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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Crush Crush

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Crush Crush

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If you’re bored and wish to occupy your time with a seemingly simple game that doesn’t even require the use of more than one brain cell, you have come to the right place. I know you’ve been searching for a game that could be called one of the best, where you don’t have to do much other than click. I’m trying to tell you here about Crush Crush: it’s a braindead game that’s just a more anime/hentai-based Cookie Clicker.

Taking a game mechanic that typically doesn’t co-exist with smut and then putting the eroticisms and fetishes of perverts is probably one of Nutaku’s specialties. Oh yeah, Crush Crush is a game under the notorious Nutaku, famous for their extensive collection of top-notch hentai games and a good variety of the best sex games on the internet. Anyways, Crush Crush is just a twist on your ordinary dating simulator where you spam left click.

Yeah, yeah, I know that dating simulators go hand-in-hand with visual novels that require you to spam left-click. However, with Crush Crush, it’s literally a Cookie Clicker with anime girls, so bust out that older mouse because you probably don’t want to wreck the button on your 30 dollar mouse. It’s quite refreshing to see that Nutaku isn’t shoving another RPG-esque hentai game in your face, that ship has sailed, and the idea is getting kind of stale.

The Weird Past Of Incremental Games

You probably know what incremental games are, but you aren’t aware that you’ve had your fair share of experience. By definition, incremental games are games that require the players to perform a small yet consistent act, such as tapping your screen or clicking a button to gain in-game experience/currency. The most famous embodiment of an incremental game is probably Cookie Clicker. You just wasted your time repeatedly tapping your screen.

However, Cookie Clicker wasn’t the first incremental game to be released. It was just more popular. If we’re talking about the first incremental game to be released, you’re going to know about Cow Clicker. Cow Clicker was a parody-ish game that showed the public that even though they have no artistic value, it can still grow like wildfire due to abuse of social media power. They also take advantage of your natural tendency to addictions.

Nobody really cared for Cow Clicker because the era of incremental games wasn’t until a few years later, following the release of Cookie Clicker. We all know how much everyone loved the game; it was like having an addiction to masturbation. You know that you don’t need it, but damn is it good to include it in your day. Because of the capitalization of people’s natural tendency to addiction, there a huge rise in the creation of incremental games.

Starting Off Slow

I’m going to stop comparing Crush Crush to Cookie Clicker so that we can get on with the review. Though you can clearly see all of the game elements from one, in the other, there’s probably no point in me comparing and repeating that point over and over. Back on the Crush Crush topic, it’s more than just a simple incremental game because it does have some dating simulator aspects without all of the major “dating” sequences.

You start off Crush Crush with a short and simple visual novel to show off how you even met the girl in the first place. With the true “lucky-pervert” moments, you meet these girls through a little mishap that allows you to have an excuse to keep associating and talking to them. You have the choice of unlocking up to 39 girls. If you have the brainpower to digest that information, you can have a harem of up to 39 beautiful women!

Why is it a slow start, though? Since it is an incremental game to its core, everything starts a little too basic with no multipliers making your first play through a little shitty. However, as you keep playing the game, unlocking more shit, you get a bonus added on your next reset. You’re going to have to learn a lot of hobbies to get bonus stats, which in turn, unlock more job options. You need the jobs for money and the money for dates and gifts.

If you have thin patience and the wallet to match your patience, then you’re going to spend an extremely long time in this game. Let me emphasize that your whole time playing this will be quite excruciating. Why does having a fat wallet tie into Crush Crush, you ask? To get a smoother gameplay experience and not waste as much time, you’re going to need to go through many microtransactions, which is another thing that Nutaku’s famous for.

A Simpler Second Life

Ah, the time for you to accomplish what you already accomplished has come. Only this time around, you can do it with a little more ease, thanks to that bonus booster you got from your first run. However, since you’re starting from absolute zero again, it’s going to be another rush to achieve as much as you can before your next reset. Such is the beauty of incremental games, you need the determination to achieve new things but the courage to reset.

Running the game again and again after each reset does become a little easier, thus a simpler “second life,” but it isn’t technically your second life anymore. Though your time just spamming your left-click isn’t reduced, you still have your boost to aid you with the time spent on each job, meaning more money for gifts and dates with your favorite girls. One thing to keep in mind after each reset is that you get a lot more points even while you’re idle.

The Perfect Time Waster

This game is the epitome of a time-waster. You don’t need to be active in the game since it can run on its own with the whole idle, incremental game business. There’s that little urge in you that keeps telling you to unlock as much as you can before putting the game to the side, meaning you’re going to waste a lot of time interacting with as much as you can. There’s no shame in doing this because I did the same. So if I did it, then you can go do it yourself.

Now, you’ve done all you can, and you’ve wasted a fuckton of time and effort on a seemingly worthless game. You’ve decided to cast it aside because it no longer interests you, and you move on to the next best sex game you can find on Nutaku, though you’ve never really forgotten about it. Crush Crush now becomes a game that you keep coming back to check up on everything since most of the work is done while you’re away.

The Dilemma Of Resetting

Like I said earlier, you are going to have a slow as fuck start. Even after every reset, you’ll still have a slow start when interacting with the girls. You have shitty ass stats and a big fat whopping 0 amount of cash, so even interacting with the starter girls will be quite a waste of time. You have no money to buy them gifts, you have no personality stats to boost your appeal. Your best way to keep talking to them is just to keep apologizing.

That’s the wimpiest thing you could ever do in the eyes of a woman. However, take the initiative to develop some hobbies and get a job somewhere, come back in a few hours, and you’re good to go with any of the 3 starting girls. I can guarantee a little more progress to getting your dick wet. Keep in mind that this is all in-game, so it might not work in real life. You can’t actually get into the girl’s pants all in one day, which is a big bummer.


It’s not so bad. You get a great passive incremental game that’s not necessarily a dating simulator, an RPG, nor a visual novel. Still, it somehow lands in a very weird middle of everything. I think Crush Crush is quite honest when it comes to what they’re trying to accomplish. Though I might be quite biased since I do find a lot of pleasure when playing incremental games, even without the erotic shit.

Now, talking about erotic shit. It’s not quite there considering all of the other smuttier games that Nutaku houses, but it’s still quite enjoyable for an idle clicker game – which is respectable. Nutaku maintains its reputation even in a game like this. I like this concept of a game because you don’t need to devote much attention to it.

BestPornGames Likes Crush Crush
  • Great potential for long-term gameplay
  • Free-to-play
  • Bonus smutty content
BestPornGames Hates Crush Crush
  • Microtransactions
  • Will get repetitive