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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai

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Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai

User Rating: 3/5
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Do you have a good night’s sleep because you have your favorite life-sized waifu pillow next to you? Do you have a bookmarks folder full of anime hentai series and hentai comics? Most importantly, do you jack off to hundreds of hentai figure collections that you spent most of your money on? If you answered all of my questions or pretended not to have any connection to them, you’re going to have to do better than that. Please, reassess your fucked up life and start doing something better for yourself other than cumming all over your life-sized hentai doll all your life.

If you call yourself a true weeb, you should also have an idea that this particular visual novel is an anime adaptation released in early 2013. The long ass title of this visual novel is known as “A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd.” After translating the visual novel from Japanese to English, the title is still fucking long. The problem is, I have no exact clue as to what the title fucking means, but if this visual novel is a harem and plenty of waifus surround me, I’m head over heels for it. So, without any further delay, let’s get on with the review and witness what it’s like to fuck waifus in school uniforms.

Shepherd’s Guidance

Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai is full of comedy and romance with a mixture of supernatural elements. The storyline is about Kakei Kyoutarou, the only active member of the Library Club in Shiomi Academy. Shiomi Academy is a high school with over 50 thousand students, and the visual novel focuses on the daily lives of a group of students with depressing problems. So, what the fuck does Shepherd’s guidance have to do with all of that? After going through the early part of the visual novel, there’s a rumor going around their school that there’s an anonymous individual called “Shepherd” who grants wishes.

The whole storyline is about the students who received guidance from the Shepherd. Of course, when you start playing the game, you won’t immediately get there. Instead, you have to go through all of Kakei Kyoutarou’s depressing story and daily life to tell the difference after receiving Shepherd’s guidance. One thing’s for sure is that Kyoutarou’s life is about to change, and he won’t be the only active member of the Library Club any longer.

The Story

Kakei Kyoutarou is the sole active member of the Library Club because he wanted to read magic books from all over the world when he was young. For Kyoutarou to do that, he has to go to a magic library with all of the magic books. Growing up, someone told Kyoutarou that for him to go to the magic library, he has to bring happiness to people’s hearts and be kind to everyone around him. All of a sudden, Kyoutarou received a bookmark, which he soon found out that the bookmark he received was his ticket to enter the magic library.

As Kyoutarou was heading off to Shiomi Academy, he received a random text from the Shepherd, saying that his life and purpose in life was about to change. After receiving Shepherd’s text, Kyoutarou had a vision that there would be an accident when he arrived at the train station. Of course, Kyoutarou has to prevent that accident from happening by saving a certain girl, which he did. After the incident, the girl, Tsugumi, came to the Library where Kyoutarou usually spends most of his time, to thank him for saving her.

After Tsugumi thanked Kyoutarou, she asked him if they could start a “Happy Project” to change the school’s environment and make everything more fun. Suddenly, Tsugumi received a text from the Shepherd. Keep in mind that there’s a rumor about the Shepherd granting people’s wishes, which means that Tsugumi receiving a text means her life is also going to change. After starting the “Happy Project,” other students started joining the Library Club one by one. The other students who recently joined the Library Club also received a text from the Shepherd.

Unique Characters

The best part of Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai is the characters because after the students in the Library Club are complete, you almost have an idea of what’s going to happen. So, if you were to choose the highlight of the visual novel, it would most definitely be the main character. Why the main characters, you ask? The characters have unique personalities, and you can tell that they each have their features that you can’t find in most visual novels that also have a lot of characters. Here they are:

Kakei Kyoutarou

Kakei Kyoutarou is a 2nd-year student who loves reading books. You might think that he’s the kind of guy who’s approachable, but he isn’t. Kyoutarou also isn’t the type to make the first move, which proves he isn’t the dense type of protagonist. Nonetheless, he has a sharp mind when it comes to sticky situations and knows how to handle himself well.

Shirasaki Tsugumi

Shirasaki Tsugumi is a 2nd-year student who was the girl that Kyoutarou saved at the train station and became the president of the Library Club because of her leadership skills. She’s also extremely optimistic, which was why she started the “Happy Project” with Kyoutarou. What makes Tsugumi unique is her boundless kindness despite being naive and mindless most of the time.

The reason why Tsugumi received a text message from the Shepherd was that she had a deep desire to change herself. Not everyone is perfect, and Tsugumi can prove that because, despite her exceptional leadership skills, she’s not the best at expressing herself in front of huge crowds. Once she breaks away from her flaw, you’ll find Tsugumi as a girl who’s more than being smart and a naive optimist.

Sakuraba Tamamo

Sakuraba Tamamo is a 2nd-year student and the best friend of Tsugumi. Like most visual novels, she is the ‘serious’ type of best friend and always supports Tsugumi with her desire. Tamamo is also extremely protective of Tsugumi and can be strict at most times. Apart from Tamamo’s serious and strict attitude, she’s a hardworking student who always pushes herself to do more work.

Suzuki Kana

Suzuki Kana is a 1st-year student who works part-time at the Shiomi Academy cafeteria as a waitress. She’s the type of waifu who’s bright, lively, and friendly. Kana can be sharp when it comes to certain situations despite her carefree nature. She’s also my favorite waifu because she’s cute, smart, funny, and energetic.

Misono Senri

Misono Senri is a 1st-year student who’s quiet and reserved. Even though she’s a top-class singer, she can be very stubborn at times, and her uniqueness comes out with her mischievousness and sharp tongue. Since she’s a top-class singer, people expect too much from her, which brings a lot of pressure.

Kodachi Nagi

Kodachi Nagi is the carefree and easygoing type of waifu. She’s also the neighbor of Kyoutarou and the type of club member who interacts with everyone. Due to Nagi’s relaxed attitude, she finds it hard to pick up the mood in certain situations and understand certain things.

Mochizuki Maho

Mochizuki Maho is a 3rd-year student and is also the student council president. She’s the type of waifu who’s responsible and hardworking, reflecting her position in the Shiomi Academy. Maho’s a charming heroine who’s endlessly recruiting Kyoutarou to the student council.

Serizawa Miyu

Serizawa Miyu is a 1st-year student who’s not only cheerful and hardworking but also confident and friendly. Despite being a side heroine, I find her the second-best waifu in the visual novel because she’s incredibly charming.

Ureshino Sayumi

Ureshino Sayumi is a 2nd-year student and also the head waitress in the Shiomi Academy cafeteria. She’s a mysterious waifu who’s also manipulative despite her cheerful and energetic personality. However, I don’t find her character worth simping over.

What I Like About the Game

The characters have deep dialogues, and their lines are also colorful and funny. I noticed that the visual novel doesn’t focus on a particular character for a long time, meaning each main character has an even distribution of screen-time. The characters also seem realistic, as it feels like you can relate them to your real-life friends. Further, instead of focusing on their relationships and their lustful vibes, I saw different aspects of them and how each of the characters has their approach.

My Recommendations for Improvement

The only thing the game developers should improve with Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai is the hentai scenes because every romance scene is mild, meaning no actual fuck scenes. If the game developers labeled the visual novel as hentai, but every hentai scene was mild. They should never clickbait weebs and end up disappointing them for the lack of sexy or nude scenes.


Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai is probably one of the weebiest fucking things I have ever seen and played. All the waifus are fucking cute up to the point of making me simp all over them. The uniqueness of the characters makes the visual novel interesting despite the slow-paced and below-average plot. You won’t find any hentai scenes in this particular visual novel but occasional peaking, boob bumps or groping. With that in mind, I highly recommend you give Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai a shot if you want to take a break from hardcore porn and hentai.

BestPornGames Likes Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai
  • Unique characters
  • High-definition graphics
  • Pleasing voice acting and sound effects
  • Various endings depending on the heroine you choose
BestPornGames Hates Daitoshokan No Hitsujikai
  • Lacks the hardcore hentai shit you expect
  • Weird translations that sound like Yoda's talking to you
  • Extremely slow-paced storyline