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Updated on 15 January 2020
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City of Broken Dreamers

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City of Broken Dreamers

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City of Broken Dreamers is an Ambitious, Intrigue-Filled, Cyberpunk Visual Novel

I know you gamers have been waiting with bated breath for that new Cyberpunk game. It keeps getting pushed back farther and farther away. What’s a cuck like you to do? You can only rewatch Bladerunner so many times. It’s simply not enough to fill that void. Sure, you can try some of the other dystopian, cyberpunk games on the market. But who the fuck cares about SFW games? I know you fucks were looking to fap to all of the busty, augmented cumsluts in that game. Well, don’t you worry your little cocks: I’ve got a kick-ass sex game set in the neon cyberworld of your dreams.

Grab a Copy of this Futuristic 3D-Style Game for Just a Few Dollars a Month

City of Broken Dreamers is an incredible 3D-style visual novel that will ruin other 3D games for you. Seriously, this shit is shot and animated like a goddamn big-budget movie. But I’ll get into all of those juicy details here in a bit. For a porn game, this one is pretty new. It was launched in 2019 by PhillyGames. You might recognize that name as the same cuck who made Depraved Awakening. You should check out my review of that title if you haven’t already. It’s some good shit. Despite only being a year or so old, this game is already on version 0.7. PhillyGames works fast. If you don’t mind waiting, you can get a dated version of the game for $1 over at If you’ve got a little more pocket change at your disposal, then five bucks a month will get you the newest copy of the game when it releases. Fuck, that’s actually a damn good deal for what you get here. I’m surprised he’s not charging 20+ bucks for this shit.

Play as an Elite “Ghost” Tasked with Tracking Down a Lone Woman

As with any good cyberpunk game, this takes place in a near-future world where corporations reign supreme. This shit is a libertarian’s wet dream. You play as a member of a privatized mercenary force called Ghosts. Your job is to take down dissenters who threaten the goals and desires of the wealthy elite. But morals are skewed here. It can be hard to tell who is really human and who is a complex AI machine. You play as one of these so-called Ghosts who has been out of work for a bit. You’re damn good at what you do, but even the best freelancer has his lulls. But, of course, one day that all changes when you get assigned a contract to take down this mysterious woman who has been causing some trouble amongst your benefactors. It’s your job to track this bitch down, find out what she knows, and kill her.

Pick Your Allies & Enemies Carefully as You Unravel this Complex, Winding Story

It won’t be straightforward. You need to gather clues, evidence, and allies to assist you in your quest. And, well, it’s entirely possible that you will fail. But maybe failing isn’t quite as bad as it sounds. Who knows if you’re even on the right side of things in this? All that I can say is that this conflict is much, much bigger than it sounds. The choices you make may very well result in the fabric of society coming apart at its seems. But, for once, this is a game with a story that I would fucking hate to spoil. Depraved Awakening had some decent storytelling. City of Broken Dreamers takes that shit to a whole new level. The writing is spectacular. Characters read like actual people, and I was genuinely invested in what people were going to say or do. The writing, coupled with many other elements, help this game to carry this intense suspense throughout every scene. You never know what could happen at any given moment, and almost everything that happens is a result of something you said or did. Even the smallest line can result in a drastic butterfly effect that you never saw coming.

An Incredibly Cinematic Game With Dynamic Lighting & Lifelike 3D Models

But I can’t linger on the storytelling any longer. There’s so much more to talk about. Being a visual novel, the gameplay isn’t really usually a focal point. That’s the same here, but this is much more of a cerebral experience. It’s a mystery that you’re trying to uncover, so you’ll want to actually pay fucking attention. That should be easy since this game looks so goddamn good. t’s easily one of if not the best looking 3D porn games that I have ever fucking played. Every moment is cinematic. The camera angles are fantastic and well thought out. And every single character is so lifelike. Hell, these characters are so detailed that you can see the little bumps on a babe’s nipples when she walks out into the cold.

Fap to Dozens of Fluid, Fully Animated, Uncensored Sex Scenes

You don’t get any stiff characters or movements. Every animation is fluid and incredibly well done. The cityscapes in the background are unique and full of color and dynamic lighting. You move from scene to scene as though you were in a sci-fi movie. This is some top-tier shit. And the music fucking bumps. You get these heavy electronic tracks throughout the whole game. And each track fits the mood and general aesthetic of a scene incredibly well. The sex scenes will have you horny gamers blowing your loads like there’s no tomorrow. Each one is fully animated in the same dope style as the rest of the game. You get hot audio to go along with each uncensored scene as well. The audio isn’t as fully fleshed out as I would like, but I’m sure that will all be worked out as the game goes ahead. There are some subtle fuck sounds, but you don’t get any hot moans or voiced lines yet. Though the incredibly detailed, uncensored scenes more than make up for that in my book. And City of Broken Dreamers does not hold back. You’re seeing hot babes get fucked nearly every few minutes in this game. It’s fucking great.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Man, it’s not too often that I come across such a quality title. Most 3D porn games just end up being some lazy amalgam of borrowed assets and janky 3D models. I wouldn’t think twice if I saw this shit for sale on steam for 30-40 bucks. It’d be leagues better than the swathes of bullshit that gets thrown on that goddamn platform. It’s also nice to see a developer that actually cares about his work and wants it to be good. For example, the developer claims that they put every cent they earned from Depraved Awakening into this project. That’s some fucking commitment right there. I loved the visuals. Every moment of this game feels like a riveting, cinematic experience. I didn’t want to stop playing when I did, and, man, I had been playing away for a long-ass time. I can’t remember the last time a 3D porn game drew me in like that. And, man, the sex scenes are fucking incredible. You get fluidly animated scenes full of uncensored fetish content. Plus, you won’t have to wait long for it at all. This game will be throwing dozens of scenes at you before you even reach the two-hour mark.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

Fuck, I don’t think I have any minor or major suggestions at all. Just finish the damn game, please! So many ambitious projects like this get abandoned because of a lack of funding or passion. So, hey, you cucks should go over to that Patreon page I mentioned earlier and dish out some dosh if you like this game. It’s in your best interest to support the game if you want to keep jerking off to it.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, City of Broken Dreamers is a must-play for any 3D porn game fans. It’s an extra must-play for fans of cyberpunk themes. This game hits you with quality features every step of the way. It’s one of the first visual novel style games that didn’t bore me to death halfway through. Every piece of dialog furthers the action, and every event will have you on the edge of your goddamn seat. Get on board with this title and get it for cheap while you still can! Do yourself a favor and go dish out a few bucks for it.

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  • Fully animated, uncensored sex scenes
  • Masterful storytelling
  • A kinky cyberpunk future full of intrigue
  • Your choices matter
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