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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Corruption Of Champions

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Corruption Of Champions

User Rating: 4/5
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Hi bitch. Your life must suck right now because instead of running around the town and meeting other strangers, here you are in your sad little room reading this review. Anyway, since you’ve already started it, I just want to tell you that you are not alone. I’m also the type of guy who would rather stay all day in his room masturbating than being in the presence of other fuckers in my town.

I guarantee you that the time you’ll be spending reading this one will be fucking worth it. Right here, this game is what horny fucktards like you need because it allows you to do things that you’re not able to do in real life. Just sit tight, relax, and read the rest of it for you to know how this goddamn game can change your life. Corruption of Champions is a text-based adventure game that has awesome gameplay and lewd scenes in it.

This game was invented by, the same guys who created Trials in Tainted Space or most commonly known as TITS. As you can see, from the title of that game, you’d know right away that this shit right here will make you cum. You will be doing a lot of awesome and kinky stuff here. I’m sure as hell that you’ll be addicted to this game right away. To know more about it, I suggest that you finish reading this long-ass game review of mine.

Game Compatibility

The good thing about Corruption of Champions is that its compatibility with multiple devices is way above the roof. Most porn games nowadays can only be played with Windows computers or Android devices. I’m so thankful that this game is compatible with iOS devices, Windows Computers, and Android devices. It’s up to you if you’re going to play it on your computer’s browser, but I suggest that you download it right away to your phone.

What I Like About The Game

If you’re into some sadistic and dark shits, you came to the right place, my brother. The gameplay is very wild and fun because it contains a lot of stuff that you don’t usually see in some porn games. Since this is also an RPG, you better expect to see some weird things happen, and you will need to do well in this game if you want to see a lot of action. You can fuck your way to the top until you eradicate all the evil things that are lurking in this fucking game.

The storyline of this game is unique because most porn games on the internet only focus on having a lot of sex. In this game, you will face many ugly looking motherfuckers, which you need to defeat if you want to advance to the next stage of the game. The thing that made this game unique is that sexual crimes such as rape are normal, and you also get the chance to try all the sick fetishes you could think of in this game.

I really love the lust meter feature of this game because it helps you control your character not to become very horny. Your main objective is to maintain your lust meter low as much as possible, or your character will be fucked by the monsters you’re battling with. If you get the monster’s lust meter full, then you’ll have the chance to fuck them until they die. Just imagine how fucked up and interesting this game is. This is the only game where having sex is scary.

Porn games like this one often are expensive because of the gameplay and storyline it has. The best part about this game is that it’s free-to-play, and the downloading process is so fast and easy. You won’t need to spend money on this one, which is very convenient, especially to those sex-crazed teens out there that are not financially stable. Now, all horny fuckers like me will have the chance to defile monsters with our mighty cock.

Like any other RPG, this game also allows the player to customize his/her character’s appearance. You can customize your character’s body parts, depending on the gender you chose to start with. For example, if your character is a girl, you can make the boobs bigger and vagina look bigger. You can also do the same thing with male characters, making them look like the dicks’ lord.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

Certain things in this game quite annoyed me for a short period of time. One of them is the game’s graphics. I feel like this game still needs a lot of upgrades, especially with the animation they have. I mean, if this game has more realistic graphics in it, I’m pretty sure that a lot of fuckers out there will come rushing to their computers or phones to download this game right away.

Text-based RPGs are interesting in some ways, but there are also times where they tend to get dull due to the limited movements of the characters they have. I love role-playing games, especially those with huge maps, and have an open world feature. This one doesn’t have those two; that’s why I find this game boring sometimes because there are not many exciting things to be done around here. The only highlight of this game is the sex scenes.

I find the game’s storyline a bit weird because of the things that are happening in the game. Aside from avoiding being gang-raped by monsters, it would help if you also defeated all of them for you to finish the whole game. There is a lot of action in this game, but the story does not fit well with it. I guess the game creators should upgrade this game’s storyline or add more missions to make it more exciting.

If you’re going to create a new character, I suggest that you go with the male character because the female protagonist doesn’t look inviting at all. Yes, you can make her look more busty, but it does not change the fact that she is not that gorgeous for a female character. I guess we all have our own fetishes, but if I were given a chance to make some changes, I’d make sure to make her look like the sexiest warrior bitch you’ll see in a porn game.

Corruption of Champions’ background music seems pretty dull for a role-playing game. I did not feel the hype with this one compared to other RPGs I’ve tried due to the sound effects and background music it has. I expected a lot from this one because of the fucked up gameplay and storyline it has. Right now, I feel like the time I spent grinding on this game was not that worth it at all.

My Recommendations for Improving This Game

As a gamer, I would like to let the game developers know that this game needs a lot of upgrades. The first thing they should prioritize is to make the game’s storyline more exciting and interesting. They should add scenes that have a climax in it so that fuckers like me will feel the thrill when messing with porn games such as this one. It’s essential to this game because this is the only game with this kind of sick and weird gameplay.

They should also try turning this one into an open world type of game so that we can get to interact with other horny guys who are even playing this game. It would surely make a huge difference because we get to meet strangers who are also looking for monsters to fuck. Adding more movements can also make the game more fun because we’ll be able to walk and fool around the place we’re living in.

Adding more characters is also helpful because not all of us have the patience to create a new one. The game developers should add gorgeous bitches with busty boobs so that we won’t waste our time customizing them just to look sexy and fierce at the same time. They should have in-game characters that are already customized so that we can focus more on the gameplay rather than spending more time customizing them.

The last thing they should do is to change the background music into some more inviting one because it’s essential to role-playing games so that the gamers will feel the hype when they’re playing the game. No one wants to play adult-themed porn games that dry ass background music in it. It’s like watching a scary movie on tv that is on mute. You will not enjoy watching it because the thrill is no longer present.


I can say that this game is the best fantasy role-playing game I’ve ever seen in my life. It has all the kinky fetishes you could ever dream of, and the best part of it is that you’re free to do them all without suffering from any consequences. It may have some issues in it, but it’s still playable, and I know that you’ll still enjoy playing with this one because of the wild things it offers to gamers like you and me.

You can fuck your way to the finish line, but just make sure to maintain the lust meter of your character so that you won’t get fucked by some monster with enormous dick. You should also be patient when playing this game because the missions it has are not that easy, making it more thrilling and exciting. I hope that I’ve explained all the basic shits about this game. Thank you for taking the time to read. See you next time, fucker.

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  • Animation/ Graphics
  • Background Music
  • Lacks More Interesting Scenes
  • Female Character is Not That Pretty
  • Limited Movements