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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Date Night

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Date Night

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Welcome, welcome! I bet you’re probably here because you saw a cool game title that can alleviate the loneliness and misery that you continuously experience since you don’t have anyone to hold at night. Since you are here, why don’t I tell you a little more about this erotic virtual reality game that can help you single losers fill in the void in your chest that you feel before heading to bed, you can certainly use it to beat your meat right before bed too!

I have a couple of reasons as to why you should even play Date Night in the first place; firstly, you are single because of your high standards, so Date Night should be great for that. Secondly, you have a shitty personality that girls don’t like, and Date Night makes you have a less shitty personality. Thirdly, you have a fucked up face to match that shitty personality, whereas, in Date Night, you don’t even have a face! It’s a win-win-win situation for you!

What IS Date Night, anyway? Well, to put it into the simplest terms, Date Night is an interactive puzzle game all in virtual reality which hints of dating simulator elements. Think of a puzzle game similar to HuniePop, but you don’t get the dreamy 2D waifus and whatnot. Instead, you get a lot of beautiful, voluptuous women! Probably one of the best sex games for me considering how I don’t play many virtual reality games, and ones with puzzles!

To The Core, It Is A Puzzle Game

Yeah, that’s right. You don’t usually see pornographic puzzle games, but thanks to HuniePop, the whole genre got a boom in pornographic content. In essence, a puzzle game is what Date Night is. Once you’ve shed off all of the adult content and erotic elements, it just becomes like any of your bubble popper/block matcher games. If you were a wiz at Candy Crush, this game is definitely up your alley since you’re doing the same thing.

The Experience of Date Night’s Gameplay

Before I get into the skin and bones of what Date Night actually is, I’ll just preface this whole part by saying that it has been of my own experience, my own thoughts and opinions so all of you motherfuckers who disagree with me can just stick it up in your ass, alright? Don’t let my other thoughts and judgments sway you from actually trying out the game for yourself, try this shit out without prejudice, and probably won’t regret it since you get a good “session” off.

Everyone had very humble beginnings, right? I may not have always been the alpha male that I am now. I was also once a little sissy bitch that had low self-esteem, so I couldn’t even talk to a woman even if my life was on the line. Bringing me to my first point of the experience. You can choose whichever bimbo’s guts you want to rearrange and talk to them.

I already said it before that this game is a lot like Candy Crush, only with more sex, more titties, more nudity, and a lot more pornographic elements. Despite my comparison to Candy Crush, you don’t actually have to swipe any of the matching colors to succeed, the developers made sure to keep everything simple enough for you cavemen. All you have to do is get all of the matching colors together then click on them and voila, you’re on your way to having fun!

The highlight of this whole experience is that the game is in virtual reality, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have the latest VR gear to enjoy the game. Date Night is actually playable right on your Windows or MAC desktop. VRBangers wanted everyone to get that little taste of a romantic/sexual date or a taste of a free pornographic VR experience. Don’t ask me any more questions, VRBangers have a FAQ section in the game’s description.

An important feature that VRBangers included in your gameplay is that you have refillable lives and that you start off with 5 – just like Candy Crush! Don’t get too dependent on those though, they take a long fucking time to recharge. Do your best to progress as much as you can before losing a life, this means you have to flip on your brain switch to get far in the game. There’s a little gallery for you to check out for rewards you can expect to motivate you.

What I Like About Date Night

Here is the segment where I get to be brutally fucking honest. Since this is my review, my rules, meaning no one can actually stop me from writing this. If you actually read these parts without getting bored, then kudos to you, but for those who skim, these just skip right through to the bullet point version closer to the bottom. If what I said earlier wasn’t enough to convince you to start playing the game for yourself, then here’s the part that will.

First of all, why don’t we open up with Date Night’s graphics? They are fucking crispy clean, I tell you. The budget spent on this must have been high since everything in the game from the women to the game elements look fantastic. Considering how everything was set up for virtual reality, the quality in the desktop version is still held up. VRBangers made sure the game can be run on desktops, meaning their game is actually on a whole different level.

The scenes in Date Night make the whole waiting and playing process worth it. They’re absolute gold. It isn’t one of the best sex games if they had their sex scenes or the private body parts censored, right? There’s none of the hentai bullshit in this virtual reality game. There’s also no roundabout way that Date Night presents you with the scenes, so it’s a win-win for you to get to see those incredible sex scenes. Lots of titties, ass, and good pussy!

Second of all, the price of the game. I’d absolutely hate to break it to you, but the game is actually all for fucking free! Did you get a little disappointed, hoping I was going to put a price on this amazing porn game? Although there are microtransactions(which I’m sure nobody likes), they’re just for quicker life recharges and powerups, and other knick-knacks. If you’ve got the patience and skill, then you probably don’t need that extra bullshit.

My final positive of Date Night is the audio quality. Since they have a good developing team like VRBangers, they have the luxury to have personally recorded voice lines meaning you won’t have to hear any of the generic giggles, hums, and moans that you’d listen to from other porn games. The audio is great and all but the quality is what I’m talking about, nothing is muffled, nothing is buzzing or static-y, everything is heard clearly and cleanly.

What I Don’t Like About Date Night

I don’t have many negatives when it comes to a free game as good as Date Night. IT’d be too disrespectful to the developers of Date Night, I still have some negatives, but they are quite petty, to be honest. Firstly, their choice in women. I mean sure, one of them is all-natural and quite beautiful. Still, the other is a little on the heavily altered side, which kind of falls way out of my tastes, not sure about others’ thoughts. It’s a massive turn-off for me in general.

I already mentioned it briefly earlier, but the life recharging time is unbelievably long. For a single life, you’d have to wait at least 40 minutes or something. A hot-blooded horny fucker like you couldn’t possibly wait that long, especially since you’ll be wasting those extra lives due to your stupidity. Waiting for a new life is enough time for you to get on a different porn game, complete it, jack off to it, and be back to Date Night with the timer still running.


I’m not sure about you, but getting a free pornographic virtual reality experience sounds fucking good. Date Night has almost all of the elements that make it one of the best sex games on the internet – good sound quality, easy but still challenging gameplay, a whole lot of nudity, and a fuckton of sex! I actually enjoyed the game despite the little rough patches I had, so I don’t actually have that many complaints about the game. I give it a 4 out of 5.

BestPornGames Likes Date Night
  • Incredible graphic quality
  • Great video quality
  • Enjoyable sex scenes
  • Absolutely no censoring
  • It's all for fucking free!
BestPornGames Hates Date Night
  • A small number of girls
  • There are microtransactions
  • Limited levels and scenes
  • Long recharge times