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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Crystal Maidens

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Crystal Maidens

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What’s up, motherfuckers! I hope you’re having a really shitty day because it’s going to fucking better with what I’m about to fucking show you. Yep, you fucking guessed it, it’s a motherfucking porn game! It’s called Crystal Maidens, A free porn browser game Super Hippo Games has created and released. Displayed on the Nutaku online site since fucking 2017 for Windows and Android users. However, there’s no voice acting in this shit. The genitals are fucking uncensored, which is a big deal for Hentai. A real-time strategy action game with great art and fun gameplay is a hallmark release in the history of the western hentai scene. So, without further ado, let’s start with this motherfucking review.

On Your Journey as A Hot Warrior Maiden

Crystal Maidens are known as an RTS and an fucking fantasy game. I always have plenty to do with this kind of title! It is entirely browser dependent and runs via WebGL as Flash is not decent at all. It functions beautifully. Alright, the very first thing in this game is that you have your dick pulled by a hot bitch who’s naked with horns? Anyway, Not my usual passion, just whatever I can strive for! You were on a ship when it started sinking. You have been spotted at the lake, and Nuka comes to the fucking rescue. Instead, you will be shown a mysterious sorcerer who needs to be defeated. She will hand over an entity you will use to call hot maidens and battle this cruel foe.

The pleasure of this game is to catch and exercise the power of your maidens, make them solid subjects, and “remark” them with your hardened dick. The stronger an individual is, the more they respect you, so if they want you to be adequate, they can cause hidden scenes for her, as will other characters in this game. In this title, there are several quests and hell to do. If you are up for it, make sure that you are prepared to join a wonderful, immersive world full of stunning babes and fantastic battles.

The Graphics Quality

Objectively, Crystal Maidens’ design is the finest in the industry. The amount of specificity in the models of the individual backgrounds and the sex CGs is nuts. If you are the man who plays shitty games just to access girls’ sexy videos, these babies keep you from playing Crystal Maidens long term. Each girl I “seduced,” it was more erotic than any other. I am not wordy enough to fucking explain it in full. Each girl has their own impressive battle attire, under which lies exquisite lingerie, and under that, the goods.

The Overall Sound Quality is Commendable

The quality of the audio is fucking good, and the tone of each note sounds amazing to my horny little ears. The songs are intelligently composed and are respectful to the player who can listen to them for never-ending hours. There are very few songs, and the songs must be gentle on the ears. I like battle songs, reflecting on the actual content: they build a thrilling, exciting atmosphere. When I am in a good mood, I find myself humming one of them. The soundtrack is a smooth, but short listen. If you count “victory” jingles and “fail” jingles, I have counted around six separate tracks. I will listen to the fight tracks hours a day, but the menu tracks are just recurring.

Unlockable Content

You will unlock a lot of new maidens and other interesting stuff to support you on your journey while you begin to push on. The first few minutes are spent in your hand to help you grasp all the different components of this game. I believe that Crystal Maidens is mainly an insightful decision-making tactics game before the battle happens. It’s a macro-oriented RTS that doesn’t need much micro intervention, so the maids only combat like mad warlords and don’t think too closely into higher-level strategies. Stats are the key component of the game, and you want to get good at handling hardware, updating, and so on.

Player Vs. Player Feature?

There maybe isn’t a game too tough for you to play because you’re an accomplished gamer with a significant portion of professional online games. Fortunately, the programmers took this into account and, in early 2018, added a PVP and leaderboard feature. In that way, you can test with other elite players your maiden control skill and figure out who leads the strongest party of magic slinging and arrow-shooting bitches. You will earn unique rewards across the top ranks. You can, of course, demonstrate your heroes and their formation, as with any internet game.

What I Like About the Game

Okay, let’s get it started with the first fucking thing, the motherfucking gameplay. Overall, I won’t say that I would fucking die for it, but I can honestly say that the gameplay is fucking fantastic. I mean, it really does get you on the fucking hook with all the fucking lights, colors, and pussies of the maidens. Anyway, I really loved the fact that this is a motherfucking browser-game. You can literally play it on your fucking browser, it’s like the perfect getaway scheme when you play it on a browser that has a fucking incognito mode. Not to mention that this game is produced by the one and only Nutaku. If you haven’t heard from that name yet, I suggest that you get your sorry ass up and search for it. I promise you won’t be fucking disappointed with what you’re going to fucking discover.

Furthermore, Crystal Maidens offer the players a variety of really hot and steamy warrior maidens. The developers of the game really thought of almost everything. I mean, there’s a fucking maiden to satisfy every kinky shit of every horny son of a bitch. Not to mention that you get to fuck the maidens at your heart’s content. Yes, I’m talking about all-out fucking. You get to do whatever the fuck you want with them. I guarantee your pathetic little dick won’t even last longer than a fucking minute. All in all, Crystal Maidens is one hell of a fucking porn game.

Recommendations for Improvements

Alright, don’t get your cocks out of your pants just yet. Despite all of the fucking good things that I’ve said about the game, there will always be a drawback. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be a fucking review, would it? Anyway, the first thing that I hate about it is that it really takes a fucking while to get to the game better. I mean, it really has a steep learning curve on knowing what to fucking do. Not to mention that the majority of the storyline is kind of one-sided. Well, what I’m trying to say is that the whole story is focused on one thing, the fucking maiden. It doesn’t swerve to a side-quest or some shit like that. It’s just her, over and over again.

Furthermore, I didn’t like the fact that the game has repetitive gameplay. I know I’ve played this kind of game quite a lot. Usually, when it has multiple characters to choose from, it has different styles of storylines. However, in this game’s case, it’s fucking repetitive, you do everything all over again just with a different bitch. Moreover, I can even notice that after you play the first bitch, the rest would just completely waste your motherfucking time. By that, I mean, you’re going to waste your time playing it over and over again with repetitive storylines and general gameplay. Not to mention that it doesn’t have iOS support. Imagine that, it supports almost everything else except for fucking iOS devices.


This game is, I think, a nice demonstration of a title you would enjoy if you want to focus on a wiser choice in this area. It’s completely free, Nutaku has a great past, and it’s no special game. Really, go over and check out Crystal Maidens – it’s completely real, I’m told, and you don’t have to gamble and earn something! Never in a decade, I’ve ever imagined I’d get to enjoy and appreciate a Free-to-play browser game that’s a perfect blend of +18 sexually explicit material, RPG, adventure warfare, and empire strategy.

Yeah, I love playing porn games so much. Frankly, I think Crystal Maidens is a fine example of a brand you might appreciate if you’re interested in having a better quality option. It is totally safe, Nutaku has a background of development masterpieces, and there is no exception to that rule. Honestly, go over and take a shot from Crystal Maidens – as I said, it’s 100 % safe, and you have nothing to risk and everything to fucking gain!

BestPornGames Likes Crystal Maidens
  • The overall gameplay is fantastic
  • A browser-based game
  • Produced by Nutaku
  • A variety of heroes to choose from
  • You get to fuck the maidens at your heart's content
BestPornGames Hates Crystal Maidens
  • It takes a while to know the game
  • The whole storyline is kind of one-sided
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Completely wastes your time
  • No iOS support