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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Crimson Gray

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Crimson Gray

User Rating: 4/5
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I fucking love messed up games. It’s probably because there are certain things that I can do in a game, but I would not dare to do in real life. Even that thought is messed up, right? I know most of you think the same way. It’s okay, no one’s judging you here. Speaking of messed up games, I actually have one for you today. I kind of got addicted to this game, and I played a couple of times. I don’t know what the fuck is up with these games with a fucked up concept, but damn, I love them. The concept is exciting, and so does the characters. It’s full of erotic scenes, so I think it completes the package.

What I’m talking about is Crimson Gray. This game has been by far one of the most interesting games that I have played over the past few years. It’s close to my fantasy, but this one has a weird mix into it. It’s like the fantasy that you fuckers are after, with all the fucking and shit, but the way that the story is played out is messed up. The devs actually gave the game a psychological thriller description. Believe me, if you want to be in this kind of fantasy, you’d have fun but might still regret it at the end.

Cringy Love Story

Before we go ahead and start with the gameplay and the game mechanics, here is a little background story of the game. It’s all about a young man that is suffering from severe depression. Days pass by, and he loses his purpose in life. He loses his direction and doesn’t know what to do with his miserable anymore. He begins to see his perspective in life and starts to see the world in gray. You know, sad and miserable.

Just as when he starts losing hope in life, he meets a very special girl, Lizzie. Kind of a love story if you think about it, right? Well, not quite. Lizzie appears to be a sweet loving, innocent girl, but she’s a killing machine in reality. She has a violent personality, and Lizzie doesn’t realize it. John sees Lizzie, who has some mental disability and is willing to risk his life’s safety. On the other hand, Lizzie is also willing to kill everyone just to make John happy. Now that you know the background story of the game, it is so fucked up, right?

The Gameplay

The game has a plot that you have to follow since it’s a visual novel game. I know the reputation of visual novel games is not that great, but this game can hopefully change that. There are dialogues that you will read, and you can also keep skipping all these dialogues if you don’t really care what the story is about or if you just wanna get to sex scenes quicker. So, the first scene of the game starts off in a school environment.

You then meet Lizzie, and you guys talk about certain things like how she is thankful you guys meeting each other. What’s noticeable about the gameplay is that you are given certain choices whenever you are in a conversation with Lizzie. These choices greatly affect the game runs. In other words, your decision greatly affects you and Lizzie. If you really are following the game’s story and reading every single dialogue, please don’t let your emotions overcome you. This game’s concept can greatly change your mood.

The first few hours of the game revolves around the school. The first few parts are also where one of the most fucked scenes are going to happen. I kid you not, it’s like playing a horror game instead, especially when John tried to jump off the ledge, and Lizzie caught him. The moment she catches you, she has a creepy smile on her face, which honestly gave me the fucking chills.

Decision-based Gameplay

I know how many times I mentioned how the concept of the game is so fucked up. I mean, the girl is fucking controlling you with her attitude. Lizzie doesn’t really notice it, but you do, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Even the words that she says are so fucking creepy. The story will eventually lead you to decide which words to say to Lizzie. Each choice you make or say will decide the direction of the story.

The choices you make can create an impact on your life and Lizzie’s. There is a huge chance that it could change your fate. One of the worst things that could happen to John’s life is him giving in to his depression or dying violently from Lizzie’s hands. Lizzie’s life, on the other hand, can also change. There’s a big chance that she loses control of her actions, ruins her life, or becomes obsessed with whatever conspiracies she is thinking of.

The Graphics Quality

Just like what most of you are after in every adult games out there, the graphics are just as important as the other elements of the game. No matter how good the concept is, if it has poorly made graphics, the game will suck. Because the game focuses on Lizzie since she is who you see most of the time, the background isn’t really noticeable, but the devs made sure that they didn’t miss out on any details. Not to mention, the background is in gray since it’s mostly what John sees, but they still look pretty good.

Moreover, it shifts our focus to Lizzie because she’s the one with all the colors and shit. The details on her are just amazing. It’s like watching an anime, but there’s not much animation going on. For the overall graphics quality of the game, I would say that everything’s on point. The textures and added details blend well together.

Background Music

I honestly think that adult games with well-paired background music complete the whole package. Seriously, this element is something you rarely hear in a game. In fact, most adult games today don’t even take this thing seriously. Not in this game, though. Crimson Gray has background music that perfectly matches all the scenes. The background music also helped with the transition of the scenes. Whenever it shifts to a new scene, whether it’s more intense or not, the background music helps in adjusting the mood. If a scene is creepy, the background music is also creepy. Creepy, right?

What I Like About The Game

It’s a good thing that within a fucked up game like these, there are still a lot of things to like. One of which is the art style. The art style for Lizzie is something that I really appreciate since she most likely fits my fetish. I swear, if she didn’t have that kind of persona, I would hit her up any time and any place. I don’t even know how to react if I was in John’s position. She’s got blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a fantastic body, and a massive pair of titties. Who in the world doesn’t love that?

The sex scenes are so fucking great as well. I guess the sex scenes are what I liked most about this game. I mean, with all the intense scenes and creepy dialogues that I have read, relaxing to a sex scene and being able to jerk off to it at the same time is the best thing that you can do in this game. The storyline is good as well. It might be fucked up, but it’s not the kind of story that I get to encounter on a daily basis of playing adult games. It’s a unique storyline.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

Surprisingly, I actually liked the concept of the game even though it’s fucked up. But what I didn’t like was the storyline. What I mean is, since you have choices for the words that you say to Lizzie, the storyline should also have different branches for different endings. You know, it kind of gives you an idea of how the game will end since it only has the same ending for whichever choice you make.

My Recommendations for Improving The Game

Honestly, the game is not that bad, but I think it could have been way better if some things are improved. I would like to suggest improving the overall animations. Since most of the scenes are focused on Lizzie alone, at least add more animations so that all that reading won’t bore us to death. I would also like to suggest extending the storyline or adding different endings to the game for all the choices you decide to make.


Overall, I think Crimson Gray is a really interesting game to play. The game’s concept is something that you rarely see in modern adult games. It’s a psychological thriller game for Pete’s sake! It’s an interesting love story, yet everything about it is fucked up. If this something that you are up against, I would gladly recommend this game to you. You are in for a ride if ever you decide to try this game.

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  • Rare concept
  • Art style
  • Replayable scenes
  • Fucked up love story
  • Decision-based storyline
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  • Limited endings
  • Limited animations