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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Cunt Empire

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Cunt Empire

User Rating: 4/5
Thank you for voting, we value your feedback! Houses a Free-to-Play Idle Porn Game Packed with Hot Content

I want an empire of horny sluts at my beck and call. Fuck having just one or two pieces of ass to plow. I won’t settle until I’ve got hundreds of dime pieces texting me and asking for me to pound their pussy on the regular. I’m getting there and living that dream. But you crusty weebs probably won’t ever get that same rush or feeling in your lives. Bummer. I know. But I do have a bit of a consolation prize for you guys. I’ve got a game where you can build up your very own empire of horny sluts that will do whatever you command. The game in question is an in-browser title called It’s a kinky game all about building up your very own porn studio empire. But I’ll get into all of those juicy details here in a little bit. What you cucks need to know is that this shit is fresh off the presses. The site launched back in March of 2020 and has already managed to bring in over 3 million regular visitors every single month. That’s some insane fucking growth for such a short time.

No Downloads or Payments Required to Play this In-Browser Title

You can find this game by going to You don’t need to download any bullshit or cough up any dosh for a subscription. The entire game is free…well, as long as you don’t spend any money on the microtransactions. But that kind of shit is to be expected from a freemium title like. You get what you pay for. This game throws you right into the action. It’s not like there’s any story to catch you up on. You play as some magic-dicked alpha male who babes would do anything for. You’re charismatic, hot, and fit. Basically, you get to be everything that you cucks aren’t in real life. I know, it’s a dream come true, right? Anyway, you’ve got a surplus of horny sluts and a lot of office space. You decide to combine the two so that you can begin raking in the dosh by the truckload.

Recruit Horny Babes and Assign them to Kinky Porn Studios

Your journey starts off small. You have a single cam girl who will work hard at fucking herself silly to bring in that money. Shortly after, you’ll have enough cash to open up a BDSM studio where dominatrices can bring their pathetic clients. That’s just the beginning. There are dozens of different studios that you can open up. Think of this game like a lewd version of Cookie Clicker with a little bit more in terms of resource management. It’s not as simple as some of the straight-up hentai clicker titles out there. Once you’ve got a studio set up, stacks of dollar bills will start appearing. You’ll need to click on that shit before it’s gone to get the max value out of it. You’ll also get some gold coins and even the occasional spurt of premium currency if you’re lucky. And it will be flowing in fast. You’ll have your work cut out for you once you have more than maybe half a dozen studios up and running at a time. You’ll need to click on the ones that make you the most dosh first. But this is also the kind of game that you can leave running in the background if you’re not worried about maximizing your income.

A Seemingly Endless Idle Game With a Complex Reward System

Each babe that you assign to a studio will influence how much money you bring in. As you get further into the game, you can start upgrading babes or hiring more skilled sluts. Upgrading them enough will increase their multiplier, which will really start making you fucking rich. This is a game built around the idea that there’s always something to grind away at. There’s always a new character, location, studio, or upgrade to unlock. And, if you get to a point where you’re bored, you can start all over with some nice upgrades that will let you earn even more money! There’s a lot of lewd content in Cuntempire. First, you get some fully animated hentai scenes during rare orgy scenes. You have to click your goddamn heart out to try and unlock a bunch of rewards as hot babes get fucked. These are pretty fucking great. You get uncensored scenes full of hot moans and all of that good shit. But these are just the bonus scenes that bridge the gap between the really good stuff. Well, some of you might actually like the h-scenes better. I’d be on the same boat.

Jerk off to Full Porn Videos of Popular Pornstars Getting Railed

Let me stop beating around the bush and tell you what the fuck I mean. So, you earn pieces of a scene each level. Once you get however many you need, you’ll unlock a kinky video to jerk your dick to. But, well, it’s just a regular-ass porn video. That’s not terrible. I mean, I still jerk my dick to hot porn videos all the damn time. It’s just that I don’t really play games for that. You could find pretty much any of these videos for free without having to play the damn game. For what it’s worth, these videos are in 720p HD and do show off some pretty fapworthy scenes. You’ll get some kinky videos of pornstars getting fucked. There will be fetish videos, BDSM flick, hardcore gangbangs, and much more. You can revisit any video that you’ve unlocked in the gallery page. I fucking hate it when games don’t let you go back and fap to the quality content that you’ve unlocked. Thankfully, this title doesn’t pull any of that bullshit.

A Rare Free-to-Play Game that’s not Pay-to-Win

And, surprisingly, the premium currency isn’t all that intrusive. Usually, freemium games make you dish out hundreds of bucks just to get anywhere. Not in this game! All of that shit will speed things up, but they don’t shove it down your throat as much as other titles. It’s perfectly doable to play this game without paying a dime. I certainly can’t say the same about most other free-to-play browser games.

BestSexGame’s Favorite Features

Listen, I’m not usually one for idle games. I get the appeal, but they just aren’t for me. This one was an exception. They really work that whole infinite progress formula really well. Even I found myself clicking away more than I fucking needed to. It’s a solid, well-made idle game that does a good job of keeping you invested. There was a surprising amount of depth to it. There’s always something to work towards unlocking. And, for me, that grind didn’t get stale.

BestSexGame’s Suggestions

I’d focus more on the fully-animated h-scenes than the boring, sub-par porn videos. I can get 1080p in a fucking instant. I’m not too invested in plugging away for some low-resolution porn video that I’ve seen a hundred times before. Focus on original content. Make this shit a quality h-game and the weebs will come. They’re the market you want to hit for a game like this. They’re horny. They’re loyal. Plus, they usually have money to throw around. That bodes well for your premium currency. Other than that, this is a solid idle game. I definitely wouldn’t change anything else about it.

BestSexGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, is the kind of hot idle game that will keep you occupied for tens of hours. It’s well made. It looks fucking great. And it’s addictive as fuck. I wouldn’t recommend it to you cucks who may be looking for an intense narrative or complex gameplay elements; however, I would recommend it to you more casual gamers who are simply looking to kill some time while they jerk off or do other work. It’s an easy-going game that, surprisingly, won’t drain your wallet. You get some high-quality, uncensored h-scenes to rub yourself raw to. And you get a bunch of hot porn videos on top of that. For a free game, that’s pretty fucking good. Go check it out and play it in your browser!

BestPornGames Likes Cunt Empire
  • A casual, yet addictive idle porn game
  • No downloads or required payments to play
  • Unlock hot, fully-animated, uncensored h-scenes
  • 720p porn videos of kinky pornstars to jerk off to
  • A completely free game where you don’t need to pay to win
BestPornGames Hates Cunt Empire
  • I wanted more hot hentai content!