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Updated on 15 January 2020
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City Of Sin 3D

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City Of Sin 3D

User Rating: 3/5
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Hey, you! Yes, you, the motherfucker doing nothing in his fucking mother’s basement. What the fuck are you still doing there? Get out and explore the world! Anyway, it’s ok if you don’t want to as there’s this fantastic game that might be the perfect reason for you to get up in the fucking morning. If you haven’t guessed what it is, let me first blow that fucking bubble for you. It’s a virtual reality game! What better way to introduce you to this fantastically erotic new virtual world than giving you the chance to play.

These days, sexual games or porn games, in general, can be found literally everywhere. From the most troublesome graphics all the way up to the nasty fun-filled multi-racial orgies, the possibilities are fucking endless. Anyway, the game I’m trying to show you describes exactly that, City Of Sin 3D is a game that lets its users do whatever the fuck they want in the virtual world. Yes, I really meant fucking anything. You can fuck, you can litter, join orgies, or just wander around like a little bitch. Anyway, I’m already spoiling too much for you, let’s dive deeper into what this game is about. So, without further ado, let’s start with this motherfucking review.

The Game’s Mechanics

Start the game by personalizing the avatar to your exacting standards when you are building a man or lady. You can choose multiple elements in the creator, such as beauty, hair, cock length, body tattoos, piercings, etc. you can choose beauty. You should suggest modifications, or begin again if you think that you don’t like something that you’ll have to start with.

Anyway, in the middle of a busy, well-populated area, which seems like a lovely high-end apartment, you will find a big room. You are supposed to continue autonomously and play the game. I was too surprised and fascinated with the views from the glass doors and windows late at night. It’s a little thing, but it helps and makes the player feel rational if you fuck and get nasty on the couch. You should enjoy the beautiful vision before he gets a tiny bit of cumming or orgasm.

The Quality of The Animation

Just like users realize, in a digital porn game fantasy, the animation would be just as essential as the architecture of characters and user interface accessibility. The fact that they have obviously focused extensively on that part of their design is such a motherfucking pleasure. My first task was to create a queer and invite a gorgeous hot brunette to my home for an exciting strap fuck.

We began with a dirty doggy-style as she bent over the couch, and I took her from behind with my latex cock. When we moved fucking to the ground and fucked normally on the tapestry as her titties skipped, she moaned and whined lustfully like a whore she supposed to be, and my sex game filled her slutty fuckwit. It looked amazing, so it twisted on me fuckingly.

Wonderful Graphics Quality

I previously said that the concept was fantastic, and I’m upholding the statement. If you prefer the more recent Sims titles, this title should cater to you as a guide. It’s exactly the same style, but with dicks and titties. Simple. While very extensive, the character customization lets you morph the characters into inhuman ogre monsters. You can construct any human-like entity, but the simulation can’t be disrupted.

As for the general quality, everything is absolutely up to par. The models are produced perfectly, decorated, and textured. These are also a number of environments that have been beautifully built quite carefully. They’re littered with items that make them seem real. If you’re fucking in a penthouse, you want to feel like you’re in a penthouse. Also, if you’re just going to use the room, you want to see the rest of the house and enjoy the feeling of a real, luxurious home.

I would also like to give a discreet bow in this game to those responsible for the images. Porn simulation games are legendary to offer odd valley vibes to men. I know I’ve freaked out at a game or two. I’m not going to be particularly horny when the eyes look like deadly weapons that try to cut into my soul. Although I will be in the mood to perform an exorcism.

What I Like About the Game

So, let’s start with this fucking thing started. Let me be the first to say that this game is fucking wonderful. Yes, I really fucking mean it, motherfucker! There’s a lot of aspects in the game that really got me hooked on playing it for hours on end. Not to mention that it’s a fucking virtual reality game. Well, all my social life just went flying out of the fucking window, that’s for sure. Anyway, the first thing that I love about the game is that the character creation process is fucking fantastic. I can’t even imagine how the fucking developers managed to get this one right because this part of a game is the most left out in almost all of them. Not to mention that the graphics are actually quite modern to look at, thus making it more acceptable than usual.

Furthermore, one of the best parts about this game is not only it’s a virtual reality game, but you can fucking experience all the pleasures first-hand with compatible sex toys that you can buy separately. Anyway, the other element that I liked about this motherfucking game is that you’re actually allowed to fucking create your very own sex scenes! Yes, motherfucker, you heard that right! It could only mean that all your motherfucking fantasies will come true with this virtual reality porn game. Not to mention that the overall sexual experience you’re going to get in this game is fucking wonderful. I can guarantee you, this is going to be worth your fucking while, bitch!

Recommendations for Improvements

*sigh. This is probably the most hated part of my fucking review. Why? Because every time I say that something is good, there’s always bound to be fucking flaws. And this game is no fucking exception. So, let’s start with the first one, the fucking price. I mean, why the fuck it’s that high for something like this? Yeah, I kind of get it if ever I was in the developer’s shoes that created this virtual reality game. However, I really think it’s a bit too much to ask for people, especially if the game is not that popular yet. Anyway, there’s also compatible sex toys. It’s not that I’m fucking complaining about the extra charges need to get the sex toys. But, the only thing I’m complaining about is the fact that it’s so fucking hard to get the goddamn toys! It’s like your fucking dick, it’s hidden somewhere in a place I can’t fucking find.

Furthermore, after playing the sexually pornographic game for a while, I fucking noticed that the overall gameplay is fucking repetitive. I really meant repetitive. It’s already bad enough that the animations of the sex scenes are a bit dull. Still, the build-up to get to that point is being overused in some scenarios over and over again. Long story short, it made the game really dull, really fast. Not to mention that the overall graphic quality of the game somehow needs further polishing for modernized gameplay. I mean, we’re already in the new fucking decade, it’s only common courtesy for the developers to improve the graphics a little bit. Anyway, if the game developers managed to change all the things that I’ve kept ranting about, this game will be golden.


It was not a sex game for me, but someone who likes a game with a lot of plot and material. I found the City of Sin 3D with a photo of the system lightning play stuck under a subscription fee. If more is necessary or some other fascinating aspects, it could be worth the price at least. It goes without saying that I’m not really the community party they’re asking for. However, there is a lot to say to the City of Sin 3D. The prospect of personalizing those gadgets to the gameplay experience is another aspect that I like about the City of Sin 3D.

The game is ideal for Fleshlight V and triggers strokers, which allows you to appreciate your activity much more. Of course, I would like to see this spread out so that women players can feel this pleasure. The community still has some really thrilling possibilities. You can virtually explore every erotic thing with the right apps, and I am sure the creators are aware of this. I can’t wait for the fresh patches in this game, and I just hope these bitches can straighten up the fuck.

BestPornGames Likes City Of Sin 3D
  • The terrific character creation process
  • Acceptable modernized graphics
  • Real-time experience with compatible toys
  • Create your own fuck buddy and sex scenes
  • The sexual experience is wonderful
BestPornGames Hates City Of Sin 3D
  • The cost to get this is too high
  • Extra charges for compatible sex toys
  • A somewhat repetitive gameplay
  • The graphics need a bit of modern polishing