’t have to go clearing out multiple gigs of space just to place this game. I always hate to see it when a developer launches some 10+ gig mobile game. Fuck that.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

There are so many fucking sex scenes in this game. It’s fantastic. You get a taste of everything. And the sex scenes only get better the further into the game you get. Reaching slut status doesn’t mean that your journey is over. You can have Chloe do so much kinky shit. There’s this one scene where she gets face-fucked in a dark alleyway that is so goddamn good. Oh, and I’ll mention here that the graphics seem to get better as play. The sex scenes greatly improve in quality after an hour or two of playtime.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Going back and polishing the start of the game would be great. Some of the early animations and character models could definitely use some love. I’d also like to see some kinky audio added to these scenes. Even just some small, subtle moans or gasps would make these scenes so much fucking hotter. But maybe that’s just me. I just like to hear a slut enjoying herself when she’s getting plowed. Aside from those small suggestions, the game is pretty well-rounded.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Chloe18 is a solid game with a little bit of fetish content for everyone. Fans of sluttification, corruption, and domination should definitely drop whatever the fuck they’re doing and play this shit. It got well over 100 animated, uncensored sex scenes! Hell, what more do you even need to know? Oh, it’s free, too. If a free game with 100+ sex scenes doesn’t pique your interest, then I don’t know what the fuck would. Go give this awesome game a look today!

BestPornGames Likes Chloe18
  • Over 100 uncensored, animated sex scenes
  • Corruption and sluttification themes
  • A wide variety of fetish content
  • The game is actually finished
  • You can play it for free on desktop and Android
BestPornGames Hates Chloe18
  • Visuals could use some polishing