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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Claire's Quest

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Claire's Quest

User Rating: 5/5
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Oh look, it’s yet another RPG Maker porn game. Haven’t seen any of these in the past… 25 minutes or so. Why the fuck is this engine so popular? I just don’t get it. Also, why the fuck are people reusing free assets that come prepackaged with the engine? It drives me up a fucking wall. Don’t worry, I’m not just going to rag on the game throughout the whole review. Claire’s Quest is a potentially great game. There, I said it. It’s hot, it’s interesting and it comes with a ton of story. It’s a proper RPG for all you nerds out there and the sex scenes are hot enough so that any hot blooded male can jack off to them, over and over again. This game comes with a ton of original content. There’s a unique universe with its own twists and turns and a ton of lovable characters that you get to know over the course of the story. On paper, it seems like a great game worth playing, but fuck me, I can’t get over the whole RPG Maker vibe. It’s just so ridiculously blocky and retro. I can understand if they were going for a retro vibe on purpose, but it all just comes across as lazy. Once you take that and the lack of voice acting into account, you realize you’re only playing the damn game from cutscene to cutscene with the in-between being a fucking drag. So, do I recommend that you play this game? Maybe. We’ll see. Let’s get into the details first.

Open-World RPG

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering RPG Maker sort of lends itself to gigantic open worlds, but a proper open world in a porn game is always a big surprise. I’m still not used to seeing this shit. Being free to run around and make your own story in a world that reacts to your actions, with sex being an ever-present possibility around every corner, that’s the kind of shit I live for. This game has a proper open-world, too, meaning you’re not locked into some sort of linear progression. However, there are questlines in Claire’s Quest. It’s very much in the name. There’s a main story and you can progress it at your own pace, exploring the world as you go along, in hopes of becoming stronger and better able to handle the threats along the way. What I really liked about the game was the difference between the safe cities and the dangerous wilds. You don’t get jumped nearly as much in the cities. Hell, you’re safe for the most part, you can just roam around, talk to NPCs, buy some gear and learn about the world. I read somewhere that this game was partly inspired by Skyrim and although that’s a bit of a stretch, I can definitely see the connection. The game wants you to enjoy yourself at your own pace and you don’t get punished for venturing off the beaten path. I mean, you get jumped and dicked, but it’s a porn game, that’s sort of implied.

Tons of Sexy Danger

The main baddies in Claire’s Quest are a random assortment of fantasy monsters, all of whom are sporting dangerously large boners. They’re all also very horny for Claire, your protagonist. Outside the safety of city walls, you’re going to run into tons of monsters who are not going to ask twice before they bend you over and fill you full of monster fluids. Within the relatively safety of the cities, however, you have to keep a look out for horny men. Between you and me, I found human males to be a bigger threat than actual literal monsters. Seriously, these guys will rape you six ways to Sunday with a smile on their face and there’s little you can do to fend them off Claire’s Quest doesn’t actually have any combat. For an RPG Maker game that’s pretty damn rare. Normally, they throw in the standard turn-based combat that comes pre-packaged so you can whack at 2D assets on screen before the sex scene rolls out. But, in this game, you get none of that grief. There are literally no pointless grinding moments in this game. In fact, that was the main selling point when it first came out. You get an open world and all the freedom to play out your adventure any way you want, without having to do any actual grinding. I really like this approach, since RPG Maker’s combat system is a fucking chore. Exploring the world and having impactful conversations is so much more fun, especially since most conversations end in sex.

Playing as a Babe

This game’s all about role-playing as a helpless, gorgeous babe in a world with no real combat. That means that no matter how strong she is, her main assets are her good looks and her ability to hoover up cock like it’s going out of style. But, the game is also heavily scripted around the impact of your decisions, so you can’t just go through the whole thing with your ass in the air. I mean, you could, in theory. Hell, you could bang every single willing individual in your path, but that comes with problems. Your character will basically turn into a whore, both physically and mentally. You’ll end up traumatizing her so much that she’ll completely lose her sense of self. On the one hand, that makes for a really fun playthrough, on the other hand, it’s not fun to lose agency. I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking things. After all, this game’s made for jacking off, so if you want to go around fucking everything in sight, who am I to tell you otherwise? I’ve read that if you play this game as a prude and try to fuck as little as possible you literally get locked out of most of the game’s best parts, so it’s kind of like the game rewards and punishes you for being a slut, at the same time. I don’t really know where the sweet spot is. I guess that’s supposed to be incentive to play the game multiple times. Either way, you’re free to do as you wish; Claire’s Quest is an open-world RPG after all.

Impressive Sex Scenes

Here I go again, with the pros and cons of RPG Maker games. Pro: The sex scenes are really hot. They were drawn by proper artists who clearly knew their way around an anatomically correct pussy. Con: The rest of the game looks like ass in comparison. You walk around a 2D flat world that’s blocky and kind of retro, to have your gameplay interrupted by a super-hot, high quality artwork of smutty action, complete with tons of dialogue to immerse you into the action. You get a good bit of story during the actual fucking. It’s all really well put together. But then, the sex scene ends and you get booted back to the 2D grid-nightmare you were playing before and you realize that the fun is over for now. You have to explore this world again until you get to the next good part. I personally found this to be extremely annoying. Navigating a tiny grid world in order to get back to the sex scenes gets old really fast. The writing is really sexy and some of the actual fucking scenes are completely textual – they don’t have any art, you just see a black screen and read dialogue. I actually hate this less than the actual gameplay art. It really grinds on me something fierce.

Worth a Play or Two

Even though I hated the core gameplay to this game, a ton of the people that played this game had a great time, apparently. I’ve been checking reviews around the net and the community really seems to like this game. They talk about the writing being really fun more than anything. I can’t get behind this, but I’m not exactly an authority on what you should be jacking off to. I mean, I’m a reviewer, but I’m not perfect. If you like RPG porn games with no combat and you enjoy quality writing, give this game a shot. It’s absolutely free to it’s not like there’s risk involved. Plus, it’s one of those gradual Patreon titles that get regular updates once in a while, so you can look forward to even more content in the future. The game is still in mid-development. As far as I can tell they’re really far from a complete 1.0 version, so there’s a long way to go. But, even in its current state it comes with hours of fun so who knows how great this game could be when it actually gets finished. Try it out. It’s PC-compatible and would probably run on a smart fridge. It’s a very lightweight game and it’s easy to get into, so give it a whirl.

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  • Proper open-world
  • No combat system
  • Tons of quality writing
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  • Poor art during gameplay
  • Extremely outdated engine