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Updated on 15 January 2020
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Degrees Of Lewdity

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Degrees Of Lewdity

User Rating: 4/5
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Is this the best porn game ever made? Sure, if you like reading. Degrees of Lewdity is always going to be in my top 3 porn games ever. I still remember the first time I played this bad boy. I was blown the fuck away. I didn’t know porn games could be this amazing or this open-ended. This right here is an entirely text-based open-world exploration game with tons of quests, RPG elements, weird shit and of course, pussy. The game is perfect in damn near every single fucking way. Instead of combat, there’s sex. Instead of conversations, there’s sex. Instead of rape, well, I mean, I guess there’s rape, but it’s very normal in this world. It’s how people say hello to each other, to be honest. There are normal people around, just trying to go about their business, but they just can’t stop getting raped. It’s a brutal world out there. This game had me so fucking excited and every single time I come back to it I start a new playthrough and find something exciting that I haven’t discovered before. For a tiny in-browser text game, Degrees of Lewdity comes with tens of hours of fun and that just blows my fucking mind.

Poor Little Orphan

You play as a young orphan, an 18-year-old. You live in an orphanage that kind of doubles as a dorm, since you’re an adult and all. You have to pay rent and also contend with Bailey, the bitch in charge of the place. If you don’t pay up, all kinds of nasty shit will befall you. She’ll dead ass rent you out to a sushi restaurant so that gross old men can eat food off of your naked body. And, if you keep being late, she’ll rent out your pussy as well. But, I’m getting a bit too far ahead of myself, let’s get back to the beginning. You’re an orphan, you’re fucked and you have to pay up. You also have to go to school, regularly. If you don’t go to school, your grades dip. If you do go to school, you might get raped by your classmates. If you fight back, you get in trouble and the principal bends you over and takes your pants off then serves you a paddling. You just can’t win in this game. But, you can fight back, gradually, if you’re cunning. The entire world around you is sort of cruel and unforgiving towards people who can’t defend themselves. But, if you’re a force to be reckoned with, well, they’ll regret crossing paths with you. Problem is, you start off very meek and defenseless, so making a name for yourself is going to be a problem. Sure, you can just head on over to the local strip club and make mad stacks taking your clothes off. But, if you’re too good at your job you’ll get yanked off the pole and raped then and there and you really don’t want that. I’ll explain why later. The point is, nothing’s fair, everything’s permitted and you need to figure out the best way to keep your head above water.

Starting A New Game

I was going to title this section “Creating your Character”, but there’s so much more customization when you first fire up Degrees of Lewdity that I thought it would be misleading. You get to customize the entire world before you hit play and it’s the kind of customization that lets you pick your kinks, so to speak. Like, say you’re really into girls with dicks. Well, you can make sure that all of the girls in the game have dicks, or maybe you can set the slider to 90% for a bit of a surprise. You can choose the percentage of men and women that are attracted to you, fiddle with the percentages of different races appearing and even change the actual genitals and genders of the specific NPCs that have tons of dialogue and interactions in this game. So, when I said that Bailey was a woman, well, she was a woman in my game, she could be a man in yours. It’s up to you. Beyond all of the preferences and sliders you also get to make your own character and here’s where things get really interesting. First up, the game is a lot crueler towards women, because women are easier to rape – apparently. I’m not saying that’s the case, that’s just how the game works. But, this isn’t some sort of biological prophecy. People on the street don’t know what you’ve got in your pants, unless you dead ass walk outside naked or have your clothes taken from you during a rape. They do, however, know about your hair, your face, the size of your ass cheeks and your tits. So, you can play as a girl, but wear men’s clothing and cut your hair short. That way most people will assume you’re a guy and you’ll have an easier time. Or, you could play as a guy, but dress as a girl if you prefer an extra challenge. Chances are, people that are attracted to girls will straight up just let you go if they see your dick.

Making Your Way Downtown

The game takes place in a rather small town, with a bunch of different industries around the place. There’s some docks, a strip club, a café, a shopping mall and of course a fully functioning sewer system. The town is coastal, so there’s also the beach and a bunch of places that are more or less hiding in plain view. If you didn’t disable all the supernatural content, there are also some terrifying supernatural threats just beneath the surface. There are threats everywhere, but if you’re willing to work hard for the money you won’t have any trouble just getting a job at the docks, hauling boxes. You could also work at the café as a waitress. You get the idea. You want to make your way through the town looking for opportunities to make money. On top of all the places and people there are random events that will fly at you everywhere you go. You can’t escape these things. The game feels so dynamic because of it. I’ll give you an example. I started up a new game, just for this review. I put in a bunch of basic preferences and started shit up. Then, I went outside of my dorm, got through the five-minute tutorial rape (yes, I’m serious), and then I went into the sewers. Well, I got jumped by a crazy lady named Morgan who thought that I was her long lost daughter – I wasn’t. Then, she proceeded to rape the shit out of me, while reminiscing about the good old days. After that she breastfed me and cooked me dinner.

Normal Sex

This game is fucking weird, all right? The world is rife with these kinds of crazies who are just south of sane. In-between all the insane shit you’ll also meet a couple of sensible people with whom you can actually have normal relationships and I guess that’s sort of the hardest part. That’s the real challenge. There’s this fellow orphan called Robin who finds herself in a spot of trouble. She can’t pay her weekly rent and Bailey is extorting her. Well, if you befriend Robin you can make this your problem and pay off her debt, which just keeps getting bigger for some reason. This is how you slowly romance Robin and the two of you start a really cute relationship that is 0% rapey, unlike the rest of this game. There are also tons of supernatural quests that lead to you becoming a wolf-person, but I honestly haven’t had the time to dig into all of those yet. There are tons of things to do in this game and you’re never really locked out of any opportunity, unless someone literally locks you in a sex dungeon.

A Damn Fine Game

There’s a ton of normal sex and an unmeasurable amount of forced sex, but it’s all very cohesive and it makes for a very believable experience. Plus, you never die in this game. Instead, the people that rape you either let you go and sometimes they steal your clothing for the hell of it. If you’re really traumatized though, you might get knocked the fuck out and wake up in the hospital. If you don’t look after yourself you might even get sent to an insane asylum where, guess what, you get raped by the people running the joint. This world feels damn unfair the first time you fire it up, but once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the most replayable porn games ever. The game is completely free to play, for fuck’s sakes and it keeps getting regular updates. Oh, and it’s entirely in-browser, so you can play it on literally any platform you want.

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