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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Daughter For Dessert (DFD)

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Daughter For Dessert (DFD)

User Rating: 5/5
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Daughter for Dessert is a pretty long visual novel game about a guy who owns a diner, and starts developing feelings for his adopted daughter. Or his “childhood friend” as he likes to call her. Not a straight-up incest game, but it technically fits. There’s a whole backstory about the guy and the girl’s mother, who were best friends, until the mother died giving birth to her daughter. You’ll be swimming in tons of backstory drama, relationship drama, and more drama with running the diner. This game is all about character stories than anything else, getting to know your childhood friend, her friends, and other chicks you meet out in the city. If you’re looking for something explicit, then you might as well turn back now. I’m serious. Daughter for Dessert is one of the sweetest fucking games I’ve ever played. Every single character has their own storyline with how you meet them, how they fit into the story, and how everything plays out in the end. Actual sex scenes are kind of implied, or toned down. Or you’ll get the fade to black treatment. Yeah, there’s some steamy scenes like spying on your not-daughter in the shower, or making out with one of her friends, or getting just a little bit closer to your not-daughter in bed. The art is great to look at, so I can’t complain too much. It’s just a lot of touchy-feely shit that I’m normally not into. Don’t go into this expecting your not-daughter or her friends to get to the point with you. It’s about the journey, not the destination. You start off as a regular guy, running your diner called Daddy’s Café. Your childhood friend and her college friend both work for you as waitresses. The business isn’t doing too hot at first. Aside from having a couple of regulars, you quickly have to figure out a way to make more money for the diner. In between dealing with that stress, you start catching feelings for your childhood friend. Her friend from college has some “creative” stories about you fucking your not-daughter, and it gets you thinking. The dialog options you pick when talking to other characters sort of matter, like how you can pretend you never read the story in the first place. These things come back up eventually. But if you’re feeling guilty about this sort of thing, then you can at least role play like you are. And if you’re not guilty at all, the game lets you pick those choices instead. Eventually, you figure out that you need to hire better people for the diner, otherwise your business is screwed. This is where your not-daughter, her friends, and the other chicks from around town come in. As you get to know everyone better, they start helping you turn things around with the diner. They all feel so fucking sorry for you and just want to do you a solid. Even when you do accidentally start kissing them in an alleyway. And then your not-daughter finds out and gets pissed at you because she’s jealous. Oops. Daughter for Dessert is more about all of the characters instead of just your childhood friend. It’s that overarching storyline you’re here for, like reading a book or watching a movie. Running the diner with your childhood friend and her friends working for you, hanging out one-on-one, and talking about whatever. The hotter scenes in bed are more like little teases to keep you playing from chapter to chapter. No matter which dialog choices you pick, the main character’s going to be in denial about wanting to fuck his not-daughter. So the whole game is about him working through his feelings and letting her in. But not without that drama I talked about. You can’t forget that, because it’s the whole damn game.

Characters Everywhere

There’s a nice mix of characters you meet and get to know in the story. It starts off simple with your childhood friend, and the gothy nerd friend she goes to college with. You have a regular customer—a perverted, fat fuck for a detective who has a hard on for your not-daughter’s friend. He basically asks you to take pictures for him whenever you fuck her, and you have the choice of accepting or telling him to fuck off. The gothy nerd friend asks you out on a date at a bar soon enough, and then you meet the hot bartender there. You’ll meet even more of your not-daughter’s bangable friends. The list goes on. Just when you think you’ve met everyone, there’s a whole story about your not-daughter’s biological family. The mystery surrounding her birth mother—your old best friend—and the family trying to get into your business is pretty intense. That plotline spirals into a huge thing that spans the rest of the game, with your detective regular getting involved, too. I hope you like crime dramas and legal thrillers. I’m not saying it’s the best page-turner ever, but it fleshes out the characters and leads to a solid conclusion. There’s a few epilogues and everything. You really feel like you lived through a huge chunk of these characters’ lives together. Remember I said it’s about the journey, not the destination? Yeah, this is what I meant. All the little sexy moments are like a carrot on a stick. They keep you playing, but it’s not the main part of the game. Because if you don’t give a fuck about the story and the characters, you’re going to have a bad time. Good luck trying to skip ahead in that case. You can’t just pick whichever chapter you want and play from there. Nope, the game will check to make sure you played the previous chapter before letting you move onto the next one. You’d better be in this for the long-run, dude.

Will They or Won’t They?

Those sickeningly sweet and tender moments with your not-daughter don’t exactly lead to full-on sex. Here and there you’ll have times where you’re passed out drunk and she’s on top of you. Or you end up in bed together. Or you have your arm around her, and she gazes up at you with her gorgeous eyes, and she wants you. The two of you sort of tip toe around the issue for a while. The feelings and the lust are there, but neither of you wants to make shit awkward. And then there’s all the drama with you accidentally hooking up with the other chicks in the story. Your not-daughter doesn’t appreciate it at all.

It’s that kind of drama that drives Daughter for Dessert throughout the 20+ chapters. Like, you’re a good guy and a great father figure. You want to make sure your business is doing well so you can give your childhood friend the best life possible. It’s all so nice and saccharine, it gives me a toothache. But you keep having dreams about this girl, and about her mom. It’s almost like you’re looking for the dead mom through your not-daughter, at least at first. There are times when it seems like you and this girl are just not going to work out. If you’re invested in the bigger story and the rest of the characters, you’re going to want to keep playing to find out all the answers.

What I Like

Daughter for Dessert does a pretty good job at building a world with all these different characters coming together. Everyone has their own background and motivations, and it’s easy to get invested in all the drama going on. The writing can easily carry you through to the next chapter and the next, since everyone has their own unique personalities. Everything is great to look at, and you can have a ton of fun messing around with each girl. The main drama with your childhood friend is decent, too. I didn’t even mind the tame sex scenes, like the images of a hot girl on riding the main character’s cock and nothing else. They got my imagination going, anyway.

What I Hate

Playing the browser version of this game is hit-or-miss. There can be a lot of slowdown, even if you close out other tabs like the game asks you to do. You’re much better off downloading the actual game itself. It’s a pain in the ass that you can only play through the chapters in order, though. I mean, I get it. Daughter for Dessert keeps track of all your dialog choices. They’re supposed to carry over from chapter to chapter. Fine. There were just times when I wasn’t always that into the story and I wanted to skip ahead. But I couldn’t fucking do that. Speaking of the story, your mileage will definitely vary. I’m usually not into this cute romantic shit and character bonding. These girls want me to care about them. I felt like I had to care about the whole crime drama, too. Some of it was entertaining, but some of it really wasn’t. Let’s just say there were times when I wanted to move on, and I couldn’t, because of the whole “no skipping ahead” thing. No spoilers obviously. You’ll just have to pick this up and decide for yourself.

This is a Nice, Long Game

Daughter for Dessert has over 20 full chapters to play through, plus some epilogues. If you’re in the mood to sit down for a good handful of hours, reading every single line of dialog, then buckle up. This game has tons of story to sink your teeth in.

BestPornGames Likes Daughter For Dessert (DFD)
  • Pleasing art style
  • Solid cast of characters
  • Steamy sex scenes and teasing moments
  • Long story to get invested in
BestPornGames Hates Daughter For Dessert (DFD)
  • Browser version can be slow
  • Can’t skip chapters
  • Story drama drags on sometimes