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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Dating My Daughter

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Dating My Daughter

User Rating: 4/5
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To the redneck hillbilly freaks who decided to read this review of one of the best sex games filled with the corruption of your innocent daughter, allow me to say howdy! Yeah, you read that right, a sex game centered around getting your daughter into the dark side of anything and everything sexual. It is not a bad idea for the incest lovers who have seen nothing but mother-son incestual relationships. Dating My Daughter is a new take on incest games!

Dating My Daughter’s story revolves around a divorced father who(in whatever shape or form) has to devise a way into crossing the forbidden lands of his innocent(but definitely sexy) little princess’ underwear! For the weird fuckers who love nothing but incest, this isn’t far off the field. However, if you’re new to incest games and the incest scene in general, Dating My Daughter includes several other sexy women. Like her friend and your co-worker!

With the very basic rundown of Dating My Daughter’s story out of the way, I can carry on with reviewing one of the so-called best sex games on the internet. I know incest isn’t a fresh genre to be in the discussions of pornography, but what Dating My Daughter does so well is that it gives us a new perspective in pursuing your family members. Not just sibling to sibling or mother to son. No, no, this time we’re experiencing a father to daughter relationship!

Who Wouldn’t Tap That Beautiful Plump Ass?

Dating My Daughter is the tale of a father who lost custody over his daughter during the divorce and hasn’t seen his daughter in well over 10 years – and how nicely developed she’s become! Then all of a sudden, your daughter decided to come back into your life with a damn near perfect body and a beautiful face, not to mention terribly innocent for her 18 years of age. Her idea of reconnecting with you was to go on these father-daughter dates together.

Your main goal as you progress through the game is to transform your innocent princess into somewhat more daring and a lot more corrupted – you need to do it without letting her feel guilty, though. You’re her father, and you should remember your role as one. Get her comfortable, make her feel loved, make her feel more confident – despite her unrivaled beauty, she is, without a doubt, a shy type. Remember to be respectful, you’re her father.

Clearly said by MrDots(the developer for Dating My Daughter), the tags that the game is associated with are; anal sex, corruption, voyeurism, lesbian, incest(duh), 3DCG, exhibitionism, swinging, and a whole lot fucking more. After playing just the first chapter, it’s clear as to where each tag goes into play, and it’s a sight to behold, let me tell you that. This game is definitely rewarding to those who are more patient, so a no-go for those who aren’t.

An Interactive Visual Novel

You know how those types of sex games go, it feels like a dating simulator but has a whole-fledged out story to back up the whole thing – so more like an interactive visual novel. I say this because you’ll be put in situations where you have to make decisions – and these decisions will have impacts in the game later on. There’s also a point system to allow you to track your corruption, friendship, and love statistics with your daughter, let me explain.

At the top right corner of your game window, you’re going to see a portrait of your daughter and seemingly small detail about the portrait – the flower petals. The flower petals are how you can tell how far your corruption has been going. A black petal means you corrupted your daughter by one level – progressing through the story naturally gives you black petals. The friendship and love points are in the green and red circles, respectively.

The friendship points are important for you to build up because it strengthens your connection with your daughter and keeps her in an overall good mood. While the love points help you corrupt her and get you into her pants more easily. Depending on what choice you make will either let you gain or lose points – for both friendship and love. So you need to be careful whenever you’re in that crossroad of choices, you never know what the effect is!

For example, when the choice comes, you need to choose if you want to peek or not when your daughter is taking a bath. Peeking will make you lose both points and dramatically at that – fucking impatient perv. See what I mean? You need to think a little when it comes to answering your daughter’s burning questions or even how to handle the situations like a calm, responsible adult – you know, something you can only hope to become!

What I Like About Dating My Daughter

To get into the actual “review” part of this whole article, keep in mind how I won’t be talking about what I like and dislike in a very deep manner. It’ll probably be very superficial and not very substantial. If this was the part you were waiting for, then allow me to ask, why? Just play the damn game instead of taking somebody else’s word for it, you jack ass. Anyways, sit tight and keep your tainted eyes open as I give you my petty opinions!

First of all, the choice of using 3D CG for the entire game. I am in favor of using the 3D style when it comes to making incest games such as Dating My Daughter. The models used and the textures are nothing special per se. Still, damn they really set the perfect vibe of incest corruption instead of that commonly used anime art style that plenty of the best sex games implement. The art is consistent, thanks to the use of all of the same models and textures.

Like I mentioned earlier, the story is full-fledged, and dare I say really fucking good. I’m not one to really get into these types of games, especially because I’m not fucked up in the head enough to love incest. However, you have to be patient in getting to the scenes you desire. There are little teasers here and there to keep you playing and wanting more – a pretty smart tactic by the developers. You’ll get some good scenes – if you want to risk the points.

The challenge of the game is pretty unique, you know, it isn’t something you’d really expect from an incest game. You need to cleverly choose your options as to not fuck up your chances of fucking your daughter and, most importantly, not come off as a total dickwad, understand? Keeping that good balance of friendship points and love points takes quite a bit of skill, and if you aren’t a total fuckwit, then this won’t be much of a hard challenge – at least for some.

What I Dislike About Dating My Daughter

A major part of my dislike has to be attributed to the overall storyline and the number of characters. I’m a sucker for the butterfly effect being used in games where a choice can greatly affect your gameplay later on, but damn does it get meticulous. If you’re the type to save before every choice, you won’t be annoyed as much. Still, if you’re not as experienced with these kinds of sex games, then I suggest getting into that habit as soon as possible!

Okay, why is that a negative? I mean, with how much of a sensitive little prick your daughter is, one wrong move means it’s bye-bye progress(unless you have that good habit of saving whenever you can.) Knowing that means you have to use more than 2 of the brain cells left in your noggin up top. Imagine getting up real close to the end of the game, and your daughter finds a nude of her friend that her friend sent to you – game over for you, buddy.

My pleas of simplifying the game mechanic will fall upon deaf ears, but I can express what I want to, I’m the reviewer, and I can say what I want. I just want the daughter to be a little less sensitive and a whole lot less innocent because she encounters the sexual experiences as if she still has to find out about them – like she’s been living under a rock. Although I understand the premise of building a relationship and not tearing it down, I’m still annoyed.

Finally, My Conclusion

I am quite perplexed when it comes to my final decision of liking or disliking the game. On the one hand, it’s a very good story with all of the explicit scenes sprinkled in to keep the user engaged. On the other hand, it’s so fucking long(for just one chapter) with very limited sex scenes and a frustrating game mechanic. Overall, my opinion is still positive for Dating My Daughter. Truly, one of the best sex games I’ve played – and I kind of dislike incest games.

BestPornGames Likes Dating My Daughter
  • Great art choice
  • Plenty of lewd positions and scenes
  • Challenging gameplay
BestPornGames Hates Dating My Daughter
  • Game mechanic
  • Requires a fuckton of saving