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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Corruption Of Champions 2

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Corruption Of Champions 2

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Where do I even begin with this amazing smut game? If you haven’t heard of this gem, you must have been living under a rock…with no Wi-Fi. From the genius mind of smut artist Fenoxo, comes Corruption of Champions 2, which you might think is a sequel, but really it’s more of a remake. This dude’s famous for another smash hit called Trials in Tainted Space and he’s also got a less popular game called Fall of Eden. The real smash hits are Corruption of Champions 2 and Trials in Tainted Space. The former is medieval magic fantasy the latter takes place in space and has sci-fi themes. So, this is very much the review for people who want a narrative Skyrim with tits. That’s what you get with this game. I say narrative, because this game is 95% text 5% interface, with some barebones sketches to keep your imagination flowing. Still, it’s a text-based game and every time I recommend one of those to you guys I feel a bit guilty. I’m a visual learned, I very much prefer to see titties than to imagine them or hear them described in words. So, believe me when I say, I’m giving Fenoxo a pass because this game is a majestic masterpiece that’s jam packed with quality sexual situations that you will not get anywhere else. I promise you that. This guy managed to take the internet by storm and grow a cult following using nothing but text. What does that tell you? It tells me that this game must be crammed full of quality pussy. But, I didn’t just take the crowd’s word for it. I played the shit out of this game and I loved every second of it. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

Open World Gameplay

Let’s start with what I believe is the most important part of Corruption of Champions 2; this game is entirely open world. You don’t really get that kind of action in porn games, since open worlds are so fucking difficult to code. I’m not a technical guy, but I can see how drawing an entire fucking world might be an expensive nightmare. Indie game developers don’t have money. That goes double for porn game makers. So, wizards like Fenoxo resorted to making textual porn games and that pretty much saved them. That’s how this master could afford to craft a gigantic open world for you to enjoy. You can call it a compromise if you want, but I found this game to be super-arousing and all around interesting. You never know what you’re going to find in this world. Every nook and cranny is a mystery that usually leads to sex. Oh and did I mention that this is also a fully-fledged RPG with multiple party members? That’s right. This right here is the Final Fantasy of porn games, but with significantly better writing and no Japanese to English mistranslations. This is a great game, there’s no way around that fact. The game comes with a bunch of storylines and quests that you’re free to discover and pursue in any order. I guess you can say that there’s a main story, but the game does such a great job at keeping everything light and liberating that you never feel like you’re on a rail. You’re always free to explore and you’re always free to decide what you want to do next. This is the kind of next-gen open world gameplay that I live for. I’ve played this game for hours and I never jacked off to the same kind of scene twice.

Tons of Custom Situations

I know I say this about a lot of RPG porn games, especially lately, but this game comes with a fuckton of options. Right from the get go, when you make your own character, you’ve got a dozen or so choices to make. You get to pick your race, gender and general looks, that’s not news. You also get to customize all of your privates. You can choose ass size and shape as well as your penis, vagina, or any combination you’d like. Hell, you can even make your asshole extra flexible if you want. The funny thing is, the game actually takes all of this into account as you quest ahead. So, every decision you make matters. In your average RPG these kinds of decisions might cripple you, but not in Corruption of Champions 2. You can’t die in this game. There is combat and we’ll get to that, but there is no death. If you fail at a fight or just straight up surrender, you get dicked by the monsters you were fighting against. This is where shit starts to combine. If you have a vagina, that’s an extra hole that can get plugged. If you have a penis, harpies might try to deepthroat it. Hell, you might get your balls drained for the seed within. This is a weird and fucked up world. The point is, all of the details surrounding your character and your NPC companions define the way that you have sex in this game. There are so many complex combinations that I doubt you’d ever get through all of the possibilities. And keep in mind, all of this shit is custom written. These are hand-written stories. Every engagement was crafted with care. It blows my mind, knowing that there’s a porn game out there with countless thousands of lovably crafted sexual situations just waiting to be explored.

Everyone’s Kinky

This game has countless NPCs. There are possible companions, friendlies that just sort of fuck around and a fuckton of dangerous monsters. Oh, also, you might run into giant demon babes with huge horse cocks. That’s just how this world works, I guess. These NPCs were clearly crafted with care. Every single one of them is unique in tons of different ways. I’m not just talking about their personalities. They have custom genitals, various moods and they come in all shapes and sizes. Now it’s time to talk about one of the most important aspects of Corruption of Champions 2’s writing – the races. There are a shitton of imaginary races in this game that are derivatives of shit you might have already seen like elves and cats. I know, elves and cats aren’t exactly in a similar group, but this game takes the whole furry-futa love to a whole new level. Everything goes in this world. You can have any genitals, any amount of tails, fur, hair, manes and even wings. On top of that, genitals have magical powers, sometimes, depending on who you meet and what you say. It gets really complicated.

Sexy Occult Magic

The game’s story is a very unique take on the medieval RPG genre, what with all the furries running around. There’s magic, obviously, and it’s kind of inescapable. Everything’s magic in one way or another. Whether you’re using holy magic or more demonic tricks, it doesn’t seem to matter, magic is everywhere, it’s a part of the world. The game starts off by thrusting you into some kind of demonic ritual. And, since this is a porn game, rape is very much a part of it. Shit goes from zero to a hundred really quickly. You’re left sort of confused and barely scraping by, trying to figure out what just happened and why. It’s the perfect setup to a long RPG as far as I’m concerned. I like the feeling of being thrust into an open world that I do not understand. I like it that much more if that world is filled to the brim with pussy. You pretty much solve all your problems in this game by having sex. Whether it’s forced and you’re doing an enemy or you’re just exploring the insides of your party members, sex is always on the table. Plus, they kind of went all out on all the different kinds of sex you can have. If your cat girl companion has a tail, well, that’s just an extra phallic object that can be shoved in damn near any hole that you can fit it in. This is one of the most inclusive sex games out there.

So Much Writing

I leave the best for last, although if you hate reading, this is easily the main deal breaker behind Corruption of Champions 2. – There’s a lot of writing in this game. You can’t walk five paces without being bombarded with a wall of text, describing the on-screen action. Everything’s described in these giant walls of exposition. If you even consider going anywhere near a pussy, you’ll get an entire essay documenting the feel, smell, look and even sound of every genital, every whisper, every action taken by everyone involved. This game has more text than The Holy Bible, so if you hate reading, steer clear. But, if you’re a man of culture and you want to dive into one of the greatest free porn games ever made, Corruption of Champions 2 might just be your next favorite smash hit.

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