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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Customized Girls Fight

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Customized Girls Fight

User Rating: 3/5
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I don’t even know why I’m reviewing this thing. I’ll give it an honest shot, ok? Don’t judge me. Customized Girls Fight is the definition of bottom of the barrel. This is the porn game you play when you’ve played every single other porn game out there and you have about an hour left to live. You look back and realize that your only accomplishment in life is that you’ve… played every porn game except this one. So, you fire up Customized Girls Fight and realize that you should have played a few less porn games, because don’t get me wrong, porn games are great. I live for that shit. But you shouldn’t be so deep into porn games that you’re desperate enough to play this. There are limits to everything. If you find yourself playing Customized Girls Fight, start reevaluating your life. Something went wrong. Why am I so mad? Why am I butthurt? My boy, this game is a travesty. The only good thing about Customized Girls Fight is that it’s officially abandoned and we won’t be getting any new updates. The only other good part, I guess, is that I managed to fap to it just barely. But, most of the time I was laughing. Hell, let’s pretend that this is a comedy game and just market it like that. Pretend that whoever made this game was trying to make you laugh at how terrible a game can be if you really set your mind. Hell, if the developer was trying to make a steaming pile of dogshit, then he succeeded and Customized Girls Fight is one of the greatest porn games ever made.

Unresponsive Combat

You play as a dude that punches chicks in the face. That’s the gist of the gameplay. It’s a Mortal Kombat style fighting game. A man and a woman walk into the ring and, well, the man acts like a convicted sex offender. This part I actually liked. This part actually made me laugh. You see, you’re free to punch and kick the girls all you want. They’ll fight back. They’re quite strong. But, there are also a ton of special moves that aren’t exactly MMA friendly. I know the MMA pretty much allows all kinds of combat, but even they would draw the line at pissing on your opponent mid-fight. We’ll get to that though. What I hate about the combat is that any hope of it actually being entertaining falls short when you realize that the controls are the polar opposite of responsive. I’m not kidding, these are the worst controls I’ve ever seen in any porn game I’ve ever played and I’ve played a lot of porn games. The buttons are there and they do indeed work, but they take forever to wind up. It feels like you’re sending your controls into the future and hoping that your character will eventually pick them up and execute them off a stack. So, you’re basically time travelling your controls forward. But, you have no idea what the enemy’s going to do so … that sucks. Fighting games are all about being in control of the situation. You want to be hands on and play off of reflex. You can’t do that with Customized Girls Fight. You’ll get more responsiveness out of a chess board.

Tons of Funny Pervert Shit

Arguably, if this game’s a 2 instead of a 1 on 10, it’s because of the ridiculous combat elements that were thrown in for no good reason. I love these little features. Basically, the girls throw punches and kicks and so do you. But, you’re a bit more rigid than them. They’re flexible as fuck, they can spin kick you into oblivion. So, to counteract that, you will use your pervert powers. And by that I mean you will whip your dick out and straight up piss on them in the middle of the fight. I think you can also shoot cum at them, but I’m not sure. I couldn’t figure out the combo. Anyways, you get a ton of these weird little pervert moves that do quite a bit of damage and they’re hilarious when you pull them off. These girls do not like getting pissed on let me tell you. This is easily the game’s saving grace. If you ever download Customized Girls Fight, it’ll be to fuck around with these combos. I doubt you’ll enjoy the regular combat very much.

The Girls Are Brutal

You fight the girls one on one. Once you beat one, another comes in. They get progressively harder. Ok, so far so good. It’s the same in other fighting games. Plus, I like playing as a dude fighting chicks. I don’t like hitting women in real life. I’ve never tried it, I never will. But, in a porn game? It’s perfect. You get to vent frustration and fap to some smut scenes, without having to worry about going to prison. All the stars align. Well, it wouldn’t be fun if the girls didn’t fight back. And boy do they fight back. If any one of these girls was actually real, like, in our world, I’d advise you to run. Find the other side of the world and stay there, because these girls will fuck you up. They are so ridiculously powerful that the game feels like a constant punishment. You throw a punch, you miss, she kicks you in the face. Then, before you’ve had a chance to recover, she spin kicks you like a fucking Beyblade and you’re left there counting your testicles, because you’re sure you started out with more than what you’ve got between your legs after she’s through with you. This game is hard. The unresponsive controls make it even harder, but even with proper controls, this game would still be a real fucking grind.

Customizable Girls

It’s in the title – the girls are customizable. You can switch things up across 6 different categories like shoes, hair, outfit and so on. Plus, you can kind of modify the tits, but you can’t turn them into zeppelins if you’re wondering. It’s all kind of bland, but hey, you do indeed get an infinite number of babes this way. Or at least a large enough number to keep you interested in playing the game. So, you beat one babe and another takes her place. You get a different babe each time and the cycle repeats itself. The game would be pretty dang fun if they ironed out the kinks, but I’m afraid that what you see is what you get. You choose an outfit and a few characteristics for the girl then you proceed to kick her ass. That’s what Customized Girls Fight is all about.

Sex Scenes?

I mean… no, there aren’t any… technically. You do get to see a ton of smutty shit while you’re fighting though. On top of the piss play and the cumshots, you can also get away with some groping and penetration during the actual combat. If you execute a combo properly, you can dick the girls right there on the battleground, if you can call it that. You don’t have to beat them completely either, you just have to pull off the proper combo. Your boy will straight up whip his dick out at the speed of light and shove it inside the girl, taking a bit of her HP and a lot of her dignity. I like this concept of including the sex within the actual gameplay, but there’s so much more that could have been done here. It’s just wasted potential. I’d love to be able to evolve the sex play, maybe unlock some special moves or tag in a buddy so we can spitroast her. That would really teach her a lesson. But no, you get some basic penetration moves and that’s it. I’d rather just spam the piss button to be honest. At least that shit is funny.

An Old, Dead Game

This game is a thing of the past. It was supposed to get updates and at one point in 2018 it did in fact receive a new version, but I didn’t notice any actual changes. The game is still a slog, it’s still repetitive and the controls are still worse than a three-wheel shopping cart. This is just bad game design at this point. Customized Girls Fight definitely had potential, but the developer threw in the towel way too early. If he had stuck around and maybe worked on the code, this game could have been something special. I love the perverted moves and the idea of generating random babes for infinite fights. But, the developer sort of stopped mid-way and the last demo from over two years ago is as far as this game is going to get towards a complete release. Feel free to try it, though. It’s completely free and has very low minimum requirements. Good luck with the controls.

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