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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Creambee Games

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Creambee Games

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Creambee is Flash Game Developer With a Huge Catalog of Fast-Paced Titles

I suck at making up my mind. I sit back and look at my massive catalog of fuck games, porn sites, and fap material and get decision fatigue in an instant. It’s the weight I must bear for having such supreme taste in porn. Trying to commit to a single game for a fap sesh is such a commitment. Is this one project worthy of my time? Does it deserve this kind of special treatment? Usually, the answer is no. But I went searching for a creator that made loads of bite-sized games so that I could dive into game after game without feeling like I needed to spend hours investing my time and energy into one title. It wasn’t easy, but I think I found the perfect set of games.

Download Creambee’s Entire Catalog of Flash Games for $1!

Creambee is a creator that specializes in quick Flash games. You hop into one and have maybe 5 minutes worth of fluidly animated fucking before you move on to the next title. And this son of a bitch has been slinging these games out month after month with more regularity than a scat star on filming day. Let’s put it this way, he’s been making games since early 2018 and has already produced well over a dozen titles for you horny fucks to fap to. It takes most porn developers that many years to make a single alpha version of their game. And this shit cuts out all of the boring story bits and dialog. Nearly every title is all about the action, but I’ll get into that shortly. I’m sure you horny fappers want to get your hands on every single title. Well, you can find a small selection of titles on for free. I recommend taking a peek there to see if you like this guy’s style before going all-in. To get a download link to every single game and animation, you’ll need to go to and give him a dollar a month. That’s it. What a fucking steal.

Pick from over a Dozen Hot Titles Full of Parody Porn Animations

Once you get all of these wonderful games downloaded, you can pick and choose them however you wish. Most of them will be parody games. You’ve got hot sex simulators for Teen Titans, Bowsette, Samus, and all of those hot babes that you’ve come to know and love. Oh, and you will need a standalone flash player. I recommend going with the one that Creambee links in his description on Patreon. It’s safe. It works well. Plus, it’s free. Don’t believe any bullshit sites that try and make you pay for this software. Alright, this is a weird one since we’re dealing with so many games all bundled into one here. I’ll give you fucks the rundown on a few of them so that you can get a decent idea of what you’re getting yourselves into. A lot of the games fall under the umbrella of customizable sex simulator. There’s one called Princess Pipe Trapped that lets you swap between a cast of hot Mario and Zelda characters that are stuck in a pipe.

Interact with and Customize Your Cum Sluts

You can swap out skin tones, outfits, sex toys, and you can rip their clothes off. It’s pretty fucking great. Click on the dick button by the bitch’s face or pussy to watch her holes get filled. You can fuck around with the speed and determine when you want to shoot your load into her. Most of these games will have hidden customization options in the background. Make sure to click around on all of the little details and shit. Nearly every game will have a secret button that turns whatever slut on screen you have into a hung futa whore. There are a few titles that revolve around a specific mini-game. Dark Queen Battle Loads is a front-on fighting game where you try and time your attacks against this big-titty dominatrix babe. There are games that set you in certain kinky scenarios that you simply get to watch play out by advancing the animation whenever you’re ready. Private Prescription has you get your dick sucked by a hot doctor. Any of the Pussycat games will show you quick animations of furry cumsluts getting pounded.

Stylish Toon Art with Immersive Sound Effects & Fluid Animations

I’m sure you bastards get the point by now. You have a veritable smorgasbord of slutty games to pick and choose from. But how do they feel? Are they fapworthy? Those are the questions that need to be answered. And, well, yeah they’re super fapworthy. You get some incredible toon art in every single game. The style is consistent and hot as fuck. If you’re a fan of Newgrounds-style flash games, then you’ll love these. These games look like polished, expertly animated versions of those classic fuck games. Hell, Creambee even managed to pack in a bunch of hot audio into each title. You won’t find a single silent game in the whole lot. I’m sure some out the sound effects are repeated, but each game sounded unique to me. You get sexy moans, cries, gasps, and all of the wet slapping sounds that you could ever want from a sex game. You might even recognize some familiar sound effects from the games that are being parodied.

Fap to Uncensored, Fully-Animated Sex Scenes in Every Game

Of course, each scene will be uncensored. You won’t have to jerk your cocks to pixelated pussies or blurry dicks. The level of interaction you get in some of these games is fucking great. You can pull down a horny babe’s panties, spread her legs, and ram a dildo up her snatch. What more could you possibly want? The animations are fluid and pleasing to look at. The art is great. You don’t get any janky character designs or jerky animations.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

It’s not often that I get to review an entire fuck’s catalog of titles. That’s because most developers have trouble squeezing out a single game every five years, let along over a dozen in two years like this dude. I loved the variety. There are so many gems in this catalog. I liked that I could pop between sex simulator style games to slave trainers and then to some mini-game centered fighting game. It was wild. You simply won’t get this kind of variety from other developers or artists. And this dude went the extra mile with the animations. They’re so fucking easy to fap to. You get fluid animations, uncensored scenes, sound effects, and customization options out the ass. I get that these are quick projects, but that doesn’t mean that they were done without care and attention to detail. These scenes are so much better than some of the shitty pieces you see thrown into full-length projects. It still baffles me that he’s pumped so many projects out in such a short period of time.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I just want to see this talented animator make even more games. I like this fast-paced titles that don’t take more than a few minutes to get through. Even the games that play the same as some others don’t feel like cut-and-paste titles. Each one feels unique. For once, I’m at a loss for words. I don’t have any minor or major complaints about this catalog of games. Sure, some are better than others. But that will be the case regardless. The overall quality across the board is top-notch.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Creambee has outdone himself with these games. The individual ones may not be must-plays, but the catalog as a whole is a must-purchase. Fuck it, it’s only a dollar. Nearly all of you horny fappers should be able to afford that shit without issue. And you won’t regret the purchase, especially if you keep that donation rolling for a few months. You’ll have brand-new titles to jerk off to pretty frequently. I highly recommend you all at least give some of his Newgrounds titles a shot to see if you like what he’s pumping out. Then you can go all-in on this quality collection of fapworthy parody porn games.

BestPornGames Likes Creambee Games
  • Over a dozen different games and animations to choose from!
  • Download every single game for just $1
  • A variety of gameplay styles and gimmicks
  • Uncensored, fully-animated sex scenes in every game
  • A quality toon art style with fluid animations
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