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Updated on 15 January 2020
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ComDotGame Adult

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ComDotGame Adult

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Fuck! Yes, I said fuck. You know why? Because I have found the best game site that will satisfy all the manly needs I have. I have here the answer to the prayers of guys like me who would prefer to masturbate all day rather than do something productive around the house. You might not see it yet, but once you read this whole review, you’ll see why fuckers like me are very grateful to have discovered such an impressive porn site.

ComDotGame Adult is an adult-themed website where you get to play porn games that have fucked up themes in it. You’ll be happy once you see the site, for it has hundreds of games that will surely fulfill all your weirdest fantasies. I know that you’ve tried playing browser games before on a different site, but this shit right here is the best thing you’ll ever see in your life. I suggest that you visit the website right away for you to know if I’m just making all this shit up.

I swear on my dog’s life, you will never get bored on this website for it has all the things sick fucks like you are looking for. You have the freedom to do anything you want on this site as long as you have the time. I suggest that you store a lot of tissue in your room before messing with this site because a lot of ejaculation will happen once you start scrolling around the site. I hope you read the rest of this article if you wish to have more knowledge about it.

Free! Free! Free!

If you’re going to spend the whole day masturbating in front of your computer, you should make sure that all the porn games and videos you mess with are completely free so that you won’t have any problems in the future. ComDotGame Adult has tons of sex games that don’t require you to pay anything because the site developers want to make sex-crazed idiots like you happy and contented with the amazing content they have.

What I Like About The Site

There are some adult games sites that require registration before a certain gamer can try the games they have on their site. ComDotGame Adult don’t have that kind of bullshit, which is a good thing for fuckers like me. I hate websites that ask you to undergo a certain process before you get to try the good stuff they’re selling. It can be a hassle, especially for fucktards who just want to see titties bouncing around while they’re busy masturbating.

You won’t get bored on this fucking site because it has all the kinds of sex games you can think of. I was not expecting to see hundreds of porn games in front of me. I thought this site was just some cheap-ass version of other game sites with pornographic contents. I admit that I was wrong with that assumption because I can now say that this website is by far the best adult site I’ve seen in my whole virgin life.

I also admire the fact that the site has not a lot of ads because most of the game sites nowadays are filled with advertisements that can sometimes annoy pervert gamers like me. Imagine searching for a porn game for almost one hour, and for every single time you click on the next page, an advertisement shows up without any warning telling you to buy some product that will help you enhance your sex life.

The gameplays of the sex games this site has are also not difficult to understand. They are very easy to comprehend, and most of them have wonderful storylines. I once played an incest themed porn game where you get to fuck your own daughter after doing a series of tasks. The game controls were user-friendly, and the storyline is fucking exciting. I know that you won’t be having problems with the gameplays because we’re both gamers who just want to fuck.

I also find the forum section of this page helpful because it can help people acquire knowledge regarding a certain type of sex game they’re playing by posting their questions on the said part of the page. If you’re a newbie on this damn site, you can ask random strangers for answers, especially if you want to know something that might aid you with the current game tasks or mission you’re trying to complete.

What I Don’t Like About The Site

The site’s layout and design look so dull and basic that you would think some broke ass website developer created it in exchange for bread and soda. The level of creativity in the site’s background is zero. My three-year-old niece can do a better job than this one. It was like the site was only created to contain porn games and nothing more. This kind of issue can affect many gamers, especially those who hate websites like this one.

I also find it hard to search for porn games based on their themes or genre because there is no filter in the search bar of this site. The site looks so cramped due to the number of sex games being shown on the screen. You will easily get confused on this site, especially if you’re looking for a specific type of adult game. Websites that have no filter are pure garbage, and they should be taken out of the internet immediately.

Some of the games are not updated and have technical issues like bugs. The site developers are too lazy to update the site’s content, and it’s affecting a lot of horny gamers out there in a negative way. One thing for sure that you, too, don’t want to experience this kind of bullshit, especially when you’re busy playing with your favorite sex game. There are a lot of games on this site that need to be replaced right away because of the problems they have.

I also noticed that some of the sex games here have poor animation. I wonder what the site developers thought they were even bothered by adding these games to their dry ass website. Most of the games that have this kind of issue are the ones with the cartoon themes in it. The hentai and 3D games are okay, but the rest of it needs to be flushed down the toilet as soon as possible.

I’ve been thinking about it, and I have concluded that maybe the games were free-to-play because they don’t have that intense storyline that will make you feel satisfied at the end of the game. Many sex games on this site have a shitty storyline to the point that you would rather do your chores rather than spend time playing with them. You can tell the difference between porn games that are free and not just by looking at them.

My Recommendations for Improving This Site

If the site developers want to attract more fucktards into visiting their site, the first thing they need to do is redo the layout of their website. They should make the background look more engaging by adding inviting colors and designs on it. Adding short clips of naked bitches can help attract more perverts to come and try the sex games they have. Changing the whole appearance of the site can be a big step to achieving success in the future.

They should also add search filters to help lessen the hassle gamers like me are feeling when searching for a specific type of adult game. They can try separating the games by their themes and placing them in their respective sections so that the searching process can become more convenient and fast. You will never get confused anymore once this change is applied to this motherfucking website.

Taking out old games with bugs in it is also a must because no one wants to play with sex games with many issues. Gamers like me prefer porn games that have zero problems rather than sticking with some game that has a lot of bugs. Issues like this can cause a player to be annoyed, especially when he/she is playing with a sex game that consistently crashes all the time.

The last problem they should take care of is the animation of some of the games they have. The people behind this site should choose the right porn games to put in their site and opt-out for those porn games with cartoonish animation. They should focus more on 3D and HD sex games so that they can maintain the site’s content great all the time. I would love to see some fresh and new sex games on this site.


Despite the shortcoming this site has, I can still say that they have plenty of amazing sex games that will surely keep you up all night. They also have hentai themed games where you get to fuck bitches using your favorite anime/movie characters. I suggest that you buy tons of tissue and store it in your room because clearly, a lot of cock juice will be sprayed everywhere due to erotic contents this site has.

I may have been annoyed by some of the issues this website has, but I still love visiting it because they have all the kinds of sex games I want to mess with. I get to do things here that I’m unable to do in real life due to some stupid laws. I can now defile hundreds of bitches and not worry about contracting sexually transmitted diseases. I hope you can enjoy the games this wonderful website has till next time, asshole.

BestPornGames Likes ComDotGame Adult
  • Free-to-play Games
  • No Registration Needed
  • Limited Ads
  • Easy Gameplays
  • Various Types of Sex Games
BestPornGames Hates ComDotGame Adult
  • Dull Layout
  • Some Games Have Poor Animation
  • No Search Filter
  • Some Games Have Bugs
  • Lame Game Storylines